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DOTJ - Drinking On The Job

Author: John Coyle

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DOTJ- 'Drinking On The Job' is a toast to the culture of food, wine and life. It’s like you’re one barstool away from a conversation you can’t stop listening to. Grab a glass before last call.
100 Episodes
Episode 100: Ray Isle

Episode 100: Ray Isle


Ray Isle, the executive editor for Food & Wine, interviews the Creator and host of DOTJ Podcast for the 100th Episode. 
Geoffrey Loisel, Director of the Americas for Billecart Salmon, shares this unique story and its connection to the best restaurants around the world. Grab a glass.
Episode 98: Maivino

Episode 98: Maivino


Maivino is the coolest grab and go wine that comes in Bagnum… that’s right a magnum in a bag that’s crazy delicious , VEGAN & SUSTAINABLY-FARMED.  
A Legendary Voice....
Jordan Salcito is founder/creator of Ramona. The delicious wine spritz sipped on by Rihanna, P-Diddy, Alicia Keys and anyone that loves great beverage.
André Mack is a unique thinker who bucks tradition.  A celebrated author, winemaker and restaurateur, he has been featured in Wine Spectator, NY Times,  Ted Talks  and has his own Cadillac commercial. Long live the rebel.
The book Big Macs and Burgundy surpassed Obama’s  A Promise Land on Amazon and rocketed to number one on the Barnes and Noble best seller list.
David Kulko was being groomed to take over a cult but instead of drinking the Kool Aid he drank mezcal and found his true light.
Iron Chef Marc Forgione tells the story of his journey to the mountain top
Uncle Boons was one of the hottest Michelin Star restaurants in New York. Chef Shirwin Burrowes talks about surviving the Covid shut down and closing. 
Aaron Burr’s Cider illuminates the painstaking details of making this highly sought after Cider.
From humble beginnings out of a storefront window to the shelves at Whole Foods, Brodo Bone Broth is a panacea. A super boost to your immune system and crazy delicious.
Hannah Selinger's Eater article on David Chang was an epic call out on abuse. I expect nothing less from this brilliant writer. 
Dandelion Wine is a retail store hell bent on lifting people up-from supporting BLM to the struggling restaurant industry , Lily Peachin is making a difference one great bottle at a time.
In honor of  Mia Van de Water being elected to the Board of Directors for the Court of Master Sommeliers I am re-releasing this truly,  now historic episode!
End of the year wrap-up. My all time favorite episode includes Dennis Hopper, Pabst Blue Ribbon and the Mayor of Portlandia, Kyle MacLachlan!
From a small village in Sancerre, to living in a castle in China, Laura Masero now manages one of the most dynamic French portfolios in the market. BONUS: She shares what Champagne to celebrate with this New Years’s Eve.
Here's the word puzzle: Rick Shobin, Baby Dragon Pale Ale, John Legend and Kanye. Listen to connect the dots.
Episode 82: Ben Davis

Episode 82: Ben Davis


In the pre-zoom era Ben Davis was asked to sing over the phone for his final call back on Les Miserables. He booked it. This was the beginning of an amazing career.
$4,500 for a bottle of Sake! Dean Fuerth of Nakazawa explains Super 7 and the high end world of Sake.
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