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A conversation with me and my cohost Mvu on all things from our perspective
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I’m back and I have some questions
In this weeks episode will be discussing what happens when two celebrities put A highly contentious domestic issue in the public eye And if we should forgive those who constructed and benefited directly from the apartheid system
Episode 3 from season 2 of the show NMWD. Staring Mvu and Mpendulo. Talking about what we think is important enough to have a discussion about.
This week we have a conversation on homophobia and the murder of up and coming musician Lindokuhle Cele and we discuss DeKlerk comments that Apartheid was not a crime against humanity
First episode of the new year and we got right into talking about the Coronavirus and the UKZN protests. It’s good to be back. There is a lot to talk about
My first guest is Kamogelo Mopai My Cannabutter Founder & Certified Member of The Institute of Directors South Africa (IoDSA) She has been running it for close to 2 years Her business makes Cannabis & Natural hair and skin products She has a Corporate Background in: Supply Chain & Engineering recruitment background Episode out on Tuesday. Hope you guys enjoy it.
Is it possible to be Christian and humble. Are we fighting ourselves in the process.
I hope this will start a conversation. I would really like to hear people’s take on this topic.
I am not going to lie, the passing of Chadwick has been a hard thing to deal with. It was amazing watching him bring to life many characters and portray many great men with respect and reverence. There is a trend that has come from his passing however, I don’t like it. Let’s talk about it
This episode is an update to our listeners on what they can expect in the upcoming months and a normal discussion on the current state of disaster we find ourselves in
#NMWD Ep 5

#NMWD Ep 5


We are back! We just finished a Q&A and some of your questions were crazy. We really had a good time recording it and we hope you will enjoy it
It’s been a long and strange July. From more bad news involving our economy and its future, to issue that involve fake second comings. It’s a good thing July is in the past.
In a horrible turn of events someone who I actually love and care about finds themselves in an abusive relationship and all the issue I have had with movements based on social media and rhetoric seem to be coming back in full. I want to help but don’t know how to. I would really love to get an answer.
I’m not gonna lie, but this was hard for me. I hate not having a conversation that pushes a movement forward but I just hope this sparks something in someone and pushes them to have the conversation.
Let’s enjoy this break, we won’t be getting one or want one for a long long time!!
Ep 3 of NMWD? Out.
It’s the most dangerous city in Africa and yet, many aren’t talking about it. Is it because of who is responsible? What’s being done? Is it serious?
Khanyi Mbau had an interesting interview on ENCA and she spoke about her skin bleaching controversy in a way that created a bit of a conversation online about colourism. This is a response to that.
A conversation on our feelings towards hashtag activism and some of the details on what’s happening in Sudan
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