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Real Happy Mom Podcast will help moms in different stages through inspiration and practical advice from interviews and discussions with other moms from all walks of life and all parts of the world.
45 Episodes
You probably have had an idea of what is a good mom for a long time.After becoming a mom you have tried to live up to the vision that you had and found that you are not fulfilled or truly happy.You are not alone!My guest, Alisha, helps us to uncover how to define what we think is a good mom. Not what has been ingrained in us through society, social media or our family.Check out the podcast to learn more. For the links and the show notes, go to take awaysEvery woman was created to be a certain woman. Be you!What is a good mom to you? Take time to define what the best version of a mom looks like to you.Take time to journalLinks mentioned in this episodeAlisha on InstagramAlisha on FacebookAlisha’s website
A morning self care routine is more than pampering and making yourself feel good in the morning.Incorporating the morning self-care routine is going to help you to feel more energized, prepared, and ready for the day because as moms who we need to make sure that we are ready for anything.Check out this episode to learn important things to incorporate in your morning self care routine.To find the show notes, make sure that you go to takeawaysMorning exercise can wake you better than a cup of coffee.Yoga has many health and mental benefits even if you do 10 minutes a day.You are what you think. Think good things with affirmations.Stop rushing and slow down.Do not look at your phone first thing in the morning.Links mentioned in this episodeEpisode 37 with Naomi - This is why self-care is a necessityEpisode 43 with Kimberly - 4 cups for self-careEpisode 25 with Valeria - Yoga for sustainable self-careHeadspace for mediationMommy affirmationsGuided meditation on YouTubeMommy affirmations
You have probably heard, you can't pour from an empty cup. This is why self-care for moms is so important. Kimberly from Cherished Wives shares her perspective of self-care using the 4 cups for self-care - self-care for you physical, mental, spiritual and emotional wellbeing. Check this episode out to learn more! To get the complete show notes head over to mentioned in this episodeKimberly's blog post that inspired me to write one of my popular postsMy popular post inspired by KimberlyKimberly's post that talks about the benefits of cryingCherished WivesKimberly on FacebookKimberly on Instagram
Have you ever found it difficult to truly learn how to forgive yourself or others and move on?Whether it was something hurtful done a long time ago or an action you took that you regret, forgiveness will allow you to let go of the emotional baggage that will prevent you from being the best mom and woman you can be.My guest, Karen, shares her story about forgiveness and steps you can take to begin the process of forgiveness today. To find the links and show notes go to
Are you looking to find new mom friends? Check out this short episode on making new mom friends. Check out for the show notes.
There's nothing worse than starting the week in panic mode. Taking time to prepare for the week on Sunday will help ensure a productive week. Check out this list for Sunday prep for the week. Plus get the checklist to make your week easy! Make sure to go to to get the links and show notes.Links mentioned in this episodeSunday prep checklist plus meal plannerMeal prep plannerOrganizer for the purseSpend quality time
Parenting can be tough. But with gentle parenting, you will find that you and your child are calmer than ever.Forget the yelling and fussing. Gentle parenting requires a different approach that is effective and less stressful.So what is gentle parenting? And how do you start implementing gentle parenting?My guest Amber from Look What Love Made answers these questions and so much more. Make sure to head over to for the complete blog post, links and show notes.Links mentioned in this episode:Amber's blog - Look What Love MadeAmber on InstagramAmber on FacebookRest Play Grow by Dr MacNamara Calm Down Center Kit Checklist
On this episode, I am talking to Chari about moms losing their identity.  This is a common problems that many moms have experienced. If you are finding yourself devoting all of your time and energy to your kids and leaving nothing for yourself there is a chance that you will lose your identity. Then you will struggle with simple questions like what's your favorite food? Or, what do you like to do for fun?Check out Chari's tips to getting back to the lady before she became a mom. Chari also shares how she got started with making jewelry and how you can do the same. To find the links and the show notes, go to mentioned in this episode:Chari's websiteChari's Etsy ShopChari on InstagramMommy affirmations
On this episode I am talking to Naomi Gottlieb-Miller from Conscious Healthy Mama about self-care. She breaks down what self care really is and why it is a necessity. Did you know that self care benefits you and your kids. Listen to this episode to find out how. Check out for the show notes.Links mentioned in this episode:Conscious Healthy Mama websiteNaomi on InstagramNaomi on FacebookNaomi on Youtube
Adenomyosis and pregnancy loss are two very painful things to experience. On this episode of the Real Happy Mom Podcast Que is back to talk about how to support someone that has experienced pregnancy loss and more about her story and recent diagnosis of adenomyosis.To find the links and show notes go to
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