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Author: Jake, Ben, and Aaron

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Celebrate the world of the Caped Crusader by listening to the Brotherhood of Batman Podcast! Join three unique brothers on a journey to explore Batman comics and the expanded Bat-verse. Themed drinks and general shenanigans accompany each book and episode. Listen now.
149 Episodes
Thr brothers are recording in person this week with a special guest, Ben's best friend, Sarah!  We deal with motorcylces and trains as we discuss BBQ, toe rings, and shoving as much as you can into a refrigerator.  Thanks for tuning in! We read: Green Lantern #48-55 Next week: Flash #92-94
It's Season 7!  Jake is excited to have control over the continuity reading order once again.  We discuss Buffalo Wild Wings, why Hunter is a little bitch, and Superman's badass ponytail.  We have a great season planned.  Thanks for tuning in! We read: Showcase '94 #8 and #9; Batman #511, and Superman: Man of Steel #47 Next week: Green Lantern #48-55
The villains reign of terror in Gotham (and Hawaii?) is coming to an end!  We close out Season 6 with Ben's second pick: An excerpt from Love is Love; Robin #9.  We find out what Harley and Ivy will do for each other and are introduced to a new villain, King Shark.  Rules are made to be broken as the brothers demonstrated this season.  Thanks for tuning in! Season 7 will be coming soon!
It is Jake's second pick this week and of course he followed the directions... The brothers read the autobiographical story of Paul Dini and the events that helped shape his career.  We discuss one Harleen Quinzel, a cocktail named after Paul, and the demons that haunt us all.  Thanks for tuning in! Next week is Ben's Pick and the end of Season 6: Read page number 4 out of Love is Love and Robin #9.
Much like the heroes of the DC universe, the brothers team up with our friends from the Remakes, Reboots, and Revivals podcast.  All of us reviewed the two JLA movies, The original 2017 verison and Zack Snyders Cut from 2021.  We discuss the merits of Brad Pitt, Pokemon D&D, and butterflies.  Thanks for tuning in! Check out Remakes, Reboots, and Revivals wherever you listen to podcasts. Next week: We are back to Jake's pick as the Villain's continue to take over Gotham.
This week we get a second serving of the Condiment King along with a side of Pack Rat and Mighty Mom, delicious!  We watched the Batman the Animated Series episode: Make 'em laugh.  We discuss zombies, mermaids, and chocobos.  Thanks for tuning in! Next week: Jake's pick - Dark Night: A True Batman Story
Ketchup and Mustard and Mayo, oh my!  This week was Aaron's second pick and he made his brothers read the life story of Mitchell Mayo, The Condiment King.  We discuss what mustard should never be mixed with, the components of ice cream, and Aaron makes Jake and Ben play a game.  Thanks for tuning in! We read (parts of): Batgirl Year One #8, Birds of Prey #37, Robin 171; Batman #54 (Tom King), and Final Crisis Aftermath Run #4 Next Week: Batman the Animated Series: Make 'em Laugh
This week the brothers read the latest Tom King/Clay Mann issue of Batman Catwoman #4.  We discuss the future, PETA, and Danny Devito.  We hope you enjoy and thanks for tuning in! We read: Batman Catwoman #4 - Currently on comic shelves! Next Week: Aaron's pick #2: The Saga of Mitchell Mayo- (only read parts of) Batgirl Year One #8, Birds of Prey #37, Robin 171; Batman #54 (Tom King), and Final Crisis Aftermath Run #4
It's Ben's week!  He had the brothers read Pinky and The Brain #25.  We discuss telethons, Poison Billie, comic shops, Justice League, and the PS5.  We hope you enjoy! Next week: Aaron's choice #2 - Batgirl Year One #8, Birds of Prey #37, Robin 171, Batman #54(King series), and Final Crisis Aftermath #4
It's Jake's villain pick and surprise, surprise he picked a Two-Face story.  Jake had us read the short story Two of a Kind from the Batman: Black and White Vol. 1. We discuss twins, Batman the Animated Series, and Harvey's gooey consistency.  Thanks for tuning in! Next Week is Ben's Villain story: Pinky and the Brain #25
Welcome to Season 6!  We are jumping out of continuity this season as the villains have taken over.  The brothers have each chosen different villain stories to share with each villain having their week to shine.  Aaron had his brothers read the DC Black Label story Joker: Killer Smile.  We discuss Mr. Smiles, Mr. Pouts, and Silence of the Lambs.  Thanks for tuning in! Next week: Two of a Kind (found in Vol. 1 of Batman: Black and White
The conclusion of the Knightfall, Knightquest, Knightsend sage is here!  The brothers discuss the final chapter in the JPV series this season.  Tim falls asleep at the wheel, Catwoman reminisces about her helicopter ride, and JPV visits the Homeless.  We hope you enjoy!  Thanks for tuning in. We read: Robin #9, Catwoman #13, and Showcase '94 #10 Next season is coming soon!
Is there light at the end of the tunnel?  Does Bruce regain the mantle of Batman?  Does JPV make nice with the spirits?  The brothers discuss all of this and more as we start to wrap up Knightsend.  Thanks for tuning in! We read: Catwoman #12, Batman #510, Shadow of the Bat #30, Detective Comics #677, and Legends of the Dark Knight #63. Next week: The end of the Knightfall, Knightquest, and Knightsend series and our Season 5 finale - Robin #9, Catwoman #13, and Showcase '94 #10.
The quest is over!  This week we begin discussing Knightsend.  Bruce returns to training with Lady Shiva, Dick and Tim enjoy each others company, and Harold snacks on almond fudge bars.  Thanks for tuning in! We read: Batman #509, Shadow of the Bat #29, Detective Comics #676, Legends of the Dark Knight #62, and Robin #8. Next Week: Knightsend Part 2 - Catwoman #12, Batman #512, Shadow of the Bat #30, Detective Comics #677, and Legends of the Dark Knight #63
Holy Bat-Nipples Robin!  This week the brothers discuss and review Joel Schumacher's notorious 1997 film, Batman & Robin.  We explore our varying thoughts on this 'film', discuss Santa wigs, and much, much more.  Ben moves to team Jake and Aaron reminisces over Catwoman.    Thanks for tuning in! Next time: We will start discussing Knightsend
Knightquest is finally over!  Does JPV cross a line that Batman shouldn't cross?  Does Tim pull a Homer and slowly back away into a hedge?  Does Ben get up on a soapbox to rant?  Find out this week! Thanks for tuning in. We read: Batman 505-508, Shadow of the Bat #28, and Robin #7. Next week we review the Batman & Robin movie!
Bonus episode this week!  The brothers continue discussing Tom King's new Maxi-series Batman Catwoman #2.  We explore ice or no ice in our water, The Grey Ghost, and await our Angel of Death.  Thanks for tuning in! We read: Batman Catwoman #2
This week the brothers catch up with Bruce Wayne in his quest to find Shondra and Asp.  We discuss Alfred quitting again, sibling relationships, healing people, and stuffed animals.  Thanks for tuning in! We read: Legends of the Dark Knight #59-61 Next week we conclude Knightquest with: Batman #505-508, Shadow of the Bat #28, Robin #7
We all can blame Ben for the choice this week, because it's Ben's World!  Ben had us read Robin #3-5.  We catch up with Stephanie Brown and her dear old dad, Ariana throws Tim out with the dish water, and Baffler bangs his head.  Thanks for tuning in! Next Week: Legends of the Dark Knight #59-61
This week the Joker returns for his directorial debut in Knightquest.   We discuss Siskel and Ebert, The Mandalorian, and Ben expresses his love for JPV.   Thanks for tuning in! We read: Detective Comics #671-673 Next Week is Ben's World: Robin #3-5
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