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Life in the Front Office

Author: Jake Hirshman

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Life in the Front Office hosts Fred Claire, Andy Dolich, and Pat Gallagher, 3 sports business legends who have spent a combined 90+ years in a Front Office and over 140+ years working in sports. They join Host Jake Hirshman and their guests to bring insights and advice to many in the sports industry.
85 Episodes
SportsBizCamps Founders Patrick Stack, Sam Renaut, and Jeff Longo join Jake in the first ever LIVE podcast to talk about what SportsBizCamps is and how they are trying to help the industry!
Marshall Payne, Basketball Analytics, Sacramento Kings, dives into his career transition and multiple experiences after grad school in the game of basketball.
Brad Clement, Perfect Game CEO, joins Fred and Jake to talk about how the company got started, where youth baseball is heading, and how it’ll change lives more than just the game!
LOL with Bill Herenda, NBA Contributor
2019 Trailblazer of the Year, Jean Afterman, and AGM of the Yankees, dives into her role in baseball and how it’s changed over the years. We dive into the different aspects of working in baseball, and where the game is going.
The Impact of Sports with Former MLB and NBA President, Dennis Mannion dives into how sports organizations have evolved and the impact that arenas, players and people have on the communities and society as a whole.
2019 Trailblazer of the Year, Jean Afterman, and AGM of the Yankees, dives into her career path and journey as she reflects on her early interests in theatre. Pat and Jake dove into how her experiences have all built on each other!
Jake and Mark talked about being a Generalist or Specialist with Mark A. Hodgkin, EVP TicketSocket. Mark has experience across college athletics, and 3rd party vendors in sports!
Careers in Baseball with Terry Reynolds, President of the Florida State League. Fred Claire joins Terry and Jake to talk about his career spanning across minor league and Major League Baseball. We dive into how the game is changing and what you need to know if you are trying to get into the game.
Mike Pawlawski was a former professional QB across multiple leagues and has since created his own fly fishing show on TV as well as Elite Athletes TV. We dive into his career and how he’s gotten to where he is post his playing career.
Mindi Bach, Senior Director of Sports PR at Oracle, discusses storytelling and the evolution of storytelling, sports PR, media, and where the industry is going.
Ron Li dives into exploring the gaming world and international landscape based on his background and experiences. A great story and much to learn from his early journey through sports!
Corey Breton, CRO Legends Global Attractions, joined me to talk about his career path along with how he’s helping generate the next generation of leaders. We dive into the entertainment landscape of sports and how it’s expanding.
Matt Slatus, President of the FITTEAM Ballpark for the Nationals and Astros dives into Spring Training with us as we talk about his career path. Matt has a path that has taken him coast to coast, and we talk about why you should consider it, and what he’s learned from it.
The next 50 years in Sports with Rick Horrow
Grant Parr, Mental Performance Coach, and Founder of Gameface Performance shares his insights and advice for the mental side of competing in the front office. Not only does he work with olympians and athletes, but he works with executives as well. There are a lot of parallels in which we can draw from the field to the office!
Sell Yourself with Dan Butterly, MWC Senior Associate Commissioner
LIFE talk with Bruce Bowen

LIFE talk with Bruce Bowen


3x NBA Champ Bruce Bowen joined the podcast to talk about his career and career after sport thus far. He dives into his experiences at ESPN, in coaching, and his family!
What to do when the Lights go out with Frank Supovitz, former SVP of Events for the NFL dives into his career and the many moments of learning through his 14 SuperBowls. Frank stresses the important of adapting to change and teamwork.
Neil Davis, former CRO of the New Jersey Nets, former EVP of the Pac-12, and former Madison Square Garden exec dives into the sales process and all of the behind the scenes aspects of sales. There is a lot more to sales than just smiling and dialing. 
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