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Self-awareness is a superpower we all need to strengthen, and we need some awareness from the outside to take it inward. To check ourselves.

Host Erez Shek, with guests from around the world, is dropping that awareness surrounding our emotional health, personal growth, healing and well being.

When we check ourselves, we wreck ourselves a little bit less. Let's get Shekked.
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Grief is known by many names- sadness, joy, anger, love, fear...just to mention a few. It is experienced & felt in ways that are unique to each of us and our relationship to the people, places or things that we are grieving. While many voices in this world want to help by claiming that they are grief "experts", and while others are pathologizing grief or making up "stages of grief" to follow- at its core they cannot because grief is somewhere only we know- once we know it.Confused? Intrigued? Triggered? Curious? All is welcome when you check in and check out this episode of The Shek Check. "Grief: Somewhere Only We Know"Check in with The Shek Check on all our social media hotspots:Twitter: Sign up for our weekly newsletters and get updated with all things The Shek Check when you visit our website:
What if we met our anxiety WITH anxiety? When we struggle with anxious feelings and thoughts we usually look for control and certainty to calm down- but what if we don't need to calm down? What if our anxious feelings and thoughts don't need our calmness but to be rerouted instead? What if we in order to better handle our anxiety- we shifted the focus of our ruminations and intrusive thoughts to something...less personal than ourselves?In this episode Erez explores this and how it has shown up in his journey with anxiety. Join the discussion with The Shek Check on social media. Give us a follow on: Twitter: can also visit the blog post for this episode here: Hygiene resource:
There are a lot of messages regarding anger and feeling angry. Being told it is bad, negative, and that it will drain you of your goodness. Hearing messages telling you to “manage" your anger or the importance to "calm down" when you are feeling angry. What if that was bullsh*t? At least some of the time.What if anger was not the dark violent storm you were taught it is? What if anger was actually the clarity to guide you in the storm? It is true that our emotions carry energy within us- so how can we use that energy instead of thinking we need to diffuse it? Don't be a loser- figure out and feel your anger like the cool kids do. Make sure to hit that follow or subscribe button so you get notified when any new episodes of The Shek Check drops because the more ways you have to check yourself the less you potentially wreck yourself. Choices. Check in with The Shek Check on:Instagram: theshekcheck.comIf you like this episode, you might like my chat with Author and Therapist Ralph De La Rosa where we discussed the importance of rage and anger. Check it out:
Stability: The Remix

Stability: The Remix


For many people "stability" has been positioned as something we reach. Something we work towards or work for. A place we reach or find. How has that worked for you? While stability is officially defined as a quality, state or degree of being stable- what if we threw a wrench in that broad definition? What if you found a new understanding of stability- one that is entirely yours? Stability....the remix. Stability....YOUR remix. Have you checked in with The Shek Check on social media? Give us a follow. Twitter: Post/Transcript:
If you are human than you have most likely experienced burn out in some form (in your form). So, what conversation are you having with yourself regarding burnout? What does it look like for you? How compassionate are you towards yourself when you are burnt out? How much of a human are you allowing yourself to be? How are you moving beyond? In this episode Erez talks about his recent experiences with burnout, his eventual acceptance of his human-ness and how moving beyond meant leaving a lot of unknowns and uncertainty in the past. Check-In with The Shek Check on:Twitter: out the blog post for this episode: to learn more about Erez Shek and The Shek Check? Check in with us on our website:
Have we missed the point of understanding what drives us instead of where we are driving to? Goals Vs. ValuesWe live in a very goal and milestone centric society. We teach it in our schools and homes. They show up in our relationships, our work, our friendships, our families. They drive competitions and fuel comparison culture. There is an importance to having goals and milestones- they are destination points. Even though they keep moving and changing they serve us as motivation factors.The question is, are we going where we really want to be going? Are those goals really ours? Do we know what is driving us to those goals? A lot of our goals and milestones we have are learned, not self-discovered. So, why is it important to understand that the goals are actually not important? Why should we shift our main focus to understanding and identifying what drives us? Our values. Find out in this episode of The Shek Check Podcast. Learn more about The Shek Check by visiting us at you checked in with The Shek Check on social media? Instagram:
What is toxic positivity? Toxic positivity is the belief that no matter how crappy something is, no matter what uncomfortable emotions we are feeling, no matter what the situation is- people need to find the “positive” side things and find a more positive mindset. The phrase “toxic positivity” has been popping up a lot lately, a lot more than it had been. Yet, it has always existed- the thinking has always existed. We are just calling it what it is now. Sometimes it is really obvious when toxic positivity shows up in the language or actions of people- “good vibes only”...”keep calm”....”don’t worry, be happy”. However, there are so many other ways that toxic positivity shows up in our lives, in fact I would say we have been conditioned to feel through life WITH a toxic positivity lens. How does it show up? Where does it show up? How is it affecting our growth and healing? How does it affect the space we create for others with their growth and healing? Let's talk about it. If you haven’t already hit that follow or subscribe button to make sure you don’t miss an opportunity to continue to check yourself with Erez and The Shek Check Podcast- give that button a tap. You can also visit Erez and The Shek Check at you checked in with The Shek Check on social media yet? Give us a follow on: Instagram:
Body image issues are more common than we think and more than we openly discuss. The fitness and diet culture remind us of this constantly. Rebecca Kennedy has lived through the toxic side of those issues and that culture and now she is changing it by example. Rebecca Kennedy is a ACSM Certified Personal Trainer & NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist based in downtown Orlando, Florida. After struggling with being overweight (borderline obese) the majority of her life, she jumped into the fitness world head first - not knowing at all how toxic and extreme the fitness field can be. After losing a significant amount of weight, she spiraled into the world of eating disorders, body dysmorphia and obsessiveness over achieving the “perfect” body. It wasn’t until she hit rock bottom and started recovery that she recognized what she wanted, what would truly make her happy: balance."Fitness is not about obtaining the perfect aesthetic. It’s about making you feel your best, badass, most empowered self." - Rebecca Kennedy We all create images of how we want to look, how we want to be, and who we want to be. How far do we go with that? How much do we focus on the images of ourselves we are creating instead of how we feel? How much self-acceptance lives in those places? How much self-compassion is included? How much self-love are you feeling in that mind space? Learn more about Rebecca Kennedy and check in with her on:Instagram: Tok: you checked in with The Shek Check on social media yet? Give us a follow on:Instagram:
The inner critic  is what we call that inner voice that judges, criticizes and shames us. The thoughts surrounding actions, interactions, reactions, our choices and our behaviors-  which can be harsh. We might hate on the inner critic for screwing with our self-esteem and our confidence, so in our self-awareness journey we might be convinced to get rid of the inner critic and those thoughts. Is that ultimately helpful though? Plot twist: The inner critic is not our enemy. Those thoughts are not our enemy.So why not choose a different way to view that inner critic that lives in you and your thoughts? Time for a self-check on checking in and understanding your inner critic. Have you checked in with The Shek Check on social media?Visit us on:Instagram: to show some extra love and support? Consider donating by buying The Shek Check a coffee.
What is the mother wound? Who does it affect? How does it show up? The mother wound is not a specific diagnosis but it is something that affects us all. We are all born of a mother- and there are generations of beliefs and behaviors that get passed down from that. The roles mothers played in the past and in different cultures, how they survived to protect themselves and their children, how that affects the children they raise, and how it continues to get passed down in sons and daughter. The mother wound.In this episode I sat down to chat with Kerri Hummingbird- a soul guide, shamanic healer, inspirational speaker, teacher and author of the new book “Love is Fierce: Healing the Mother Wound”. We explored her discovery of how the mother wound showed up in her life, and the self-discovery journey she chose through the intentional healing of the mother wound.Kerri Hummingbird is the best-selling author of the  books “Love is Fierce: Healing the Mother Wound”,  “From We to Me: Emerging Self After Divorce” and “Awakening to Me: One Woman’s Journey to Self-Love.” She’s also the creator, the host, and the soul of the podcast “The Soul Nectar Show”.Learn more about Kerri Hummingbird and check in with her on social media and on her podcast! Website: The Soul Nectar Show : Twitter: you checked in with The Shek Check on social media? Instagram:
Intuition is a form of knowledge that appears in consciousness without obvious choice or thought.It is not magical but rather a tool in which our impressions are produced from an unconscious place in our mind- formed from our past experiences and our cumulative unseen knowledge. If you are like me, then there were a lot of messages you got growing up to NOT trust your intuition. Building that trust in ourselves, and understanding what that intuition looks like and feels like to us, requires some assistance. In this episode I sat down with the Founder of The Intuitionology Project- Sunil Godse to explore cultivating our intuition.Sunil is a well-known entrepreneur, author, coach and podcast host who has helped 1000s of people make the right decisions in their life by building and understanding their intuition.Learn more about Sunil and the Intuitionology Project & Podcast by checking him out on social media: Podcast: you checked in with The Shek Check on social media? Instagram: you like to help The Shek Check grow? Consider buying us a coffee.
We all have had (or have) those people in our lives that frustrate us because of how they communicate....or how we think they don't communicate. We will blame them for the miscommunication, we create conflict around the miscommunication or lack of communication, and we exhaust ourselves trying to find ways to create "healthier" forms of communication with this person or people.Does the struggle help? Does the conflict help? Does focusing on fixing them or you help?Could acceptance help?In this episode, Erez Shek explores the idea of acceptance surrounding communication with others. Setting aside the labels of "communication styles" and the everchanging fixes to create "healthy communication" with others- can we find acceptance of the other and ourselves?Make sure to hit that subscribe button and give us a follow on all our socials!Instagram: The Shek Check grow and buy us a coffee!
We all face different kinds of loss in our lives, and we all go through hard times. It is an undeniable reality.The question becomes, what kind of freedom do we have to express what we are feeling? How safe do we think we are in expressing how and what we are going through?Loss and grief are not things we were taught to have a healthy relationship with, even though we can and we should.In today’s episode, Erez is joined by Patrick Hill. Patrick is a transformational business and personal coach, focused on helping and supporting people through the harder times in life. Patrick is here to help us understand what we can do in the now to help us be with our pain in order to feel past it. After 21 years in recovery from drug addiction and the loss of his mother, Patrick realized that most of the significant growth periods in his life have been born from difficult times. Realizing this, he wanted to create a safe space free of judgements for clients to look beyond fear and shame, in their now. Find out more about Patrick here: Patrick on Instagram: Check in with The Shek Check on social media: Instagram: The Shek Check continue influencing your journey of self-awareness and buy us a coffee!
If you are like me, there are some very distinct images that pop up when I think of peace, forgiveness and healing. Cinematic images that seem far away and so hard to reach. What if we reframe those images? What if we reframe the concepts we have created around peace, forgiveness and healing? After you check out this episode, check in with The Shek Check on social media: Twitter: more about Erez Shek and The Shek Check when you visit:
Mindset Check: 2021

Mindset Check: 2021


2020 has been exhausting right? So, it might feel natural to look at 2021 as the answer to all our problems.Is that helpful though?Is it helpful for us to demonize the year 2020, and romanticize the year 2021? Let’s do a quick mindset check. Check in and check out The Shek Check on social media:Facebook: more about Erez Shek on The Shek Check Website:https://theshekcheck.comHelp support The Shek Check and buy us a coffee!
Early childhood experiences shape how we feel in relationships and impact us through our whole life. How our needs are or aren’t met is what ultimately forms our attachment style later on in life.Psychotherapist Greg Bodin checked in with Erez to help us better understand attachment theory, attachment styles, and how our attachment styles influence our relationships.You can read more about Attachment Styles (and a lot of great other topics) when you visit  Greg’s blog: (Highly recommended by The Shek Check….clearly)Make sure to visit Greg Bodin LMFT on Instagram: Bodin was previously on The Shek Check in July 2019 to discuss Acceptance and Comittment Therapy (ACT). Check out our previous chat wherever you are listening to us from. You can also listen to it on The Shek Check website: in with The Shek Check on social media:Facebook:
The death of a truth creates the ghost of a lie. In this episode of The Shek Check, Erez serves a quick self-check on how powerful a lie can be and how even with time….it will always present itself in some way. Check in and check out The Shek Check on the web:Instagram:
Do you struggle with seeing value in your anger or rage? Do you struggle with seeing value in your sadness? Do you struggle seeing the love that exists within those “negative” emotions? Author, Psychotherapist and Meditation Teacher Ralph De La Rosa sits down to chat with Erez about the search for value in our current reality, our “negative” emotions, and what emotional resiliency can look like. Ralph De La Rosa LCSW is a psychotherapist in private practice and a seasoned meditation instructor. He began practicing meditation in 1996 and has been teaching since 2008. As a meditation teacher, Ralph's work has been featured in The New York Post, CNN, GQ, SELF, Womens Health and many other publications.  Ralph himself is a PTSD, depression and addiction survivor. His work is inspired by his own tremendous transformation that he experienced through meditation, yoga and therapy. His new book "Don't Tell Me To Relax: Emotional Resilience in the Age of Rage, Feels, and Freak Outs" is available wherever books are sold.Connect with Ralph De La Rosa LCSW:Instagram: with The Shek Check on social media:Facebook: The Shek Check at:
How We Notice Hate…

How We Notice Hate…


In this episode, The Shek Check delves into how we notice hate in this world. Erez addresses the importance of looking beyond the hate that is bold and loud. In this episode Erez references to his chat with Dr. Angelica Pinna-Perez in this episode: The Shek Check on social media: Instagram: to show your support and love for The Shek Check? Buy us coffee! The Shek Check on the web:**Subscribe to the podcast to make sure you can keep on checking yourself in order to take care of yourself. That is the only way we can take care of others.**
What can it look like when two men open up about their experiences with bullies and eating disorders? In this episode of The Shek Check, Erez sits down to talk with Sam Thomas- a writer and men’s mental health advocate based in the U.K. Sam opens up about his own experiences with bullies, bulimia, addiction and what recovery is looking like for him.Sam and Erez go in depth on the need for awareness around men's mental health, the bumpy flow of trauma recovery and the importance of presence day to day. You can check out a recent article written by Sam Thomas: Sam on Twitter: up to date with The Shek Check on social media:Facebook: us on our website:
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