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The Awakening Podcast

Author: Christopher Schulz

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Wake up become a Buddha. Learn to become enlightened. Learn about yourself, your surroundings what is going on with our planet and the spirit world.
8 Episodes
In this episode I discuss the benefits of you becoming awake and aware.Get more information like this at
In todays Episode I talk with my friend Indrek Stern about vipassana meditation and what awakening is like. Get more information like this at
Why do we have to pay to live on a planet that we were born on? That is the question I am going to address in this Episode. get more info at
Be Curious! That is the Motto of this Episode. Host Christopher Schulz aka Crystal Chris invites guest Dragos Folea after discovering that we share a similar journey.
In this Episode we are talking about the topic of death what happens after and the people mentioned in the title who recently passed.
In this Episode I talk about the system that has been created on our planet that controls peoples lifes.
What is enlightenment? What is awakening or waking up? We are going to discuss this in this episode which is an extract of a YouTube Video I made. find out more @
Story of my journey on discovering myself and others.
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you had me up to the point you started talking about an afterlife or something that when we die our spirit goes off into the atmosphere well there's no evidence for that energy doesn't automatically say a spirit that is eternal

Jan 16th
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