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They're back and better than ever baby! Johny, Mike, Jenk? and a revolving crew of misfits and miscreants for your listening pleasure. Hang on tight Sunshine!
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103 Episodes
Our own Johny ??? and returning superstar Mucho Macho rip it up on subjects hot and spicy! Stay for the funny Sunshine! @TheWNCNetwork Available everywhere!!!
Back with an action-packed 2nd episode, Johny, Mike and Scott Greer Cover the world, kind of ya know. Great stories and fun. Dig It Sunshine! @TheWNCNetwork
The boys are back baby! Johny (Just Johny, like Cher, but Johny) Mike and Mucho Macho chop it up on crazy, weird news from the world. It's fun, it's fresh, it's 'Crazy News Worldwide'. @theWNCnetwork
"If this is our end, what an end we should make it"-(random movie quote) Mike (confusion be thy name) Smith, the great Mucho Macho, Scott from It's Pathetic w/ Scott & Ryyebread, and Sky Genie joined along for the final? fun. Papa Dave said adios' and that's that savages. It's a final sundown Sunshine! Available where your favorite podcasts are found! Bye! 
In what became the goodbye episode for our hero Johny Florida, your WNCSP, unless miracles, signs and wonders happen, might just be going forth into the deep, deep cult underground of podcast history. This one helped send 'ol Papa Dave to the ER. No shit. A lot of rasslin' talk. The doc's on Undertaker and Owen hart were discussed, in detail. and Bret is a mark for himself. Sunshine, this is your (possibly, nearly final) WNCSP at it loquacious best. Tune in next week for more information. Your WNCSP is available wherever podcast are served. Check your app or provider for the WNCSP Adios' amigo's???
In this spectacular episode of your WNCSP, Mike (confusion be thy name) Smith, Scott Greer and The mighty presence of Phil the Promoter filled and thrilled the people with joy in rapt anticipation until Papa Dave showed up and the show went...on. It was a fun-filled night Sunshine! @TheDaveSincere or @TheWNCNetwork Available wherever your favorite podcast are found. Check your app or provider for the WNCSP.
In our most deity-reffic episode of your WNCSP, we learn Luke Birch of TCP fame is the Lord. Along for this wild ride is Mike, myself, Phil and Sky Genie.  Jump in and get neck-deep Sunshine! @TheWNCNetwork Available where all fine podcasts are available. Check w/ your app or provider.
In a positively Dickensian episode of your WNCSP, we give you practically 2, count em', 2 shows in one packed WNCSP. Jenkins and returning hero Johny Florida discuss the recent firings at WWE and comment on an upcoming PPV. Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch, around hour 2 Papa Dave and Mike "Confusion Be Thy name" Smith join in for some typical SP hi-jinks! And Johny reads form his sex diary. Why you may ask did you save that for the end? Sunshine, listen and learn why. @TheWNCNetwork Find the WNCSP wherever fine podcast are heard. Check your app or service.
In an episode of your WNCSP literally DRIPPING w/ wrestling analysis, your host for the night, Mike (CBTN) Smith and returning cool dude Mucho Macho rip it up on the recent WWE releases and the recent WM. Papa Dave came in midway through and added nothing. That is until Mucho brought up Papa's fav wrestling show, MLW. We tore it up and left it for dead Sunshine. No shit. @TheDaveSincere @The WNCNetwork Facebook/wncsouperparty Everywhere fine podcasts are found. Check w/ your provider or app for the WNCSP.
In an episode of your WNCSP that can only be percieved as 700Club level inspirational, the "Originalest" WNC alum, Jenkins returns to educate, inspire and laugh with us. Papa Dave, Mike (confusion be Thy Name) Smith, and Luke Birch are along for the festivities. And in what may be the WNCSP's most provocative moments ever, Papa Dave yells at Mike. And it was tremendous! So saddle-up Sunshine and let's ride! @thedavesincere (WNCSP Official Twitter) @thewncnetwork (Mike) @WNC_Jenkins Apple Podcasts, Spotify, iHeart Radio, TuneIn, Stitcher and so many more. Check your app or provider for the WNCSP!
In this most Hee-Haw-esque episode of your WNCSP. we learn Johny Florida is a tool. But he's our tool so back-off! And topics, we don't need no stinkin' topics...we got Johny! Papa Dave and Mike were there as Johny's beard. it's goofy podcasting at it's finest Sunshine! @thewncnetwork @thedavesincere Available wherever you find your favorite podcasts. Check your provider or app for the WNCSP!
Land-a-goshin' people di we have a party on this edition of your WNCSP. The usual suspects were here, Papa Dave, Mike (confusion be thy name) Smith, and, as we were #JohnyFree, luke doing our tech. We began with our usual shenanigans, and then as if the pod-gods smiled on us, old friends Scott Greer of It's Pathetic w/ Scott & Ryyebread jump in along with resident wrestling raconteur, Mucho Macho! #AEW #WWE and other stuff were discussed. Our Mucho is an amazing,insightful commentator.  You'll love the flow Sunshine! @WNCSouperParty Your WNCSP is available on all popular apps and platforms. Check your favorite provider for the WNCSP!
What A Night!!! In a most unhinged episode of your WNCSP, Papa Dave gets emotional, in a funny, yell-y kinda way. Our Johny Florida gets statistical, while Mike (Confusion Be Thy Name) Smith. was almost the normal one. This is podcast roller-coastering at it bestest Sunshine @WNCSouperParty Find this and all of the WNCSP episodes wherever fine podcasts are found. Check your app or streaming provider for availability. PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO HIT THAT LIKE/SUBSCRIBE/FAVORITE BUTTON ON YOUR FAVORITE APP!!! DO IT TODAY!!!
As though we belong slap-dab in the middle of it, your returning hero Johny Florida, Papa Dave and Mike talk America. Specifically the upcoming primaries and general election. Papa Dave luvs Bernie 4 Prez, Johny? Well we all know that story. And Mike was Mike. A bit of rasslin talk, Papa's tech was wonky and oh so much more (or less) on your WNCSP. A chicken in every pot Sunshine! @WNCSouperparty Stream and download wherever finer podcasts are found. Check your app or streaming provider for your WNCSP!
As I sat to write this intro, I meditated on last night's exciting episode of your WNCSP and, well, we had almost 3 hours of fun and laughs. No topics, laughs, and Papa Dave is his curmudgeonly self (whoopee). As always, Michael _____ and TCP's own Luke Birch are in the scrum. Podcast personalities Anthony "Missionary: Thomas and the Wookie join in for a real Hoot-n-nanny of a show. Don't say no Sunshine @WNCSouperParty Your WNCSP is available wherever you find your favorite shows. Check your app or provider for the WNCSP.
***WARNING***THIS EPISODE CAN BE HAZARDOUS TO YOUR LOVE LIFE*** In this episode of your WNCSP, Our returning hero Johny Florida shares himself with us all. Covering a plethera of subjects such as confidence, relationships, and how to talk to the object of your desires. Mike and Papa Dave listen with amazement. It's Johny at his jocular best. PLUS...a special bonus episode of Reality Check. Check your box for details Sunshine! @WNCSouperParty Find your WNCSP wherever you stream or download podcasts. Check your app or provider for availability of the WNCSP.
In an episode for the history books, Papa Dave, Mike _____, and special guest The Sky Genie w/ friend Luke Birch bring da funny. We had the oddest discussion about mannequins? i don't know why. Throw in a bit 'o NWA and MLW talk and it's mannequins for everybody Sunshine!!! PARTY!!! @WNCSouperParty Find the WNCSP on all of the favorite and popular apps and services. Check yours for availability.
My humble words are inadequate to describe this episode of your WNCSP. Hopefully you gentle listener will be able to decipher the miasma that is this episode. I know there was WNC title talk, and it all gets fuzzy after that (and I was sober) so listen and learn Sunshine! @WNCSouperParty and We're on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, iHeart radio, Spotify, Castbox, Podcast Addict and so many more apps and providers. Check w/ yours for the WNCSP!
Fellow NWA Power(rr) fans, this is the review/recap you've been waiting for. Listen as returning hero Johny Florida, Mike and Papa Dave cover ep. 15. Hear Papa Dave amazing take on the go-home episode before the Hard Times PPV. Man it's better than ice cream. partake and enjoy! BONUS***BONUS***BONUS...A special PPV predictions show right after the review. @theWNCNetwork Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, TuneIn Radio, Player.FM and so many more. Check your favorite app or service for availability.
In this most passionate episode of your WNCSP, we're #JohnyFree and swingin' in the breeze. Guests Sam and Luke wowed the live crowd and they'll wow you too! Papa Dave and Mike did their best to just get the hell outta the way. A thing of podcasting beauty Sunshine! Listen to The Transcontinental Project @TContinentalPro live every Tuesday at 9pm cst (US) and stream or download thru the WNC Network @Anchor.FM @WNCSouperParty @TheWNCNetwork The WNCSP is available for streaming and download wherever you find your favorite podcast. Check your app or service for the WNCSP!
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