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An interview that was edited and transcribed in 2016.  For "Ethics and The Modern Guru" a publication dedicated to cults and undue influence. Debra Van Neste interviewed Laura Johnston Kohl. She was a survivor of the The Peoples Temple.  This was the first time they spoke and it sparked a loving and dear friendship. Laura Kohl passed away on November 19, 2019.  She was one of the finest and bravest woman I have ever known.  This was a very casual interview and Laura edited it and loved the issue.  
Naomi Willow Graybill is an ex -jw who found her voice through art in several mediums.  How she reconnected is a  journey most ex cult survivors can relate too.  We invite to this special podcast, hosted by Debra Van Neste with "Art is Heart." Useful links: Visit Naomi's site @  
One of the best interviews with Catherine Oxenberg as she has a heart to heart conversation with a cult expert, Dr. Cathleen Mann Produced by Thinking Agenda Orlando, Florida
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