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Author: Reggie Johnson and Eugene Morton

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Sports talk with a focus on statistics
209 Episodes
-Can Alabama repeat what they did in SEC championship game?-Matt Ryan and Baker Mayfield have contracts guaranteed for next season-Antonio Brown and Calvin Ridley mental health issues
-SEC rolls through the playoffs -NFL playoff picture -Falcons -Rodgers, Roethlisberger,  and Baker Mayfield future
-Urban Meyer gets fired-NFL Playoff Picture getting clearer-Covid raging in NFL and NBA-Anthony Davis out 4 weeks-Kyrie Returning to Brooklyn Nets
-Urban Meyer having horrible first season on and off the field in Jacksonville-Mac Jones outplaying Trevor Lawrence -Falcons rumored to be looking to acquire Mitch Trubisky-Bryce Young wins the Heisman-Ben Simmons trade rumors heating up
-Alabama defeats GA in SEC championship game-College football playoffs set with 2 SEC teams getting in-Antonio Brown continues to have problems-How will several NFL teams address their QB problems
-Should Seattle and Cleveland make coaching and QB changes-Is it time for teams at bottom of the rankings to make adjustments for 2022 season-Lakers struggles continue
-Falcons have a horrible week-Do teams regret not drafting Mac Jones-Antonio Brown fake covid card issues
-Odell Beckham Jr. starting for the Rams-Cam back in NFL-NFL playoff picture
-Braves are World Series champs-Odell Beckham's Browns chapter comes to an end-Aaron Rodgers vaccine controversy
-Braves one win away from a championship-NFL trade deadline approaching-Lakers off to rough start
-Braves headed to World Series-Miami going after DeShaun Watson -NBA 75 snubs
-Jon Gruden's career appears to be over-Kyrie appears to be sitting out the season for now-Braves knocking on the door of the World Series
-Falcons get a win in London-Are there any NFL shocks or surprises 4 weeks into season?-John Gruden controversial comments
-Is it too early to panic about the Falcons in Atlanta?-Brady vs Belichick -Time for Steelers to look for Ben's replacement
-Falcons should've and should draft another QB-NBA season a couple weeks away-Ben Simmons drama with 76ers
-Falcons don't look great at start of season-Is it time to look for Matt Ryan's replacement-Is having one dependable go to RB better than 2 or 3 RBs
-Tom and Dak look great-Fantasy Football-Falcons home opener
-Where should Cam Newton play next-DeShaun Watson asking price ridiculously high-Falcons season predictions 
-Rookie QBs impressing early-Fantasy Football -NFL's new covid issues
-NFL pre-season-Rookie QBs impressing early-FBI getting involved with DeShaun Watson case -Tim Tebow out of football (again)
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