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SNOcast, by SNO Sites, features conversations with journalism teachers, students, and working professionals, discussing journalism best practices, lessons from being in the field and everything in between. Hosted by Alex McNamee. Music by Vibe Mountain via the YouTube Audio Library.
15 Episodes
Alex calls on four student journalism superheroes raising the public awareness of vaping in their high schools. How do you tell your readers about the dangers of something with few facts and so many unknowns. Is the habit already out of control?  
Brian Higgins, adviser at Liberty High School, talks to Alex about why the SNO Distinguished Sites program matters, how it sets the table for future success, using it in the classroom, and why there should be a "Friday Night Lights" for Texas journalism.
Chris Grazier, journalism adviser at Cathedral Catholic High School, talks to Alex about the sensible, achievable ways he has recruited and marketed his journalism class, thus growing El Cid's publication staff. 
Jack Rintoul, editor-in-chief of The Kirkwood Call, talks about the publication's "Issues issue," which localized a broad set of national topics and news, bringing it closer to home for their readers.
Got summer plans? Catherine Cheney explains why high school juniors serious about journalism should consider the Al Neuharth Free Spirit and Journalism Conference, a week in D.C. with journalism nuts from every state in the U.S.
On location in Lansing, Mich., Alex talks to music journalist Gary Graff about why perspective and context is everything to a review, the most important details to dig for in a music feature, and a few of his favorite interview experiences ever.
Creepy and Unexplained

Creepy and Unexplained


Student journalist America Moreno discusses the origins of her developing series of columns, titled "Creepy and Unexplained," and the first unsolved case she researched.
Jonathan Peters, a media law professor at the University of Georgia and press freedom correspondent for the Columbia Journalism Review, reviews student press rights, specifically in covering an election, anonymous sources, and more.
National politics reporter Jessica Huseman calls to talk about covering elections — not candidates — to investigate the voter experience and the problems that keep them from the polls ... but she's covered campaigns, too, and has some advice for student journalists covering politics.
How to Start a Podcast

How to Start a Podcast


Alex reviews everything he's learned (so far) about starting a podcast, including finding a site to store it, using an editing software, recording remote interviews, writing scripts, and more.
Editors for The Daily Iowan, the student newspaper of the University of Iowa, recount covering the Mollie Tibbetts case, staying relevant when national media moved in and more.
Three design team leads who worked on The New York Times' revamped desktop homepage discuss the research that went into it, prototyping, creating sections to incorporate a wider variety of stories, how they're using bylines, and more.
MediaWise reporter Allison Graves calls in to talk about MediaWise's mission (3:43), Instagram (7:26), the climate of misinformation for teens (12:22), her favorite recent debunkings (30:40), and much more.
Journalism adviser Emily Smith, of Pittsburg (Kan.) High School, calls the podcast to discuss the common struggles of operating a news site at full capacity (2:11), the hard-to-overlook "fear of presentation" (6:10), the intimidating undertaking it appears to be (9:27), how change happened (12:01), and much more.
SNO Sites launches its new podcast by sitting down with former student newspaper editor Annabella Strathman for a discussion about successful staff structure, including what it looked like for her publication (7:52), what an "Other" page editor is (12:08), who answers to whom (14:50), the benefit of a beat reporting system (16:56), why separating print and online doesn't work (18:06), and what an editor-in-chief should be doing (20:44). Hosted by Alex McNamee. Music by Vibe Mountain via the YouTube Audio Library.
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