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Adventures in Autism

Author: Megan Carranza

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Hi! I’m Megan and this is my podcast Adventures in Autism :) this podcast is all about support and sharing our journeys with autism. Enjoy!
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In today’s episode I’m chatting with autism sibling, Natalie Castro. Natalie opens up about her journey with adult sister, Angie, who is on the spectrum. Natalie shares how she recently became Angie’s legal guardian along with their mother, and what led to that decision. We also talk about Natalie’s work with her platform, Pieces of Inspiration. Natalie’s goal is to provide other autism families support and resources in their journey. Natalie and Angie have such a special and unique relationship- you can really feel the love in this episode! It was such a joy to talk Natalie, I am so touched and inspired by her story. I hope you enjoy listening!
In today’s episode I’m chatting with Dr. Mary Barbera. Mary is an autism mom, a behavioral analyst, an author and a fellow podcaster! Mary and I talk all about her journey with her son Lucas, who is on the spectrum and in his twenties now. Mary shares how his diagnosis at age 3 lead her to her career as an autism professional. Through her work Mary has been able to help countless families, sharing her knowledge through her book ‘The Verbal Behavior Approach’ as well as her online courses. Last year, Mary expanded her repertoire even further and started her podcast, ‘Turn Autism Around’. On her show, Mary shares her insights for both parents and professionals. Mary is truly an expert in the field and I’m thrilled to have her on today’s episode! Enjoy listening!
In today’s episode I’m chatting with not one, but two guests! Sandy and Chris Colter are parents to their adorable son Bryce who is on the spectrum. They are also fellow podcast hosts of their show “Parenting Autism”. Together we discuss some of the challenges their marriage has faced on this journey and Chris shares very openly his struggles with his own mental health. We also talk about how parenting a child with special needs can be tough when both parents aren’t the same page- and how they’ve worked through that. I had a great conversation with Sandy and Chris and it was so fun to welcome my first couple to the show! I hope you enjoy listening!
It’s the ONE YEAR anniversary of Adventures in Autism! On today’s episode I’m welcoming my first sister Melissa! Melissa is the best aunt to Logan and a huge part of my support system. If you’ve been listening to the show for awhile then you’ve definitely heard me mention her! We chat about how autism has affected our family as a whole and what she’s learned in this journey from an aunts perspective. Then we get to the fun stuff- listener questions! We cover everything from self care, to dealing with difficult family members, to my favorite housewives! This was such a fun episode and I am SO EXCITED that Adventures in Autism is celebrating one year! Thank you so much to each and every one of you for listening and for all your support. I hope you enjoy listening to this episode!
In today’s episode I’m chatting with autism dad, Kyle Jetsel. Kyle is a father of six children and he has two sons on the spectrum. Kyle shares very openly about his journey and especially how it affected his family and marriage. After struggling for years with the challenges autism can bring, he and his wife decided to really change their mindset and bring joy back to their family. And they did just that! Through his coaching series ‘Autism: Thrive in Choas’, Kyle has been able to help many more families find joy as well. Kyle and I had an amazing and emotional conversation- we were both in tears! I’m so thrilled to welcome Kyle as a guest and I hope you enjoy listening!
In today’s episode I’m chatting with autism mom and fellow podcaster, Jody Warshawsky. Jody and I connected through Instagram several months back and at this point she feels like an old friend! Jody and I talk all about her adorable daughter Remy, who has autism and epilepsy. Jody shares their journey with Remy’s medical needs and how it was affecting her school situation. Jody and her husband recently made the decision to homeschool Remy and we chat all about how they came to that conclusion and why it’s best for Remy right now. Jody and I talked about how as parents we put so much pressure on ourselves to “get it right” for our kids in terms of school or services- but it’s ok for plans to change. We also discuss family dynamics and how autism affects the entire family- as a mom of four she definitely has some experience in this area! I had the pleasure to be a guest on Jody’s podcast, Accepting the Unacceptable, back in May and I’m thrilled to welcome her on Adventures in Autism today! Enjoy listening!
In today’s episode I’m chatting with autism mom and author, Julie Hornok. Julie shares her journey with her daughter, who is now 16 and completely flourishing. Their story is so hopeful and inspiring! Julie also talks about how her daughter inspired her to reach out within the autism community and provide support for other autism moms. This lead her to start hosting events and eventually to write her amazing book, ‘United in Autism’, which actually has a forward written by none other then Temple Grandin! Julie is a delight and we had a great conversation. I hope you enjoy listening!
Today I’m flying solo and sharing some life updates! I’m giving a breakdown of how our summer went- the good and the bad! Summer definitely brought us some new challenges and I discuss all of it. One of those challenges was Logan dealing with anxiety, which is not typical for him. It was definitely tough to navigate and we did our best to help him though those anxious moments and just support him. It was not easy but we made it through! I also talk about the start of school and how well Logan has done with that transition. This boy loves school! Lastly I chat about the whole process of getting started with his speech device- which we are so excited about! There’s a lot to learn (for us and Logan) but we are so ready for Logan to have his voice. Big things happening! I hope you enjoy listening!
In today’s episode I’m chatting with autism dad, James Branaum. James shares his journey with his son Alex, who was just recently diagnosed this past spring. We talk all about the process of getting the diagnosis and the emotions that surround it. We also touch on family dynamics and how having a child with special needs can be tough on a marriage. James shares his views on “leaning in” with your spouse and relying on each other for support. Very valuable advice! I had a great time talking with James and I loved hearing his perspective as a dad! We had an awesome conversation and I hope you enjoy listening!
In today’s episode I’m chatting with autism mom and author, Eileen Lamb. Eileen is also on the spectrum herself and she shares her unique perspective as an autistic adult raising a child with autism. Eileen and I discuss her childhood and the challenges she faced with undiagnosed autism. Later in adulthood, it was her son Charlie’s diagnosis that led her to seek her own. After Eileen was also diagnosed with ASD, she decided to create a network of support and guidance with her social media channels and started ‘The Autism Cafe’. Her openness to share the good and the bad (and not being afraid to speak up about controversial topics within the autism community!) really resonated with her followers- so much so that she recently published her first book! Eileen is a beautiful writer and ‘All Across The Spectrum’ dives deeper into her and Charlie’s story. I’m so inspired by Eileen and I’m thrilled to welcome her as a guest. I hope you enjoy listening!
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