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Enjoy a medley of shows from different hosts in the Space Coast Podcast Network.
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We have all the deets on the Space Coast’s first Food Festival of 2021 with our guests 321 Food Fest. If you have missed great food festivals, live bands, & crafts and all for a good cause…join Jesse and Darleen on this podcast episode. Just a hint….40 food vendors, a mix with food trucks and local restaurants. 321 Food Fest has partnered with Bridges BTC as their charity partner. Such an amazing local charity serving adults with special needs in multiple group homes in Brevard County.Support the show (
 It’s a marathon episode of hitting all of the highlights over the last year. Jesse and Darleen chat it up as they reminisce each guest from insta influencers, local farm to table’s, local candy store’s, and even home bakers. They do not miss a beat sharing the highlights of each guest and what was so unique, even sharing where each guest was during the height of Covid19 and how far they have come during the recovery. Do not miss this super fun and delightful wrap up episode of one of the craziest and roller coaster years to date and cheers to a much better 2021.Support the show (
 Darleen with chats with Jesse about her extreme dining experience with the Space Coast’s talented Chef’s Matt and Daniel with The Supper Club. The Chef’s are in the studio as we discuss their incredible talent, passion for food and unique business model that they bring to Brevard County.Support the show (
Tis the season to catch up with your favorite podcast hosts on local holiday events, favorite recipes and traditions. We have a special guest in the studio, Roo the Reindeer who adds a little fun spin to kick off episode while Jesse shares his favorite Egg Nog Recipe...Cheers!Support the show (
Are you dreading packing on those holiday pounds this season? No worries, join Jesse and Darleen on this entertaining episode as we talk a little turkey with Jeff from Body by Blais on how to avoid adding those extra pounds! These little tips can save you that dreaded January-February gym membership! Support the show (
The sniper mindset. Special guest Juan Vargas spent many years on elite teams in law enforcement and contributes to the conversation. Three main points of the topic cover personal relationships, mental and physical readiness, and comradery. Sponsored by The Dirty Oar Beer Company. Stop in to get your dirty Oar Thin Blue Line Flag. No purchase necessary.Support the show (
Have you ever met a cookie that was just too beautiful to eat? Check out these incredible holiday cookies which are artistic, but also delish! Join us today as Darleen with and Jesse enjoy not only the incredible artistic holiday cookies that Angie with Pink Apron Confections bring to the studio, but we also decorate them live! She shares great decorating tips.Support the show (
In tonight‘s episode of Survived, Doug and Karen welcome retired OPD SWAT operator and Survive First central Florida law-enforcement liaison, Raul Rivas to the show, as they dig deep into the subject of financial health and how it can impact one’s ability to cope with outside stressors.  Support the show (
On this episode,  join your favorite ghoulish podcast hosts, Jesse and Darleen as they share cool local must "do's" this spooky season on the Space Coast.  We are also joined by a special Guest who brings a festive box of goodies just perfect for your holiday!Support the show (
Wow, do we have a great time in this crazy episode where we are joined by Jen Helton. She may be better known as “Quarantine Cocktails” to those in the Insta world. She is not ashamed to admit that she is not a bartender, but shares her journey that most of faced when we were shut in our homes with kids and zooming, working from home during the height of the pandemic. While she can make a really mean and beautiful cocktail, she connected with the “outside” world and it has taken off. She shares a delish Fall Cocktail with Jesse and Darleen in the studio.Support the show (
Doug, Chris, Chris Fields Major (Retired) from the Oklahoma City bombing talks about healing through being on stage and realizing that his career was bigger than one day and one picture. Chris Fields talks about the struggles that he encountered in his career and and in his personal life and how he bounced back with his wife of over 30 years. Sponsored by The Dirty Oar Beer Company, Cocoa, FLSupport the show (
BAM Badasses, Alchemists and Mystics host, Trisha Schmalhofer talks with Joanna Salerno who co-created the a mystical yet functional oracle deck about the healing properties of food. Listen as Joanna talks about making the deck with her partner Lainie, the amazing certification program and classes they are offering, the child's deck for nutritional education, and the meditation cd that focuses on each food and the spiritual message of food. Listen as Joanna and Trisha do readings with the cards on air.; www.bamcommunity11.comSupport the show (
Special guest Chris Scallon joined Karen, Doug, and Chris over a special brew sponsored by the Dirty Oar Beer Company. The theme for the conversation is as the first responder helping first responders, how important it is to know your self and decompress as you continue to add new blocks to your wheel barrel. Surround yourself with people that know you and that can tell you when your going down the path of no return.  Survive First is a non-profit organization for first responders, first, receivers, military, and dispatchers with PTSD in need of help. Support the show (
BAM hostess, Trisha Schmalhofer talks with Transcendental Meditation (TM) teacher of 40+ years, Gary Baron. The two talk about the basic easy and relaxed technique that requires no effort, the importance of the special mantra given by your teacher, the health and spiritual benefits, the ongoing support received after learning the technique. Gary learned the TM technique from the founder, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in the early 1970's so shares lots of personal experiences and stories about the enlightened spiritual teacher and figurehead. TM is Science and Spirit coming together to help people be whole, healthy, enlightened Selves.Support the show (
Deep discussion with special guest Raul Rivas retired OPD SWAT operator. Raul was at the Pulse Night Club shooting and shared his experience with us. Karen helped to make the studio safe by social distancing and joined through Skype. Doug, Chris and Paul with the Dirty Oar supported the hard conversation of living through the aftermath of a violent night in the history of Orlando. You have to to listen to the edge of your seat conversation and make sure you share with someone else. Support the show (
In this episode of Survived, Doug is joined by Andrea  Flagg of the Barrow County Sheriff’s Office, and her husband Michael.  On vacation in Cocoa Beach, Andrea and Michael took the time to come to the studio to discuss life as a first responder family in Georgia, and the need for peer support teams to be implemented in departments across the US.  Support the show (
In this episode of Survived, Doug and Chris discuss how physical trauma can impact mental health and how to combat the emotional impact that many first responders experience from it. Join our movement at Survive First.Support the show (
 Trisha Schmalhofer,, the regular host of BAM takes the guest seat in this engaging episode where she shares what tools she uses to help people heal and balance, how the BAM podcast began, the definitions of Badass, Alchemist and Mystic, empowering others to be in charge of the development of their own intuitive abilities, and the emergence of a BAM Community to connect BAMs in the multi-dimensional web to ignite change and assist in the evolution of humanity. She is interviewed by the lovely Lea Williamson, co-founder of BAM Community and owner of Email us to be placed on the newsletter: sentence description: Trisha Schmalhofer is the guest this episode sharing about her healing craft, psychic abilities, the new BAM Community and defining Badass, Alchemist and Mystic with Lea WilliamsonSupport the show (
Badasses, Alchemists and Mystics host, Trisha Schmalhofer talks with the "Business Connection Specialist", Shannon Gronich. During 2020, the Era of Change, we have to adapt the way we do business, navigate personal relationships and build community. "Love Your Neighbor" virtual town hall meetings is one way Shannon has done this ( Shannon has been connecting people and business through the Business Acceleration Network for years and is the author of the book Media Magic which gives you the tools to get free publicity and creator of the workshop that walks you through the process with support and accountability. You want to listen to this interview! Send suggestions for this podcast to bamcommunity11@gmail.comSupport the show (
In this episode of Survived, Doug, Karen, and Chris discuss the importance of choosing healthy coping strategies to live a happy and healthy life, the difference between healthy and unhealthy coping strategies, and provide insight into some of the daily strategies they use to get through the day to day grind.Support the show (
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