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Every Thursday at 11pm, Comedy Café Berlin opens its stage to a random group of people to record their own live podcast episode. The Hosts, Steindor Jonsson and Trevor Silverstein, have no control over the signups, which means they are forced to accept whatever happens on stage and upload it to the internet for your listening pleasure/horror. So, come along for a wild ride with some of Berlin’s craziest characters! New episodes released every Wednesday
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Livestreamed from Comedy Cafe Berlin! As teams from all over Europe get ready to kick off this year’s UEFA Euro 2020 action, disgraced sportscaster Court Masters is here with his expert analysis. Joined by a corporate laundry detergent sponsor, a positivity coach and everyone’s favorite italian disco DJ, get ready for insight into this summer’s competition, along with some thoughts on the global conspiracy regarding Earth’s shape.Featuring Amanda King (@attawoman) and Sara Nere.
Esteemed BBC video journalist, Adam Curtis, is bringing his nebulous and dreamlike filmmaking style to the podcast form. Joining him to discuss all matters of individuality, perception and connection are some of the foremost thinkers and intellectuals of our age; Belgian relationship expert Esther Perel, New York humorist Fran Lebowitz and Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Žižek.Featuring Anna Szaflarski (@AnnaSzaflarski) and Noah Telson (@Telsonia)Music: “Mystery Sax" by Kevin Macleod.
The blues are calling! The hit sitcom Frasier, starring the majestic Kelsey Grammer, is starting up again at CBS Studios. A team of crack TV writers has been assembled to craft the story and we have exclusive audio from their first session. What does the new season hold in store for the cantankerous radio psychiatrist?Featuring Amanda King (@attawoman) and Dan Stern (@DanielandStern).
After 28 years, the legendary electronic music duo, Daft Punk, are calling it quits. However, the BOSS did “get lucky” by scoring this exclusive farewell discussion between the members Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo. They talk about everything from their days at electronic music school, working with Jeff Bridges and their plans for the future of all humanity.
The repeatedly delayed new film about James Bond, No Time To Die, is now scheduled to be released in September. To give you a sneak peek at 007’s upcoming exploits, the studio has made public an exclusive DVD commentary track hosted by the great John Cleese. Joining him are an espionage consultant, a dialect coach and star Daniel Craig’s brother.Feat. Emma Aldridge and Kieran Humphries (@dogfoody).
Like! The staff of Facebook is back to tell you all about their important work. This time, Former CEM, Nelson Datasmith, is joined with the presence of a Digital Architect, “The Poker” and the personified form of the site’s algorithm.Feat. Belen Caiero (@BelsCT) and Carl Clancy (@carlclancy).
Having just released his self-produced sepia-toned masterpiece, Kentavious & Jezebel, screenwriter Alvin Fadin returns with the brand new script Chicken Wurlitzer Prize Ceremony. Joining him to read it are musician Brent Treznor, semi-aspiring actor Battery "Life" Humphreys and actress extraordinaire Jan.Featuring Janina Rook and Gaston Stabiszewski (@GattesSchmattes).
Stonks! The markets are open and here to guide us through all the zany financial news of the past few weeks is one of the mods of the subforum EtsyBets. Stew Diligence chats GameStop, Wall Street and more with the CEO of Wikifeet, a mysterious art dealer/fixer and the world’s richest cereal producer.Featuring Allie Huff (@shrimpchip) and Josh Telson (@joshwithpowers)Help keep Comedy Cafe Berlin’s virtual doors open with a donation:
It’s a Ricardo Mirabile Christmas Miracile! Your favorite Italian disco DJ and harbinger of the Antichrist, Ricardo Mirabile, hosts a socially distant radio party with his frenemy DJ Angelo Cassio AKA Dr. Calypsound, italo-futurist Giuseppe Murder and of course his dear mama Mirabile. Happy… como si dice… holidays!Featuring Matilde Keizer (@MatildeKeizer) and Nacho Sanguinetti (@nachosi).
Everyone’s favorite international food celebrity is back and in these difficult time he’s giving back to the struggling restaurateurs out there. He’s joined by two of his closest friends, a DIY dumpling purveyor and a vegan wrap maker to chat all about their experiences this year.Feat. Marisa Llamas (@llamedycentral) and Dan Stern (@danielandstern).
Film blogger Gavin Snoops is so obsessed with the cult film masterpiece Permanent Immorality that he started a podcast where he analyzes the movie one line of dialogue at a time. In this inaugural episode he’s joined by a British filmmaker, a young man with some family issues and the film critic who invented the Snackdel Test.Featuring Amanda King (@attawoman) and Kieran Humphries (@dogfoody).
#77: Inside KVLT

#77: Inside KVLT


Everyone has heard the news about the sex cult KVLT, run by the charismatic leader Vince Predatore, also known as Vanquisher. On this episode, former KVLT member and documentary filmmaker Mike Escalante talks to other former members and a cult expert about how to take the evil KVLT down.Featuring Antonia Bär (@antonialisabaer) and Caroline Clifford (@localgrr).
#76: NBA Bubble Babble

#76: NBA Bubble Babble


Free from the basketball playoffs quarantine at Disney World in Florida, the staff behind the thrilling conclusion to the NBA season talk about their experience. Merch sales “GOAT” DuBron Ames is joined by a hydration specialist, the COVID snitch-line operator and the ghost of NBA player Bison Dele.Featuring Seán Gallen and Andrew Ritchie (@realKetamine).
The teens from Lou Reed Berlin Memorial International High School are back after the tragic end of episode murder of everyone involved in last Halloween’s episode. Hosted by Seth Spliffoli, they talk about their experience of being a burnout, a goth, a nerd and a girl with a secret past.Featuring Rose Warner Miles and Fernanda Romero. is back with their smash hit Masterclass Masterclass, but this time we’Re left in the strategic hands of chess grandmaster, Gary Kasparov. He is joined by fellow masterclass instructors: Italian restaurateur, Natalie Portman; legendary investigative journalist, Bob Woodward; and skateboarding legend, Tony Hawk. Feat. Matilde Keizer and Noah Telson.
Our very own host Trevor agrees to record a guided trip with the mysterious shaman Sherman in Berlin’s spacious Tempelhof park. Roll up for the magical mystery tour!Tickets for this Saturday’s live show are available online:
No safe spaces are to be found at Comedy Café Berlin when Dick Shampiro hosts his live episode of Talking with Dicks. Watch out liberals, Antifa and social justice warriors as the Dicks destroy political correctness with their brain logic. Joining Dick are Dick Garbanzo, action reporter, S. Dickie Spritz, lawn enthusiast, and Northern Irish rockstar, Dick Corr.Featuring Julia Joubert (@JulzJoubert) and Amanda King (@attawoman).
#71: Cool EO s

#71: Cool EO s


The coolest CEOs meet up to chat about how to treat your employees like family and create a chill work environment. Hosted by the CEO known primarily as “Dad”, he’s joined by the creator of betting website Betabet, Asingam Pichai; brain scientist, Brad Gilmore and actor/entrepreneur, Gwyneth Paltrow.Featuring Ratan Sebastian and Anna Szaflarski.
Clean comedian Tim Laffigan returns with his seminal interview podcast What The Heck after an F-bomb laden outburst on Twitter last week. Joining him is this week’s guest, German comedian Joakim Hass, as they discuss their mutual love of comedy and disdain for the orange cheeto man.The Road by Punk Rock Opera is licensed under an Attribution License.
Everyone’s excited for Tenet, the repeatedly-delayed new film from director Christopher Nolan. To give you a sneak peek, Warner Bros. Pictures have agreed to release an exclusive DVD commentary track, hosted by the sci-fi film’s resident Time Scientist. Joining him are Tenet’s assistant editor, espionage consultant and star Robert Pattinson’s understudy.Featuring Andrea Björk Andrésdóttir (@sleepgiddy) and Gaston Stabiszewski (@GattesSchmattes).
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