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Learn the basic foundational elements to building your brand online and then growing your following. Quality vs. quantity is extremely important when building a reputable brand or business. #socialmedia #business #brand #digitalmarketing --- Support this podcast:
5 Ways To Be Happy

5 Ways To Be Happy


Today it's so important to preserve our mental health and take care of ourselves.  On today's episode I'm talking about simple effective ways to start helping yourself to feel better.  Tune in now!  #wellness #happy #mentalhealth #positivethoughts  --- Support this podcast:
Usage across social media has increased tremendously during the pandemic. New data trends are emerging showing where consumers are engaging. As new features such as social audio expand and get released onto other platforms, usage will increase and shift.  Facebook continues to see the most daily usage, according to the latest findings from Pew Research. Pew reports that YouTube and Facebook remain the most popular social apps, by a big margin, among US users. Pew's data also shows that 40% of US adults are using Instagram, and around 30% are on Pinterest and LinkedIn, while TikTok is now being used by 21% of the population. Women continue to dominate Pinterest usage over men (46% vs.16%). Pandemic Statistic: During a March 2020 survey of social media users in the United States, 43.1 percent of respondents stated that if confined to their homes during the coronavirus, they would use Instagram more during that period. YouTube and Facebook were also popular social platforms that users were estimating to increase their usage during physical distancing at home.- Statista --- Support this podcast:
Learn the latest news coming up inside social media and digital transform trends. Today’s chat I’m focusing on social media features releasing onto other platforms like Facebook. Find out how social audio can help you and your business optimize. #digitalmedia #trends #audio --- Support this podcast:
“Did you know by 2022, it’s estimated podcast listening will grow to 132 million people in the US alone” — Statista’ —Tune in as I give a concise summary on the important elements on producing a successful podcast. Leave a review or comment. #podcast #itunes #anchor #spotify --- Support this podcast:
Clubhouse, Twitter Spaces, Facebook, Instagram are all racing to be the hot spot for audio.  Platforms like Clubhouse are dominating at the moment, but have their problems, Twitter Spaces is doing what other apps are not, which is talking directly to consumers through beta testing spaces and asking users for feedback. Amazing.  So you ask, how will this help my business? I feel this is an exciting time for digital and using social audio could have its advantages for marketing.  AMAs, Q & As, online events, interviews, education, product, media launches and many PR driven areas could accelerate how we use audio.  This is definitely an evolving topic because each week there are new releases it seems, so stay tuned!  #socialaudio #socialmedia #media #digitamedia  --- Support this podcast:
Listen to my latest podcast episode as I discuss the latest trends in social media marketing. Content marketing, audio apps, newsletters, distribution and influencer marketing top the conversation. #marketing #socialmedia #digitalmedia #influencermarketing --- Support this podcast:
Get the latest news on Twitter spaces, the pros and cons and how this compares to Clubhouse. Find out if this is a tool you can use for your brand or business. #Twitterspaces #Socialmedia --- Support this podcast:
Margaret Fontana Media Presents: An interview with Tina Delia. This Interior Designer is not easy to pigeonhole. With a BA in Psychology, a Juris Doctor in Law and a Masters of Science in Interior Architecture + Design, Tina is no stranger to the ideas of growth and change. Tina strives to develop an understanding of her clients and the spaces that are to be transformed for them. Tina’s previous working experiences have instilled in her dedication to excellence and insistence on forward thinking design. She takes inspiration from nature, art and sculpture and constantly draws upon her living experiences in Rome and travel experiences throughout the world.  It's not just about creating beautiful spaces for Tina.  It’s about touching the lives of people who live, work and walk through those spaces. To learn more about Tina's expertise visit: Find her on @Instagram here:  #design #interiordesign  --- Support this podcast:
Margaret Fontana Media Presents: An interview with Rob Thorp. Rob studied film and writing in NYC and attended Rutgers University where he received his degrees in English and Education.  His first feature film, The Dirty Thirty, which he directed and co-wrote, premiered in Asbury Park, NJ in the summer of 2016, and was contracted for digital distribution. His second feature film, Shark River, which Rob wrote and directed, is currently in post-production and slated for a 2021 release. His current film projects include, The Boy Roach, which recently won the Paris Play International Film Festival for best feature script and Gateway City: Last Chance, which has garnered numerous awards on the film festival circuit (New York Movie Awards, Indie X Film Fest, Florence Film Awards) on which he served as the film's director. A full-time writer and teacher, Rob resides on the Jersey shore.   More on Rucksack Films: Web-    Film Company Instagram:  Follow Rob on Instagram: --- Support this podcast:
All new episode of the Margaret Fontana Media Podcast Show. Today’s guest is Laura Chavez, an award winning producer and journalist. She began her broadcast career in Washington, DC as a reporter and producer for several local channels then moved into a role at a major network. During her time in news she covered landmark moments in history like the 2008 Inauguration of President Barack Obama, Hurricane Sandy, Shooting at the Navy Yard in Washington, DC, and many more. After 8 years, she transitioned out of news and into docu-series and branded content work for networks like Discovery, HGTV, FYI, A&E, Food Network and others. She has continued in both spaces focusing her work on storytelling for major nonprofits, like Childhelp and WeCOACH, while broadening her journalistic abilities with the "Matter of Fact with Soledad O'Brien's Listening Tour" and other lifestyle based docu-series. Most recently she joined Exit19 as a Managing Partner and their Executive Producer. She splits her time between Chicago and Washington, D.C. Learn more: --- Support this podcast:
Tune in as I discuss the latest new metrics monitoring trending discussions on Facebook and hashtag blocking on Instagram. #Instagram #Facebook #metrics #USelection #socialmedia  --- Support this podcast:
Learn about the latest features released by Instagram for live-streaming. --- Support this podcast:
1. Know your company's values and mission. Your style should reflect your brand guidelines if you have them. 2. Use images, photos that are also aligned with your brand style and colors. Quality vs. Quantity. 3. Research your audience, find out who your demographics are, what resonates with your audience, look back on your analytics and find out what your audience 'likes.' 4. Tell the Story - Humans ultimately want to connect with what they are seeing and ultimately feeling. Develop your authentic story, bring them with you, this can be achieved through great descriptive writing in your captions, using adjectives, behind the scenes video/ audio, and connective content. Be real. --- Support this podcast:
Knowing which social media platform to choose when developing your social media strategy is essential in growing a organic and authentic audience. Other areas to think about are producing quality content, being consistent and using relevant hashtags.  Find out which platform gets  you the most traffic.  --- Support this podcast:
Tune in as I discuss the latest news and features with TikTok, Instagram Reels, LinkedIn Stories, IGTV captions and more. Find out what’s next for digital 2021! --- Support this podcast:
Margaret Fontana Media Podcast Presents: An Interview with 'The Instagram Expert' Sue B. Zimmerman Sue B. is an insightful, energetic, and in-demand online marketing educator, influencer speaker, and a no-BS business coach. Sue B. is a popular CreativeLive Instructor and has been named by Huffington Post as one of the “Top 50 Must-Follow Women Entrepreneurs” as well as “The Top 50 Social Media Marketing Influencers” by TopRank Marketing , and “Top Female Business Influencers of 2019” by Fit Small Business. Sue’s blog was ranked as one of the Top 10 social media blogs in 2017 by Social Media Examiner. Whether she’s taking a global stage, or speaking at an industry conference, like Social Media Marketing World, or working one-on-one with her clients, Sue B. is driven to help business owners leverage the power of Instagram to meet (and exceed) their business goals. As a lifelong entrepreneur, Sue B. has over 30 years of business experience.  And, with her extensive knowledge and implementation of social media, it is Sue B.’s mission to teach, mentor, and empower others. Watch our insightful interview: 📺  #instagram #instagrammarketing #educator #womeninbusiness #rsgcommunity #instagramexpert #socialmediaexpert #digitalmarketing --- Support this podcast:
New! 𝐌𝐚𝐫𝐠𝐚𝐫𝐞𝐭 𝐅𝐨𝐧𝐭𝐚𝐧𝐚 𝐌𝐞𝐝𝐢𝐚 𝐏𝐫𝐞𝐬𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐬: 🎙Interview with CEO & Founder Sarah Evans. Sarah Evans, is the founder of Sevans Strategy and Sevans Digital PR, a digital PR strategist, consultant, global brand correspondent and keynote speaker, who works with companies worldwide to create and improve their social and digital PR strategies. Her team is able to advise on branding, marketing, advertising, and public relations. Additionally, Sarah has been a digital correspondent for several companies including Paypal, Cox Communications, MGM International, Cisco, SAP, Wal Mart, Shorty Awards and more... Sarah got her start by helping small to midsize businesses build their digital PR efforts. She is currently a member of the Forbes Agency Council Previously, Sarah worked with a Chicago-area crisis center to raise more than $161,000 in three weeks exclusively via social media, and is honored to be a member of the Guinness Book World Record holding #beatcancer team. --- Support this podcast:
⭐️Margaret Fontana Media Presents⭐️ New! Interview with Broadway Star, Singer, Songwriter & Actress Badia Farha Badia is a Broadway actress who played the role of Ms. Sheinkopf in School of Rock! She can also be seen on TV and Film including her latest role in the new CBS crime series FBI’s Most Wanted. She has performed in numerous Broadway Tours, Off-Broadway Shows, and other Musical Theatre Productions including Little Shop of Horrors, Sister Act The Musical, The Wiz and Rent to name a few. --- Support this podcast:
NEW! Margaret Fontana Media presents: Interview with Dawn Del Russo; On Air Expert and Entrepreneur Dawn Del Russo is an author and on-air TV style expert seen on Access Hollywood Live, Meredith Vieira, Extra TV, E News!, Glamour Mag Show Dress To Kill and in print Vogue Italia, InStyle, Cosmo, Real Simple, Life & Style and US Weekly. She is NY’s 95.5 PLJ resident “What to Wear Weather” girl in the mornings. Dawn is a social media sweetheart and can be found chatting about fashion, beauty, food and lifestyle her Youtube channel,Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook. --- Support this podcast:
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