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Our LAPD Story returns with a brand new episode.   LAPD Detective Brent Hopkins has lived two lives, one as a journalist for a major Los Angeles newspaper and the other as a police officer.  While these two careers are often at odds, Hopkins believes there are many similarities in the professions.  In fact, he believes a healthy working relationship between the press and the police is critical.  It's just one of the lessons he has learned walking from one side of the yellow police tape to the other.
There is no doubt we are living through some of the most contentious of times. From an ever-evolving international pandemic to civil and social unrest, 2020 has been a year of constant change and unmitigated social angst, with law enforcement at the center of most of it. On this episode of Our LAPD Story, we meet up with Officer Michael Silva. While his name might not ring any bells, you more than likely have seen a now viral video of Officer Silva having racial slurs being hurled at him, and smoke being blown in his face during a recent episode of social unrest in Los Angeles. At face value, an incident like this might seem common place in today's day and age, however Officer Silva is an outlier as a proud African-American man, who grew up homeless to a mother who was addicted to drugs. The age-old saying is 'you should never judge a book by its cover' and Officer Silva is living proof that you just can't. 
Coming Home

Coming Home


Officer Pablo Soto grew up in South Los Angeles surrounded by a large family, with LAPD officers only coming around when something had gone wrong. Guided by a constant need to serve, he joined the military straight out of high school. After serving his country, Officer Soto was ready to serve Los Angeles, but specifically the neighborhood he grew up in. On this episode of Our LAPD Story, we sit down with Officer Soto, and learn a little bit more about what drove him to serve the city that raised him, and how went from a cop that was focused on putting criminals behind bars to building relationships with the residents of the Pueblo Del Rio housing development. 
A Moment

A Moment


From being diagnosed with COVID-19, to working around the clock during the recent days civil unrest that surged across our country as a result of the brutal murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Commander Cory Palka has had one of the busiest five weeks of his 30+ year career. Commander Palka has dedicated his life and career to living by the golden rule: treat others as you would want to be treated. In this episode of Our LAPD Story, we sit down with Commander Palka as he reflects on his career, and how a lifetime of dedication to principled patience and understanding, continues to resonate with those he serves. 
A Surgical Approach

A Surgical Approach


A career in medicine, and a career in law enforcement. Ask almost anyone, and they would say the two could not be more different. But here in Los Angeles, within the LAPD, both worlds come together in one person: Doctor Kenji Inaba. Doctor Inaba wears many hats--Keck Hospital of USC Professor of Surgery (Clinical Scholar)-Keck Hospital of USC Director, General Surgery Program-Keck Hospital of USC Vice Chair, Department of Surgery-Keck Hospital of USC Chief of Trauma, Emergency Surgery, and Surgical Critical Care-LAPD Reserve Officer.In this episode we sit down with Kenji to get some insight into what led him towards a career in medicine, and also what drove him to simultaneously pursue an opportunity to protect and serve Angelenos. We also get an invaluable opportunity to get some perspective on the severity of this COVID-19 crisis from one of our city's top medical minds on the front lines. 
None of us could have imagined what life would be like today. Every day bringing a new set of developments and news related to COVID-19, more commonly referred to as the Corona Virus. In this episode of Our LAPD Story, we take you along as we head out onn patrol with LAPD Senior Lead Officer Jennifer Poepke of Topanga Division in the San Fernando Valley. While many Angelenos are working remote from home, LAPD Officers are not. Officer Poepke takes us along as she checks on some of our city's most vital locations- grocery stores -all while telling us about her LAPD story, and how this crisis is striking a familiar chord with all of us, no matter our profession, and how the Department is proactively responding. 
Aaron Green never really considered law enforcement as a career while he was in college. He was no stranger to the profession that is policing however. His dad, LAPD Lieutenant Mark Green, recently retired after 32 years of dedicated service, so Aaron decided to follow in his Dad's footsteps. On this episode of Our LAPD Story, we follow now Officer Green through his first day as an LAPD Officer, and learn why he decided to make policing the second largest city in the country, his profession. 
When LAPD Officer Jamie Carganilla goes end of watch (the end of her shift), she does something somewhat unconventional. She leaves behind the sometimes crazy show that is Los Angeles, and steps on to a very different stage. On this episode of Our LAPD Story, we take you behind the scenes, literally and figuratively with Jamie. You'll hear how she went from broadway stage to black and white crown vic, and how she fully embraced her career in law enforcement, all while never giving up her passion for singing. 
In episode three of 'The Reserve Journey Miniseries', we get an inside look at one of the cornerstones of the Reserve Officer Police Academy. No it's not learning to drive with the lights on...(yet)'s first aid. Once all public safety issues are dealt with, one of the primary duties of every LAPD officer is to render aid, so a large portion of academy is fittingly dedicated to learning these potentially life-saving techniques. We also introduce you to another member of this Reserve Officer class, Joe Avalos. Joe currently serves as the Crisis Response Team Director for Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, which is a full-time job in every way. However Joe, like his classmates, is answering a higher call for service, as he embarks on this shared journey of becoming an LAPD Reserve Officer. 
Whether it's Detective Stabler, Benson, Columbo, or Bosch, we all have our favorite T.V. Detectives. While you may have never heard of Detective Mitzi Roberts, you have seen her work. Detective Roberts is not only a technical advisor for the Amazon series 'Bosch', she is the inspiration for one of the characters in the series by writer/creator Michael Connelly, and a real life LAPD Robbery-Homicide Detective. This chapter of Our LAPD Story takes you through how Detective Roberts went from managing an L.A. staple, Mel's Dinner, to investigating some of our city's most notorious and disturbing crimes. 
Firearms training is one of the most important, and nerve-racking components of Los Angeles Police Department Academy process. In Episode 2 of the The Reserve Journey Miniseries, Josh (or Recruit Officer Rubenstein) give us an inside look into what firearms training within the LAPD sounds, and feels like. Along the way we get introduced to one of his classmates, a UCLA economics professor, to learn about what drove him to want to become a LAPD Reserve Officer. 
Sergeant Tim Colomey is just like any other police officer, but once you get to know him you'll begin to understand how he in many ways, he embodies what it means to be a LAPD Officer. Even though he was born in Boston, he quickly discovered his heart was in Los Angeles. Sergeant Colomey will be the first to tell you he is living out his dream as a member of the Department's prestigious S.W.A.T. Team, but it's a dream that almost came to end when he was struck by car during a foot-pursuit in 1997. 
New York City has 36,000 police officers. Chicago has 20,000 police officers. Los Angeles has 10,000 police officers.The LAPD Reserve Corps is a vital asset for the reduction and prevention of crime in our city. This program is the finest example of true community policing in the United States. Reserve Officers come from all walks of life, and upon successful completion of the Reserve Academy, work full assignments alongside full-time sworn officers. In this mini-series, we follow our Public Information Director Josh Rubenstein as he embarks on the road to becoming an LAPD Reserve Officer. 
Silver Lining

Silver Lining


On March 22, 2013, Officer Jaqueline Perea received news that would change the course of her life forever, that her brother had tragically been murdered. On this episode of Our LAPD Story, we'll take you on a deeper dive into how a group of dedicated Detectives brought justice to the family of a murder victim, and in the process inspired his sister to join our ranks to bring justice to those affected by violence.
It is the sound of our city. Chopper blades slicing through the Southern California air. Whether it's news media hovering for hours at a time, or the occasional Hollywood tour helicopter buzzing overhead, the distinct sound of a helicopter can be unnerving. For the men and women of the LAPD however, the ubiquitous sound of an Air Unit almost always brings an instant feeling of relief. Join us as we take you inside our LAPD Air Support Division, and have an intimate discussion with Tactical Flight Officer Vanessa Hensen about the ins and outs, ups and downs, of having an office in the sky in the city of angels. 
Hollywood Nights

Hollywood Nights


La La Land, Tinsel Town, the City of Stars. Hollywood goes by many different names, but to the men and women of Hollywood Division, it’s called home for 10-12 hours a day. In this episode we hit the streets of Hollywood with a former cage fighter and a former Broadway actor to get a glimpse of a what a night on patrol looks like in Hollywood. 
Westside Ambush

Westside Ambush


Hollywood movies often depict gun battles between police officers and suspects that last for minutes at a time and involve weapons that can never run out of ammunition; but on April 7, 2014, two officers were confronted by all of the ways Hollywood gets it wrong.  In a firefight that lasted less than 20 seconds, the officers faced the reality that they could run out of bullets and came to understand that the battle wasn’t just between them and the also involved their own fears and the conflict between wanting to act out of vengeance and their duty to listen to their better angels. 
Every LAPD officer joins the Department knowing that there are inherent risks to the job, but they assume those risks are largely confined to the 10 or 12 hours when they don a badge and go out into the streets on patrol. In 2013, that understanding was turned on its head. For 10 days, the City of Los Angeles and the surrounding counties stood still as the saga surrounding former LAPD officer Christopher Dorner unfolded. In this episode, you will hear what it was like for LAPD Deputy Chief Justin Eisenberg, his family, and the community that supported them to go through what was previously considered the unimaginable. 
House on Fire

House on Fire


It’s a routine patrol for two Mission Area officers, who are quickly thrust into an evening they will never forget. Ok this episode of the LAPoDcast we go along as Officers rush into a burning house to rescue a barely conscious man. From the sounds of their body worn cameras you will sense the searing heat and feel the choking smoke. 
Chief Michel Moore is just days away from becoming Los Angeles' 57th Police Chief. He's got nearly four decades of policing under his belt, however he is approaching this new position like it's his first day on the job. He's criss crossing the city on his self described listening tour...listening to officers and residents. I caught up with him on one of those car rides for a first conversation with this dynamic new "top cop".
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