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Dr. Greg Wells is your guide to a high-performance life. As a scientist and physiologist, Greg’s gift is to translate science into actionable and effective life tips. Using the latest research on the brain and body, Greg and his guests provide simple but transformative strategies to boost your mental and physical health, advance your career and upgrade your life.

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Welcome back! This week I’m super excited to share my interview with Elli Weisbaum. Elli is a Toronto-based mindfulness practitioner and teacher who is passionate about the translation of mindfulness practice into everyday life. She is currently based at the University of Toronto as an instructor for the Applied Mindfulness and Meditation Certificate Program and is a PhD Candidate in the Faculty of Medicine. Her thesis is on the application of mindfulness to address physician wellbeing. After completing a masters degree focused on integrating mindfulness into education, Elli spent a year as the international program coordinator for Wake Up Schools, a global initiative to cultivate mindfulness in education. She is also a certified teacher in the Search Inside Yourself (SIY) program which was developed at Google Headquarters and brings together mindfulness, emotional intelligence and neuroscience. Since 2015 she has been a member of the Mindfulness Project Team at The Hospital for Sick Children, which acts as a hub for mindfulness initiatives across the hospital. In this conversation, we do a deep dive into mindfulness and meditation and how we can integrate these practices into our daily lives. You can check out her blog Mindfulness for Life: Navigating a PhD with curiosity, kindness & joy here. Enjoy this conversation! --- Support this podcast:
Welcome back! This week I’m really excited to share my interview with Dr. Milena Braticevic. Milena has a Ph.D. in Integral Health from the California Institute for Human Science. She focuses on prevention-oriented methodologies for mental health sustainability and wellbeing. Her research on the effects of increasing awareness of non-dual consciousness and the natural state in young adults showed significant reductions in symptoms of depression and anxiety and increases in critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration. She currently teaches her experiential mental resilience program at corporations and educational institutions including the University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies. Her mental health literacy programs have helped individuals build resilient minds and have contributed to the reduction in common mental disorders and stigma. You can learn more about her and her work at Enjoy this deep dive into mindfulness, mental health, and mental resilience! --- Support this podcast:
Welcome back! Today I’m really excited to share an interview with Dr. Scott Farrow. Scott is the Director of Biological Discovery at Noblegen Inc., a company that aims to use natural ingredients to make nutrient-rich products that are healthy, sustainable, cost-effective, and renewable to help restore balance to the planet and people. He is an experienced scientist and researcher who specializes in plant biochemistry and natural product biochemical pathway elucidation. This basically means he researches how compounds in plants affect our biology and how they can help us. He completed his Ph.D. at the University of Calgary and is now an Adjunct Professor at Trent University. In this conversation, we discuss how plants can be used to enhance health and wellbeing, treat pain, and the idea of using plants as medicine. Enjoy! --- Support this podcast:
Welcome back! This week I’m really excited to bring back Dr. Ivan Joseph. Dr. Joseph is currently the Vice-President, Student Affairs at Wilfrid Laurier University where he leads the university’s efforts to promote interconnectedness and belonging amongst a diverse student body. Dr Joseph served in similar capacity as Vice Provost, Student Affairs at Dalhousie University. Prior to that, he was Director of Athletics at Ryerson University where he led the Ryerson Rams to first-time national championship twice and first-time provincial championship several times. Ivan is also a keynote speaker, award-winning performance coach, author and recognized educator and mentor. His TED talk on self-confidence has been viewed over 20 millions times, and Forbes has named it one of the best 10 TED talks for Graduates on the Meaning of Life. Dr. Joseph is also the author of You Got This: Mastering The Skill of Self-Confidence, which made Amazon's Top 10 Most Gifted Books in Business Mentoring & Coaching category in 2018. In this conversation, we dive deep into his expertise around self-confidence, cultural transformation, and living a high performance life. To learn more about him and find out more about his new course The Skill of Self-Confidence, you can follow him on social @drivanjoseph or send him an email hello@drivanjoseph.  Enjoy! --- Support this podcast:
Welcome back! This week I’m really excited to share my interview with Olympic Swimmer Martha McCabe. Martha is a two-time Olympian and was captain of the Olympic Swim Team in 2016. Since retiring, she has founded Head to Head, an Olympic-led mentorship program. This organization connects athletes with youth across the country, creating opportunities for kids to learn from some of the best athletes in the world. The programs teaches resilience, inspires confidence, and empowers youth to be the best they can be in sport and in life. In this conversation, we discuss the successes and setbacks of her Olympic journey, and how she’s used her personal experiences in sport to help youth overcome challenges, especially during these times. You can learn more about Head to Head at their website and you can follow them on twitter and instagram @_headtohead. Enjoy the conversation! --- Support this podcast:
Welcome back! This week I’m excited to share a conversation I had with Sasha Gollish. Sasha has her Ph.D. in Engineering Education and is an Assistant Professor in Engineering at the University of Toronto. Sasha is also a world-class runner. She has an extensive list of athletic accomplishments, including a bronze medal in the 1500m at the Pan American Games in 2015. In the same year she was named the Canadian Interuniversity Sport Female Athlete of the Year, after winning three gold medals at the championship meet. In this conversation, we talk about how Sasha combines rigorous academics with high performance sport. She continuously uses her expertise in engineering and data analysis to improve her running. You can follow her on social @sgollishruns and at her website   Enjoy this really insightful conversation all about training and human excellence! --- Support this podcast:
Welcome back! This week on my podcast I had an absolutely incredible conversation with three-time World Series Champion and former Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Todd Stottlemyre. Since retiring, he has become a high-performance business coach, bestselling author, entrepreneur, and keynote speaker.  In this conversation, we discuss his journey as a baseball player, his successes and failures, his self-growth, and lessons from his latest book The Observer. You can order the book on his website and he’s also offering a free book club through Facebook, in which he goes through the lessons throughout the book chapter by chapter. You can follow him on social @todd.stott. Enjoy! --- Support this podcast:
Welcome back and Happy New Year! For the first episode of the year, I’m excited to share my interview with behaviour change expert Lisa Belanger. Lisa has a Ph.D. in Behavioural Medicine, and is a Certified Exercise Physiologist and High Performance Specialist. Lisa is the CEO of ConsciousWorks, an organization that helps corporations, leaders, employees, students, and athletes reach their true potential through sustained, life-long behaviour change. In this conversation we go through a whole range of topics including exercise and cancer, uncertainty and fear, process versus outcome, and many little things you can do to design your day to optimize your life. This is an amazing conversation for anyone who wants to make changes in their behaviour that stick long term, and a great listen to start off 2021! For more information about ConsciousWorks and Lisa, check out Enjoy the conversation! --- Support this podcast:
Welcome back! Today I’m super excited to share my interview with four-time Olympian and two-time Olympic medalist Simon Whitfield. Simon made history in his Olympic debut in Sydney in 2000 when he unexpectedly became the first ever Olympic champion in men’s triathlon. He went on to compete in three more Olympic games, including a silver medal finish in 2008 in Bejing. In 2012, he was selected as team Canada’s flag bearer for the Olympic opening ceremony in London, and in 2017 was inducted into Canada's Sports Hall of Fame. In this conversation, we discuss his journey as an Olympic triathlete, lessons he’s taken away from his career as an athlete, and how he enjoys his life now.  Enjoy! --- Support this podcast:
Welcome back! This week I’m really excited to bring you an interview with Dr. Rumeet Billan. Rumeet is an award-winning, internationally recognized entrepreneur, learning architect, speaker, author, and humanitarian. She is the President and CEO of Viewpoint Leadership and an expert on Psychological Capital. Rumeet has been twice named one of Canada’s Top 100 Most Powerful Women by the Women’s Executive Network and has been featured in Forbes, The Globe and Mail, and The Financial Post. Her talk on The Future of Education at TEDx was highly lauded and later adapted into a workshop for Ontario students. Through her work, Dr. Billan provides a platform that encourages youth, women, communities, and organizations to envision what could be possible. In this amazing conversation we talk about resilience, self-awareness, self-confidence, and the mental skills you need to be able to perform at your best while getting mentally healthy at the same time. You can learn more about her at her website Enjoy! --- Support this podcast:
Welcome back! I'm really excited to share an interview I did on Leon Goren's podcast. Leon is the CEO and President of PEO Leadership, North America’s premier peer network and advisory community. PEO Leadership supports business leaders to increase both their leadership abilities and their organization’s value. It enables leaders to recognize their potential by challenging their thinking and connecting them to the right relationships. In this conversation we talk about high performance in business situations and achieving focus, concentration, and excellence during the course of the day. We get into some nuts and bolts of getting through days at work and being able to reach your potential. You can check out more of his podcast episodes here: Enjoy! --- Support this podcast:
Welcome back! This week I’m very excited to share an interview with Dr. Bill Wells. Bill is a chiropractor, world-class Masters athlete, and co-founder of The Urban Athlete, a health and fitness facility that uses a holistic approach to help athletes reach their goals. In this conversation we discuss his amazing athletic accomplishments and the techniques he uses to recover and regenerate as a Masters athlete. Enjoy! --- Support this podcast:
Welcome back! This week I had an amazing conversation with Dr. Gina Di Giulio. Gina is a Clinical Psychologist and CEO and Founder of Pathwell, an organization that provides individuals and businesses access to mental health services.  She is a firm believer that there is no health without mental health, and that access to mental health services shouldn’t be as cumbersome and confusing as it often can be. In this conversation we discuss positive psychology, resilience, and simple things you can do to manage anxiety and improve your mental health during this time. You can learn more about her organization at Enjoy! --- Support this podcast:
Welcome back! This week I’m very excited to share an interview with former Navy SEAL, Ned Mason, and former navy flight surgeon and neuroscientist, Dr. Erik Won. Ned and Erik are using neuroscience and transcranial magnetic stimulation to help treat people for concussions, PTSD, and other neurological and mood disorders. We discuss brainwaves, neuroplasticity, and how this type of treatment can be used to help people achieve optimal brain health and performance. You can learn more about their company at their website  Enjoy! --- Support this podcast:
Welcome back! This week I’m very excited to share an interview with professional climber, mountaineer, and alpinist Brette Harrington! Brette is an incredibly accomplished athlete and she’s one of our first ambassadors for our new VIIVIO app! We had a great chat all about her amazing climbing accomplishments, overcoming fear, and the physical and mental skills required to be a climber. Enjoy the conversation! --- Support this podcast:
Welcome back! Thanks for joining me for the 100th episode! This week I had the privilege of interviewing Luke Tyburski. Luke is an expedition adventurer, ultra-triathlete, and mental health advocate. In this conversation, we discuss his journey of overcoming obstacles, his mental health challenges, and eventually how he discovered a life of purpose and passion. Enjoy the episode! --- Support this podcast:
Welcome back!  This week I'd like to share an interview I did on the Living Wells podcast with Mark Henick, all about mental health and wellbeing during these crazy times. I shared the show with Hayley Wickenheiser, who is a four-time Olympic gold medallist and widely considered the greatest female hockey player of all time.  In this conversation, Hayley and I discuss endurance, resilience, mental health, and insights into how to get through this difficult time.  Enjoy the conversation! --- Support this podcast:
This week I've taken a whole bunch of questions I've been getting during virtual keynotes and answered them here on the show.  Let me know if you like these short question and answer segments, and if so we'll add them to future shows. All the best and stay healthy and safe everyone! --- Support this podcast:
Welcome back! This week I’m sharing an interview I did on the Muscle Intelligence Podcast with Ben Pakulski. Ben is a peak performance and mindset coach, and expert in strength training, muscle building, fat loss, and upgrading the body and mind. In this chat we dig into breathing, and how you can the use breathing in extreme sports performance and in meditation. We also discuss some tactics from my latest book Rest, Refocus, Recharge. You can learn more about Ben and hear more podcast episodes at! Enjoy the conversation! --- Support this podcast:
Welcome back! This week I had the privilege of interviewing my friend Ray Zahab! Ray is one of the top adventurers in the world. He’s an ultra-runner, Explorer in Residence Royal Canadian Geographical Society, and has run across some of the most difficult terrain on the planet, including the Sahara desert, the Gobi desert, and a run from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean across the Andes mountains. Ray is also the founder of impossible2possible, an organization that helps children break through their limits using adventure. In this amazing conversation, we talk about life during the COVID-19 pandemic, cheating death in one of his expeditions to the Arctic, and the shift in perspective and priorities that arose following that incident. You can learn more about him and his organization at and Enjoy the conversation! --- Support this podcast:
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