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Womb Centered Healing is a growing focus of healing arts practitioners who recognize the foundational importance of the womb. We all started out in our mother's wombs and were deeply influenced by our experiences there. Women and men all hold strong imprints and feelings in the womb space that often require much healing before we can become our full potential. Join me on this podcast as I discuss my own Womb Centered Healing offerings and interview a variety of people exploring this aspect of the healing journey. Photo credit: Nora Gonczi Support this podcast:
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In this episode I discuss my recent studies of Riane Eisler's books, The Chalice and the Blade and The Partnership Way and how healing it is to adopt the Partnership model of relating to our bodies and our wombs.--- Support this podcast:
This is the innaugural episode of the Womb Centered Healing Poetry Series in which I chant/sing a poem I wrote in continued devotion to the goddess Kali and as a new initiate to the Dragon Lineages of Feminine Creative Wisdom.--- Support this podcast:
In this episode, Karen Mitchell-Gyening and I discuss her journey of questioning many religious traditions and finding them to be unsupportive of her feminine sovereignty, ultimately realizing that the truest answers could only be found within.  She shares about teaching her children to listen to their dreams, honor their ancestors, and connect with their inner guidance.--- Support this podcast:
In this episode, Alexandra and I discuss her upcoming webinar and course on Menopause, how it transforms us into alignment with our soul purpose, and how we can prepare by listening to our womb wisdom--- Support this podcast:
In this episode, Hannah and I discuss the life generating power of Sacred Menstruation practices.--- Support this podcast:
Blood Love with Inka Linda

Blood Love with Inka Linda


In this episode, Inka shares about why reverential menstruation is so important for our evolution as a species and the development of her Blood Love online programs and community. --- Support this podcast:
In this episode I discuss the transition between unhealthy co-dependence based relationship and emotional patterns to vibrant and mutually beneficial interdependence.--- Support this podcast:
Bio-Mystical Womb Healing

Bio-Mystical Womb Healing


In this episode I share about my Bio-Mystical Womb healing work, the book I am writing about it, and the 9 moon online apprenticeship.  To learn more about this work, visit Support this podcast:
In this episode I share about how I felt called to make a flower essence kit with the flowers in my garden who were clamoring for me to help them share their wisdom with the world.  To schedule your free Flower Essence Reading with the oracle card deck I made for this kit, please visit my booking page: --- Support this podcast:
In this episode, Alexandra Grejada and I discuss her Curanderismo apprenticeship and how she weaves this together with Pelvic Steaming for all genders.  Alexandra offers this correction:   "The proper translation for my curanderismo school, Kalpulli Teocalli Ollin, is "Community Sacred House of Energy". Please except my apologies for confusing the nahuatl language. I meant no disrespect. "To learn more about her work, find her here:  --- Support this podcast:
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