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Easy by Just Briana the Personal Finance and Motivational blog. I'm no different from you! I was trying to figure it out and taking losses too but once I educating myself, using organizational tools and a strict budget plans those Ls was only lesions. I am now an expert and what I do! Take the time to learn what flaws you have with managing your money while listening to this podcast and learn about what solutions I provide. I’m only here to help! -JB Support this podcast:
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Hey guys welcome back, and if you are new here welcome welcome! We are back with a fire episode today with a special co host LORRA BROWN Accountant| Financial Coach & Tax Expert! We gave you guys some well needed information about filing your small business taxes and some tips on keeping your accounting together! Don’t forget to join the conversation and reach out to me @jbtheceo_ or Lorra @thetaxceo for more questions. As always.. GOD BLESS, JB. --- Support this podcast:
short break but ya girl is BACK! we got some series in like and I’m coming in hot! Y’all asked and I listened!! The stock market, explain the stock market so you know what I’m going to explain what is stock and how the stock market works! This is Part 1 of maybe 2 or 3! hit that subscribe button and join the EBJB tribe! As always, thank you for listening and God Bless- JB --- Support this podcast:
It’s okay, we’re not perfect. I didn’t always know better, but I’ve learned to do better and you can too. Here’s some of the mistakes I’ve made as young JB that hopefully, you can learn from! --- Support this podcast:
Who said because we are in a pandemic we can’t make no money? That’s not true, my hustlers know wassup and on today episode I’m going to make sure you know too! I got 5 side hustles you can start today, even while we are in a pandemic! Tune in and join the conversation, subscribe.. share with a friend... all that good stuff for me because making some extra money just got EASY with Just Briana --- Support this podcast:
Gaining Financial Freedom Just Got EASY With Ya Girl JB! Make sure you subscribe, share with a friend who can use these steps and join the conversation. As always, thank you for listening. God Bless, JB. --- Support this podcast:
Don’t have much money but you want to invest into your future self? Alright, I can take you there! Ya girl JB has you covered with 2 ways you can invest that doesn’t have to break your bank! If you find this episode and others helpful.. join the party! Subscribe, share with. Friend and don’t miss out! As always thank you for listening, God Bless... JB. --- Support this podcast:
It’s always important to me to be open with boundaries on my platforms. I go through things just like most people, and sometimes it causes me to step away from the things I love to do! Like podcasting and giving resources, but we’re back! I know you guys been wondering where I’ve been and what I’ve been up too and what’s next... well all those question are answered on today episode! As always, thank you guys for listening and God bless. --- Support this podcast:
All I want to hear is “ Welcome Back JB! “ as we get things rolling with the podcast again. It’s been a while.. but ya girl is back with all the gems you love to hear! On tonight episode we will be talking about 4 simple things you can do to improve your self discipline so you can hit those financial goals you set out to achieve! Don’t miss out on following episodes, make sure you subscribe and share with a friend! Hey, I know you know somebody... who needs to hear this too! As always, thank you for listening, God bless. --- Support this podcast:
Alright guys, let’s talk about consistency.. ya girl is on a roll! We’re back with another episode before entering a new series later on this month.. giving you guys some of most effective money saving hacks! Now I’m moving soon, soon for one last time the city of brotherly love had to bless the background of my podcast with some noise at the end! We are not going to miss that moving forward. As always, thank you guys for listen. God bless, JB ! --- Support this podcast:
Looking for some health Money Habits to Adapt to?! JB has 6 money habits for you to take note of that even the wealthy make. --- Support this podcast:
Dealing with depression while chasing your dreams. Join the conversation! --- Support this podcast:
Creating a budget for you and your children doesn’t have to be a hassle or something you dread to do. Planning and Organizing your money for your family will not only help you avoid financial stress but a peace of mind when setting you and your children up for success! Here’s 4 Tips to Creating A Fool Proof Single Mom Budget. --- Support this podcast:
annnnnddddddd we’re back! as we just kicked off the Y&A series, let’s get into this second episode ft @Geevenchy!! --- Support this podcast:
We are kicking off the Y&A Series with the very talented Jonhnh Rocket! I was going to do some editing and such but I like how raw and the flow of the conversation so I’m leaving it be! Episode 2 ft. Geevenchy drops Tuesday! Enjoy and Favorite, Leave a voice mail! --- Support this podcast:
Do you have a million dollar idea and don’t know where to start?! the first episode of the quick and easy series gives you a quick over view of how your start up budget show look. --- Support this podcast:
Hey guys! Episode 3 of the Quick&Ea$y Series I will be giving you 10 financial terms every small business owner should know! Learning these terms will help you plan and understand your business financial future. Understanding how to mange your business finance just got EASY with Just Briana ! --- Support this podcast:
Who is Just Briana?

Who is Just Briana?


Who is Just Briana and what does she have to offer? Find out on the 1st episode of EBJB the Podcast! --- Support this podcast:
As a small business owner, there are things you need to do daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly to stay on top of your business finances. On the second episode of the Quick&Easy series I will be telling you guys what should be on your 5 checklist to keep your business afloat. Having a hard time running your business finances? It just got EASY with Just Briana! --- Support this podcast:
Welcome Back to EBJB and the last episode of the quick & easy series! I’m so excited as we bring this very informative and super quick series for my small business owners to an end. I would love to hear back from you guys on my anchor platform! Leave me some feedback. As always thanks for listening, stay blessed! --- Support this podcast:
Getting ready to move out? Create your fool proof budget with JB! --- Support this podcast:
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