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Get High On Motivation focuses on empowering listeners to create the desired life and business through inspiration, mindset transformation, and advice featuring interviews, with dynamic hostess, Mimi the Motivator. The goal is "get your mind, body and Spirit right!" by being 1% better everyday. Every show begins with a serving of Food for Thought, concluding with questions from listeners. Your favorite Motivator's favorite Motivator intends to transform their "Mess into a Message." Best self-development show and 30-minute investment available!
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Today's Food for Thought comes from Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach about what attracts us to others. Then we talk about the two biggest reasons you must be on the new Clubhouse app. We end with a letter from a listener who desires to make a 360-degree transformation in every area of life.  Join the I AM Sacred Collective this month for a Full moon circle brought to your living room, via Zoom. Moon Meditation Magic takes place on or before every Full Moon and it free and open to the public. You can expect to:Relax with a breathing resetHear what the stars and planets have in storeParticipate in a Guided MeditationGet a message from the TarotConclude with a powerful talk from the MotivatorWant to attend Podfest Global 2021 for FREE? Click here and use promo code: GHOM49.Support the show ($mimileut)
Are you getting tired of life not working out the way you planned and expected? Wondering why the Universe/God is picking on you? Today is the show for you. First, we talk about how to distract your mind. Then we end with an in-depth listener letter with a few requests. Do you have a question for the Motivator? Send her a DM or send a message at now.Get your Pofest Global ticket here. (Use promocode: GHOM49)Join @imotivate on Clubhouse Support the show ($mimileut)
Food for Thought today addresses the need for followers, a leader, and a friend. Then we have a conversation inspired by a Clubhouse Room. Have you ever wondered how to know if you should marry someone or not? Our listener letter is in regards to just that. Join the I AM Sacred Collective's Moon Meditation Magic this month on February 26, 2021. Ready to start your podcast? Try Buzzsprout by clicking here. (kickbacks support the show)Subscribe to Mimi's YouTube Channel for more inspiration and Ancient Technology.Find Mimi on Clubhouse >>> @imotivatewww.mimithemotivator.comSupport the show ($mimileut)
Join the I AM Sacred Collective for Moon Meditation Magic on or before every Full Moon live by clicking here. This month hear from:Miss Marilyn J, Host Goddess Meya the Culture Witch,  Astrology Report & Guided MeditationYour Spiritual Friend V, Tarot Reading Support the show ($mimileut)
Ajit Nawalka, the founder of Evercoach, suggests three things not to feel guilty for. Next, we roll into a fourth one to add to the list, from guest speaker Karen Scott. We end with Karen asking Mimi a growth question about organizing Get High On Motivation LIVE 2021: New Year, New You! Be sure to check out the replay to hear both Karen Scott and Mimi the Motivator. Register for Moon Meditation Magic with I AM Sacred Collective | Thursday, January 29, 2021 at 5:55 pm Central Time.Support the show ($mimileut)
Today we get a taste of what to expect from Diego Lujan, a returning presenter at this years annual event, Get High On Motivation LIVE 2021: New Year, New You! Diego is a transformed gang-banger turned super successful business owner. Our Food for Thought touches what is possible for you to achieve this year. We end with a conversation about branding and making an impact on the world. A must listen!Attend GHOM Live 2021: New Year, New You! (Online event)Subscribe to Mimi the Motivator's YouTube ChannelConnect on Instagram to win luggage set!Join Mimi's Mailing ListStart your own podcast wit BuzzsproutSupport the show ($mimileut)
Today we have COVID survivor, Vivian Cobb, sharing a sneak peek of what to expect on screen, at Get High On Motivation LIVE 2021: New Year New You.  But first, we talk about how procrastination is like masturbation. Last we have a letter from a listener who is on a Spiritual journey and her husband is getting in the way. Send your questions at to be answered on an upcoming show.Click here to attend GHOM Live 2021 New Year, New YouSee the video-recording of today's interview on Mimi's YouTube ChannelLearn more about upcoming events here.Support the show ($mimileut)
In this episode we kickoff with our Food for Thought with what is difficult, what is easy and for who. Then we discuss the three C's that are essential for success in 2021. Today a listener writes in with wanting stop doing what is holding her back. Are you ready to drop some bad habits? Are you ready to live by design? This is the show for you.Sign up for Speak With Confidence: Use Your Voice To Get What you Want, an 8-week immersion course to transform your personal and professional life, your finances and relationships. Connect with Mimi at or on Instagram.Subscribe to Mimi the Motivator's YouTube ChannelCheck out Upcoming EventsSupport the show:via Cashappvia PaypalSupport the show ($mimileut)
Are you wondering how to take control of your life? Do you want to know the secret sauce for success? Can you relate to having a grown man glued to the couch? If any of that interest you, this is the episode for you!Vendor ApplicationSpeaker SubmissionsSupport the show ($mimileut)
Join the I Am Sacred Collective to get connected, be empowered and healed. Let's counter the chaos happening in our minds and throughout the world, by tapping into our inner Universe. I AM Sacred Collective is a destination, opportunity and experience for Spiritual warriors, energy workers and the spiritually-curious, to connect, be empowered and healed. Get ready for a LIVE call (vis Zoom) where you can expect to:Begin to relax with an energy resetReceive a live astrological update, from Goddess MeyaRejuvenate with a short guided meditationGet a glimpse of what to expect, from the TarotConclude with an empowering message from Mimi the Motivator.The promise is that you will hang up feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and ready!Dial into this spiritual activation taking place on or before every Full Moon at 5:55pm Central Time /4:55 MT/6:55 ET. (adjust for your timezone)This is a donation-based event. Love offerings (donations), of any and all amounts are graciously accepted and appreciated to support this experience. Support the show ($mimileut)
Do you desire more happiness? Would you like to see 2021 be better than 2020? Are you ready to change your life, business or finances? Today is your lucky day. Listen in and love it. Send your questions in at and we will see you nest week!For Winter Solstice Replay, click here. Follow Mimi on InstagramRSVP  for Moon Mediation Magic, a LIVE Full Moon experience. Need a confidence boost? Want to improve your power of influence? Register for the Speak with Confidence: Use Your Voice to Ge What You Want, an 8-week immersion to remove fear, filler words and self-defeating verbiage.Support the show ($mimileut)
Here is an excerpt from The Ultimate Winter Solstice, including Significance of Solstice, Grand Conjunction, & YuleAstrology reportBurning CeremonyGuided MeditationNew Intention Setting ExerciseTo get the full hour-long experience of this phenomenal, life shifting event, head over to Mimi the Motivator's YouTube channel. Thank you for being here. Sending you love and light.  Support the show ($mimileut)
Is there something that is important to you that you think you would eventually do? Can you recognize the difference between a gold digger and a goal digger, man or woman? Are you wondering how to meditate? If you said yes to any of these questions, listen to today's show. If not, listen anyways. You'll get at least one gold nugget to apply to your life. RSVP for Ultimate Winter Solstice Day Celebration. Send your questions in at Register for Speak with Confidence: Use Your Voice To Get What You WantSupport the show ($mimileut)
How big is your belief? Do you know or have what it takes to get out of this current jungle 2020 has created? What if your teenage son is LBGTQ? Find out why it matters on today's show. If you are ready to elevate your confidence in yourself, conversation and presentations, claim your spot for Speak With Confidence: Use Your Voice To Get What You Want.Support the show ($mimileut)
Our Food for Thought directly relates to the listener letter received for today's show. Do you admire people who do their own thing? Are you ready for better results in life? Today you will hear what you need to be 1% better in at least one area of your life. See you next week, and leave some feedback. Register for the Speak with Confidence: Use Your Voice to Get What You Want, an 8-week online course that will teach you how to master your life by mastering public speaking and interpersonal communication. Get more details here. Send your questions to Mimi. Subscribe to the Mimi the Motivator YouTube ChannelSupport the show ($mimileut)
November marks the coming of the Beaver Moon. Listen in for the energy, Divine message and guided meditation this moon and lunar eclipse bring. This event is offered by the I AM Sacred Collective featuring Goddess Meya, host of the Culture Witch podcast and Mimi the Motivator.  RSVP for the next Moon Mediation Magic event here. If you enjoy the experience,please consider making a love offering via Paypal or Cashapp.Support the show ($mimileut)
Do you feel, or desire to be, different or from the rest of the world? Are you tired of the holiday shenanigans already? Do you know someone with older parents who don't take care of themselves? Just want a better life? Listen to this and every episode to become 1% better. Support the show ($mimileut)
The number one thing I learned from my mother's life and death, was to live! Today's episode gives clues of how to live your best life, starting with Food for Thought from J. Paul Getty, author if How to Get Rich. Ever have a stoner moment, where you have some super deep question? That is the source for today's letter, listened to the end to see if you can relate. Enjoy the show? Support via Cashapp or Paypal. Join the next Moon Mediation Magic event.Support the show ($mimileut)
Today's Food for Thought comes from Vice President Kamala Harris. Then we have a keynote from the Motivator about the one thing you can do to change the world. Have you wondered why old people act like cranky teenagers? Listen, share and subscribe! See you next week, or go to for more entertaining empowerment. Support the show ($mimileut)
How often do you make decisions by default? What do you do when new information is presented? And are you interested in some easy, cheap ways you can start saving money today? This is the episode for you. Share your feedback, questions and suggestions at, as well as get upcoming event details. Shop with The Righteous ToneStart your yoga training todaySupport the show ($mimileut)
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