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Author: Erez Shek

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The Shek Check brings you the self check fact check on how we think, feel, and behave. Our mental health. Shek yourself before you wreck yourself. Become a supporter of this podcast:
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Checkin’ #KeepTalkingMH

Checkin’ #KeepTalkingMH


Community is such an important thing in this world, and social media does make it easier for us to form those communities. Forming friendships from around the world, understanding people and topics we may not have been open to before. Ultimately, feeling less alone with whatever we are going through or living with. This episode, … Continue reading Checkin’ #KeepTalkingMH →
Checkin’ Behind The Smile

Checkin’ Behind The Smile


In aid of the Mental Health Charity MIND  the “Behind The Smile” Art Exhibition  was born from the mind and paintbrushes of Artist Toby Brown. This week’s guest. Toby, with his own mental health struggles and journey, decided to help open the conversation with his most valuable tool. His most valuable therapy. His art. It … Continue reading Checkin’ Behind The Smile →
Religious Trauma Syndrome is a result of both the chronic abuses of extremist religions and the impact of severing one’s connection with one’s faith and faith community. It can be compared to a combination of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)  and Complex PTSD (C-PTSD) . My guest today, Andrew Jasko, was formerly a Pentecostal Christian minister … Continue reading Checkin’ Religious Trauma Recovery →
“The idea of facing myself naked, without the trappings of the world seemed unbearable”  – Felipe Zimmer However, that is what Felipe did. What followed was a journey of consciousness and inner transformation. Choosing to face all the judgements, thoughts and feelings that were within him by allowing himself to sit with them, away from … Continue reading Checkin’ Inner Transformation →
“Growing up, I always had this desire to learn  more about something beyond. Find a pattern that understood the fragments of the world and put it back into a better puzzle of understanding of myself and the reflection of everything that we are” – Kyle Thomas On its face, we might not necessarily connect Astrology … Continue reading Checkin’ Psychology & The Stars →
A “fixed mindset” refers to the mindset that things exist in a static state. It can extend to our beliefs, our personality traits, others beliefs, others personality traits, other peoples identities. We give them words, we can give them labels, we give them boxes that we can perhaps comfortably understand. Anybody who knows me and … Continue reading Checkin’ Identity with Guest Dr. J Rodriguez →
There are so many ways to explore to bring awareness, to start conversations, and to bring understanding and compassion to Mental Health. I think the more and more we explore these things, the more and more we find ways to bring up these conversations the better off we are. The thing is, topics of Mental … Continue reading Checkin’ “What We’re Meant For” →
“Wherever you go, there you are” – Jon Kabat-Zinn There are many ways we can find to run away. Run away from a situation, from a relationship, from a setting but essentially from ourselves. We can literally pick ourselves up and move, we can cut people out, we can find comfort in food, find our … Continue reading Checkin’ Addiction & Recovery with Guest Sam Morris →
The word “healing” when it comes to Mental Health, is a bit misleading to me. Especially if you look at it in terms of our physical health. We think of a wound being smoothed over. We think, two pieces being mended back together. I’ve started to look at healing differently now. I look at my … Continue reading Checkin’ Perceptions with Guest Lawson Patterson →
Season 2 starts starts with a Shek Check all about anxiety. Not only what it is, but the different forms it can take, manifest  and where it can stem from.  Joined by Anxiety Coach Ryan Light, sharing his personal experiences and what he is doing with them now. Ryan Light is an athlete, blogger and … Continue reading “Checkin’ Anxiety” with Guest Ryan Light →
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