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Author: University of Alabama at Birmingham

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POPulation Health Plug-In is a podcast series that highlights emerging public health topics and issues that affect population health. Produced by the UAB School of Public Health, this show interviews experts from academia, practitioners in the field, and alumni to delve deeper into a variety of health-related topics. The broadcast also raises awareness of the work community-based organizations do to improve population health and healthcare in our community and how the UAB School of Public Health partners with these organizations.
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Join us as we talk to University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Public Health alum Rosalind Robinson. Ms. Robinson graduated with a Master’s of Public Health degree in International Health and Epidemiology from the UAB SOPH in 2001. Rosalind has been a part of the organ and tissue donation community for more than 15 years. She currently holds the position of the Assistant Manager of the Family Care Coordinator Program at LifeLink of Georgia. LifeLink of Georgia is a non-profit community service organization dedicated to the recovery of life-saving and life-enhancing organs and tissue for transplantation therapy. More Information:
As most of America has been asked to stay at home during the COVID-19 pandemic and limit exposure to others, there is a group of people who cannot: the homeless. Ms. Carrie Leland, Executive Director of Pathways, joins us to talk about this vulnerable population during the pandemic and how a local shelter, Pathways, is able to safely provide housing, care, and food to this population.
Dr. Lisa McCormick, Associate Professor in the Department of Environmental Health Sciences and Associate Dean for Public Health Practice at the UAB School of Public Health talks about public health perspectives associated with plastic waste and the impact of COVID-19 on plastic pollution.
The Risk Underlying Rural Areas Longitudinal, or RURAL, Study aims to develop a better understanding of risk factors associated with high burdens of heart, lung, blood and sleep disorders in rural areas of Alabama, Kentucky, Louisiana and Mississippi.  Dr. Suzanne Judd, co-principal investigator of the RURAL Study, shares more about the mobile clinics being used to provide medical exams for study participants in rural counties of Alabama and the survey design process used in the RURAL Study. Learn more about the RURAL Study by visiting
Dr. Robinson earned a Masters of Public Health with a concentration in Maternal and Child Health from the UAB School of Public Health in 1998. In 2001, she began working for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, or HHS, and currently serves as the Deputy Executive Secretary of HHS. She has dedicated over 19 years of service to the Federal government. Learn more about her career and story since graduating from the School of Public Health!
2019 Novel Coronavirus

2019 Novel Coronavirus


Dr. Rachael Lee, an assistant professor in the UAB Division of Infectious Disease, joined our podcast to talk about what is currently known about the 2019 novel coronavirus.
Dr. Suzanne Judd, nutritional epidemiologist and professor in UAB’s School of Public Health’s Department of Biostatistics, joins us on this episode of the podcast to talk about risk factors associated with heart disease and ways to improve health outcomes as part of February's American Heart Month.
A GASP for Clean Air

A GASP for Clean Air


Michael Hansen, executive director of the Greater-Birmingham Alliance to Stop Pollution (GASP), joins us to discuss the organization’s mission to advance healthy air & environmental justice in the greater-Birmingham area through education, advocacy, and collaboration.
December is HIV/AIDS Awareness Month, and as part of raising awareness of the issue, Dr. Ana Belén Araúz, a physician specializing in Infectious  Diseases at Hospital Santo Tomas in Panama recently visited UAB. While she was here, we interviewed her to learn more about  HIV/AIDS testing, treatment, and care in her home country.
Listen in as Jeff Burrowes shares his story of how his career has evolved and lessons learned during his journey.
Carrie Leland, Executive Director of Pathways, joins us to discuss the organization’s mission of empowering women and children to end homelessness in Birmingham Alabama.
In the spring of 1978, when she was just 27 years old, Lois Gibbs discovered that her home and those of her neighbors in Love Canal were sitting next to 20,000 tons of toxic chemicals. Ms. Gibbs brought public attention to the environmental crisis in Love Canal. She helped organize the Love Canal Homeowners Association and after a 2 year struggle, her efforts led to the relocation of over 800 residents and forced the government and companies responsible for the toxic waste to clean up the area. Ms. Gibbs share lessons learned from Love Canal and her current work with the Center for Health, Environment and Justice.
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and for this month, we would like to highlight the work of Sowing the Seeds of Health, a unique community-based education program at the UAB Cancer Center led by Dr. Scarinci, Professor in the Division of Preventative Medicine at UAB and Associate Director for  Globalization and Cancer Disparities at the Comprehensive Cancer Center.
Dr. Susan Walley joins us  to discuss the recent outbreak of deaths and severe lung injury among  users of e-cigarettes and vaping products.
UAB’s Assistant Director of Historical Collections and University  Archivist sat down to share some of the historical connections and ties  between Alabama, UAB, and the Republic of Panama dating back over 100 years.
In this episode, we learn more about Alzheimer's and the work of Alzheimer's of Central Alabama from the organization's executive director, Miller Piggott.
Dr.  Michele Kong is the co-founder of KultureCity, a nonprofit that raises  not only awareness, but promotes a community-shifting acceptance of  children with autism. She is here to talk with us about rethinking accessibility and explain how  KultureCity is creating a community of acceptance and inclusion for all  individuals with unique disabilities.
One Health: The Intersection of Human Health, Animal and Environmental Health
A Brief History of Chemical Warfare Agents, Challenges in Response, and Lessons Learned.
The Flu Vaccine

The Flu Vaccine


Rachael Lee, MD, Assistant Professor in the UAB Division of Infectious Diseases, talks about the seasonal flu and flu pandemic.
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