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Your life is made for more! We're here to help you make the most of it with encouraging, relevant, and biblical messages from Pastor Daniel Stephens and guest speakers. Discover how to experience more of God, understand the Bible better, and follow Jesus into the thriving life He created you to live! Get free resources or plan your experience at
497 Episodes
What kind of people does God want us to be? Watch as Pastor Brock Lillis from our Every Nation church in Murfreesboro, TN, shares how we can be empowered to go on God's grand mission for our lives!
What do men and women need in marriage? Listen as Pastor Daniel Stephens shares powerful tools couples can use to cultivate a thriving marriage!
If we don't take care of things, they will slowly erode and entropy over time. Listen as Pastor Daniel Stephens shares what the Bible says about how to avoid ruin and make sure love doesn't fade in your marriage!
What does the Bible say about marriage? Is marriage more of an art or a science? Watch as Pastor Daniel Stephens shares a theology for marriage and God's creative intent for marriage!
How do we keep the fear of what's happening in the world from stopping us from living by faith? Listen as Pastor Jim Laffoon shares from Psalm 37 on how we can stop fretting and live as lights in the world!
Paul's most expansive theological letter unexpectedly ends with a long list of relationships. What does that mean for us today? Listen as Pastor Daniel breaks down the importance of spiritual family and following Jesus together!
What is our mission as followers of Jesus in our schools? Listen as Pastor Daniel Stephens shares the differences in how religion, the world, and Jesus handle sin + how we can carry hope to others!
How do we process grief as followers of Jesus? Listen as Danny Carrigan shares from his story of experiencing loss and walking with God through it.
What does it mean to follow Jesus? Watch as Krystal Smith shares how God reached her and taught her to follow Him!
How does God help marriages thrive? Listen as Kenny + Joyce Copeland share how God restored them and helped them make their remarriage work!
How do we see God's faithfulness in our lives? Listen as Ric Warnick, a Mid-Cities Elder, shares how God has been faithful in his life and how God's faithfulness empowers us to for faithful + purposeful lives!
What do we do with our brokenness, pains, and wounds? Listen as Cindy Adair shares how God has healed and restored her in an interview with Pastor Daniel Stephens!
What is one thing we need more than anything else? Listen as Pastor Daniel Stephens shares out of Psalm 1 and one of the most important things we can do as followers of Jesus!
What does it mean to spend time with God? Listen as Pastor Donnell Jones from Grace Covenant Brookland (one of our Every Nation churches in Washington DC) shares how the Psalms can help us have meaningful face-time with God!
How do we worship God in any circumstance? Listen as Pastor Daniel Stephens shows us how we can bless the Lord in Psalm 103!
What is a biblical mindset toward parenting? Listen as Pastor Daniel Stephens shares what it looks like to trust God to build your family!
What are the Psalms, and why should we read them? Listen as Pastor Daniel Stephens orients us to the Psalms and dives into how they mentor us in praying + communing with God!
What if following Jesus means getting out of our comfort zones? How do we follow Jesus in every area of our lives? Listen as Leah Hammett, our Women's Minister, helps us dive into Matthew 9 and discover what it looks like to answer God's call for our lives!
Do you have enemies? What if you do, but you don't realize it yet? Listen as Pastor Daniel Stephens shares how Jesus defines "enemies" and how we can love them as God loves them!
What are the thieves that try to steal the abundant life Jesus has for us? Listen as Pastor Daniel Stephens shares how we can experience abundant life in Jesus!
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