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Get High On Motivation focuses on empowering listeners to create the desired life and business through inspiration, mindset transformation, and advice featuring interviews, with dynamic hostess, Mimi the Motivator. The goal is "get your mind, body and Spirit right!" by being 1% better everyday. Every show begins with a serving of Food for Thought, concluding with questions from listeners. Your favorite Motivator's favorite Motivator intends to transform their "Mess into a Message." Best self-development show and 30-minute investment available!
116 Episodes
Do you feel, or desire to be, different or from the rest of the world? Are you tired of the holiday shenanigans already? Do you know someone with older parents who don't take care of themselves? Just want a better life? Listen to this and every episode to become 1% better. Support the show ($mimileut)
The number one thing I learned from my mother's life and death, was to live! Today's episode gives clues of how to live your best life, starting with Food for Thought from J. Paul Getty, author if How to Get Rich. Ever have a stoner moment, where you have some super deep question? That is the source for today's letter, listened to the end to see if you can relate. Enjoy the show? Support via Cashapp or Paypal. Join the next Moon Mediation Magic event.Support the show ($mimileut)
Today's Food for Thought comes from Vice President Kamala Harris. Then we have a keynote from the Motivator about the one thing you can do to change the world. Have you wondered why old people act like cranky teenagers? Listen, share and subscribe! See you next week, or go to for more entertaining empowerment. Support the show ($mimileut)
How often do you make decisions by default? What do you do when new information is presented? And are you interested in some easy, cheap ways you can start saving money today? This is the episode for you. Share your feedback, questions and suggestions at, as well as get upcoming event details. Shop with The Righteous ToneStart your yoga training todaySupport the show ($mimileut)
Missed the I AM Sacred Collective's Moon Mediation Magic, a LIVE virtual healing experience? Here is the replay. The I AM Sacred Collective presents a donation-based offering featuring an astrology and tarot reading from Goddess Meya, host of the Culture Witch podcast and a guided meditation from your favorite motivator's favorite motivator, Mimi the Motivator. Join live next full moon, by clicking here. Support the show ($mimileut)
Today's guest, Dr Lauren Penn, is a holistic Chiropractor with a powerful message about purpose. Before we begin, Food for Thought comes from Emily Dickenson about what beauty is. And we conclude with a long letter from an angry father who is trying to do better. Send your questions in to be transformed from a Mess into a Message. Sign up for Moon Mediation Magic, a Full Moon experience sure to relax and rejuvenate you. For all things Mimi the Motivator, click here.Support the show ($mimileut)
Do you, or someone you know, flinch at the name or face of Trump? This episode may help you look at Donald Trump in a different light. If not, learn how to win in life and recognize more wins. Ready to start a podcast, click here to get started with Buzzsprout. Have a question for Mimi? Submit it here.Support the show ($mimileut)
Have you ever tried to use affirmations with no results? Have you ever encountered someone who is always mean and rude? Or are you just ready for the next level of success? This is the show for you, enjoy! When you are ready to create your own podcast, click here. Support the show ($mimileut)
Are you ready to be rich and wealthy? Do you feel like you are not getting the results you desire? Do you know someone who doesn't want to be a Christian anymore? Then you have tuned into the right show! Connect with Mimi outside of the show. Thanks for your support!Support the show ($mimileut)
According to Goddess Meya, I improperly identified P-Valley's Mississippi's relationship with her abuser, on Which Way Are You Going. This episode we discuss what counts as trauma and how bonds are created through it, from parent to spouse; how to build trust; and a listener wants to know how does Mimi "stay so skinny." To hear the Trauma Bond interview in its entirety, click here to get to Mimi's YouTube page. Remember to RSVP for the Moon Meditation Magic happening every Full Moon.Support the show ($mimileut)
Do you like roses, but hate the thorns? Are your trust issues surfacing in your relationships and experiences? Have you ever wondered what makes life meaningful? This is the show for you! Support the show ($mimileut)
Can you imagine being raised by woman with a story so powerful, that Taraji P Henson plays her character as the leading role? What about being raised by the first woman golf coach to lead an all male golf team to championship? Imagine being raised by a black woman, born in the 1940's in Mobile, Alabama. What if they were all the same woman? Here is my story about my grandparent, Dr Catana Starks.  Support the show ($mimileut)
Today's show is recorded roadside talking about applying our beliefs to our daily practice, choosing the direction from here. What have you been tolerating keeping you from what you desire? If you are ready to begin living healthy, get 3 things you can start doing today! Check out the September Full Moon Call from I AM Sacred Collective. Connect with Mimi the Motivator.  Support the show ($mimileut)
Having a toxic parental or authority figure growing up and/or as an adult can be damaging. Today we discuss how to recognize a toxic parent, why they are this way and what you should do if are in such a relationship. Also on the menu is where "great happiness" comes from and why men think sex is the solution to everything. Sign up for for the Art & Science of Healing here. Support the show ($mimileut)
Did you know your soul has a rhythm? Just as we have indicators and blindspots when driving, we have the same in living. What happens when we ignore the indicators? Are you aware of your blindspots? Get Mimi's response to Cardi B's WAP song, featuring Megan Thee Stallion. Sign up for How To Heal Your Root Chakra Using 7 Easy Ways. Check out upcoming virtual events.Support the show ($mimileut)
Do you really know the difference between what you need versus what you want? Do you have things you feel you "need to do. By the end of the conversation you should have learned something to assist you be more productive and fruitful. Do you feel like time is passing you by? Get some tips on parenting yourself and the children during the plandemic.  Try out Instacart by clicking here. (clicking link provides support for show)Support the show ($mimileut)
Are you tired of people running amuck in your life? Do you wish things were different? Listen to this show to get some insight on what's happening, why and what to do about it. A guy writes in about his sister's dead-beat-boyfriend. Food for Thought is about who's responsibility it is understanding what has been said. Show Brianne Smith some love for me. Now hit the button to not miss another show!Support the show ($mimileut)
This week the crazy, sexy, fool, Miss Marilyn J, takes over the first half the show, as hostess. It's Ahhh Yes Radio! She gets in Mimi's personal business. Then it's back to the Food for Thought and the Message for the day. We are talking about having peace like a brick house and why it's good to be selfish. Thank you for joining us!Ready to start your podcast? Click here now!Support the show ($mimileut)
What are you known for? Did you know one of the major differences between wealthy people and broke folks is having a mentor? And what is love really? These are the topics of today's show. Enjoy and share with your people!Join the mailing list and send your questions here. Support the show ($mimileut)
Do excuses have any value? What is the downside of being an entrepreneur? Is money and career more important than relationship and family? These questions are answered on this episode. Thank you for listening!See the latest events offered by MimiSupport the show ($mimileut)
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