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Mothers Arising Podcast is the podcast Series for the intentional mom.
The series hosted by Oluseye Ashiru, founder of Mothers Arising Global Community discusses issues about motherhood, family, faith and life.

If you are a mom who needs support, encouragement and direction about your mom life, then you need to listen to our Mom podcast Series.

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99 Episodes
Can you have a blossoming career and a thriving motherhood experience?  How do you deal with redundancy, returning to work after a break, and thriving in your career?  In this episode of Mommy Chat with Oluseye, Mojisola Obazuaye shares with us on how to navigate the delicate balance of Career & Motherhood. To learn more about us, or submit your questions or comments, please visit our website at or email us at
Mothers Arising Podcast - Episode 97 Motherhood & Marriage: The Delicate Balance with Dr Megor on Mommy Chat with Oluseye Now you are married, what next?  Learn about the important things you can do to keep the flame burning in your home and marriage.  In this episode of Mommy chat with Oluseye, Dr Megor shares with us about how we can ensure that we deliberately cultivate and grow our marriage relationship with our husbands without neglecting our children.   Want to know how to walk the tight rope of marriage and motherhood?  Listen to this week's episode of Mothers Arising Podcast to know more. To find out more about me, please visit  Connect on Social Media on:  Instagram: Facebook:
Do you find yourself always so busy and overwhelmed, with not enough time to do the things you truly love?   Maybe it’s because you don’t know how to create a culture and lifestyle of rest for yourself.   On today’s Monday chat with Oluseye,  we take a deep dive into providing you with practical tools to ensure you keep your rest intact by prioritizing those things that truly matter.   Here are four tips to safeguard your priorities. To send us your comments, questions and suggestions, you can catch up with us at You can also visit our website at
Are you feeling tired, overwhelmed, and over-scheduled? On this podcast, we share tips on ways you can deliberately create a culture of rest in your life, every day. To learn more about our podcast and other resources, please visit
Growth & Productivity for Mothers with Nike Famojuro In this session, Oluseye Ashiru chats with a guest, and we share about growth and productivity tools for mothers with Nike Famojuro. She shares with us about the best way to develop systems and structures that work for our lives and for our growth journey as mothers. Do you want to know how to grow and use your time well?  Then listen to this week's podcast with Nike Famojuro. To connect with Nike, please reach out to her at To learn more about what we do or to reach out with a question, you can contact us by: Email: Website:
Make declarations about the next season and the next phase of your life as you step into all that God has in store for you.
Today, we prayed for our children about their natural talents and abilities.
Today we prayed that our children will have a sound mind and that their minds will be in alignment with God’s purpose for their lives.
In this episode we prayed for strength for our children. Join us to pray
Today we prayed for our children about tough times that they may go through on their journey of purpose.
Join us to pray for your child about perspective. To sign up to join the course please visit
Pray Your Child into Purpose Confessions Day 5 - Clarity of Purpose. Will you like to pray for your child that they understand the purpose of God for their lives? Then join us as we make these declarations concerning our children. Will you like to sign up for our PRAY YOUR CHILD INTO PURPOSE Course? Then sign up at this link
Today we prayed for our children to understand who they are in Christ Jesus. Do you want your child to know their identity and embrace who God has called them to be? Then join us as we make these declarations concerning our children. To sign up for the full course resources, you can sign up at
Pray Your Child into Purpose Day 3 - Mentors and Teachers. Join me today as we make prophetic declarations about our children concerning Mentors and Teachers that the Lord will bring into their lives. Will you like to pray for your child? Then join me as we pray together today. These prayer confessions are a part of the PRAY YOUR CHILD INTO PURPOSE Course. To sign up to be a part of the course please check it out at
Today we make declarations and pray for our children about strategic relationships that will move them ahead on the path of purpose. Will you like to pray for your child too? Then join us at
Pray Your Child into Purpose Day 1 - God Encounters. Today, we are praying for our children for God encounters that will move them along in their journey into God’s purpose. This is a 30-Day Prayer journey for parents who desire to pray for their children and propel them on to the path of purpose. This audio is one of the benefits you get when you sign up for the Online Course. You can sign up to join in at to get FULL ACCESS to the Online Course.
Whose responsibility is it to raise Godly children? You or the church? Join our conversation today as we share with you some tips on how you can begin to take responsibility for raising Godly children. To get access to resources mentioned on the podcast today, check out our blog at this link or send an email to We would love to hear from you about your intentional parenting journey.
Welcome again to Mompods with Oluseye. Today I want us to talk about how you can navigate your season of uncertainty with joy. I understand that this season is a season where there is a lot of uncertainty and anxiety surrounding our world because of the #COVID19. If we think about it, those things that defined people have been taken away from them. For some it is their job, their ability to provide for their families, the change in the way things were for them. And to be honest change can be scary! It’s going to take some time to navigate through the feelings coming at you. What are some ways you can navigate this season with joy? Join me as I share what is working for me in this season of life. Will you like to connect with me and share you story with me? Please connect at or on social media
Do you know how to teach your child about the significance of Easter? Are you having trouble explaining the Easter story to your child? Join me today as I share with you some ways to make the Easter experience real to your children.
How intimate do you want to be with Jesus? This story of Easter from Mary Magdalene and the other disciples gives us an insight into the kind of relationship that Jesus wants to have with us. What are your lessons from Easter? Have a beautiful Easter
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