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This is the premier, live, Late-night podcast experience following the @WrestlingSoup podcast, Thursday's, late night, on We discuss our existential escapades and dumbassery. And from time to time we manage to discuss wrestling, comics, sex, life and the above mentioned dumbassery. Featuring Dave Sincere, a.k.a. Papa Dave, Johny Florida, Michael C., Jenkins and a odd, moveable feast of talented drop-ins. We are very late night...very adult. You have been warned. Thanks for stopping by. We love ya people ;]]
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Reunited and it feels sooooo good! Sports fans, we're back with another NWA Power(rr) Review. This week Johny and Papa Dave are all over this week's episode, #6, titled "More Questions Than Answers". Enjoy!Website: www.WNC.worldSocial media: @WNCSouperParty, @TheWNCNetwork, and/wncnetworkListen, stream and download on your favorite app or platform. Check for availability w/ your provider or service/--- Support this podcast:
My MLW Fusion report returns after a needed hy-ate-us. Ep. 83 is stacked, smothered and covered. And a few hi-lights from the PPV Superfight last week. Enjoy!--- Support this podcast:
Back again with another exciting recap of pro wrestling TV's hottest new program, NWA Power(rr). Our own Papa Dave Sincere and returning champ Johny Florida cover this 5th episode of the show. Jump on in Sunshine!@TheWNCNetwork and/or and/or /wncsouperpartySupport us on this fine program and the WNCSP wherever you listen to or download your favorite podcasts. We're everywhere!--- Support this podcast:
In an episode messier than the floor of a taxi-cab, we kick-off w/ Johny and friend of the SP Anthony "Missionary" Thomas, talk a bit'o'NWA, Mish leaves, Papa Dave and Mike show up. What happens in the next few hours is hazy and obscured by our blinding artistry. The NWA Power(rr) review will be published seperately and may be at the end of this very show. I'm not sure anymore...fuk it! This is a wacky ride Sunshine! and @WNCSouperPartyApple Podcasts, Stitcher, TuneIn Radio, Spotify, Player.FM, Podcast Addict and many more apps and platforms.--- Support this podcast:
The classic is 1 year old this wee. So let's re-visit those thrilling days of yesteryear as your WNCSP Classics dept. presents...Johny Get Your Shovel or Southern Wisdom from Johny Florida!On  our most educational episode featuring special friend Anthony "The  Promise" Thomas of @WrestlingSoup, Johny teaches us the proper "english"  way to say garage (he's wrong). We also learn from Johny of the  Illuminati-like manipulations of southerners to be different (wrong  again). And somehow, Corvin pulled off being the only normal one. And  BTW, Vince is still the Devil, and Stephanie is his only begotten  Lillith.   Facebook: The WNC Wrestling Network   Twitter: @TheWNCShow @johnyflorida @SoupHeatCorvin @theDaveSincere  @WrestlingSoup  Support us on Patreon:  We Love ya People...Keep Coming Back ;]]Sponsorships: on for this episode--- Support this podcast:
Join your friend and mine Johny Florida and Papa Dave Sincere for ep. 4 of the NWA Power Tv review...Dealer Calls Again. Tune in for the freshest and most exciting program in pro wrestling today as recapped by your friends at the WNCN/WNCSPSupport us on us on and /wncnetwork@WNCSouperParty & @THEWNCNetworkwww.WNC.worldWe're on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, Podcast Addict, TuneIn Radio and many other apps and platforms. Check for availability of the WNCSP/WNCN --- Support this podcast:
In our most verbal-tastic episode of the NWA Power show, Johny and Papa Dave break down episode 3 of the most original TV wrestling show of the 21st century. Join us for the Fun! us on wherever you get your favorite podcasts. Check your app or platform for the WNCSP and the WNCN.--- Support this podcast:
What do you want. It is a very Seinfeldian episode of your WNCSP. Johny's a-talkin', Papa's a-listenin', and Mike needs to fire his so=called spiritual advisior 'cause that dumbass ain't a-helpin'!!! It's one for the ages Sunshine!BE WARNED...OBSCURE WRESTLING HEAVY...AWW HELL, JUST WRESTLING HEAVY. PEROID. Podcasts, Stitcher, TuneIn Radio, Podcast Addict, and sooooo many other apps and platforms. Check your provider for availability of your WNCSP.--- Support this podcast:
So Johny had this idea. Let's do a recap and review show about the most exciting new pro wrestling show out there now. And this is the result. Countless hours of research and contemplation to bring you a thorough and complete recap of the NWA Power show.This episode covers NWA Power #2 "Clickbait"Support us on or or @TheWNCNetwork--- Support this podcast:
Your newest episode of the WNCSP is so chocked-full-o-goodness, it tastes like a banana split podcast w/ extra nuts and whopped cream! Our own Johny Florida, Mike Andolini and Papa Dave give a 2 hour clinic on the fine art of not-so-subtle dumbassery. Topics? We don't need no stinkin' topics (we did have a few though). And we were joined by the erstwhile Scott Greer of It's Pathetic w/ Scott & Ryyebread for a big finish. All-in-all Sunshine, it's Souper!Support us on or or/wncnetworkApple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, Player.FM, TuneIn Radio, Podcast Addict, and so many other app and providers. Check your favorite for availability of your WNCSP.--- Support this podcast:
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