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This is the "OH Show" where we love to fill in the blank with the many life giving perspectives that reveal our conversations as a mother daughter duo!Theme song courtesy of: Erik Kramer
46 Episodes
We can tell that some are nervous for us. This beautiful new season for Tristin and her fiancé Josiah.  So where does that leave us as mother + daughter? You’ll definitely want to listen in on todays episode! Our relationship is rare, BUT God…
I am not going to give anymore’ll want to listen in on this episode as Tristin flies solo!
Our conversation was real and raw. A question came in directed toward Tristin about what “Spiritual Discipline” looked like for her. On today’s episode you’ll find out how she answered and the revelation of doing everything directed toward the Father God, just as Jesus did. He didn’t do anything for others first, however others benefited as Jesus did everything as unto the Father. Doing things as unto the LORD causes our awareness to God’s love in such a way that we don’t place expectations on people that they will never be able to meet...just simply fixing our eyes and our gaze on the LORD!
While on Facebook, I made a post about Tristin's responses in these times of her healing process since the car accident. It is incredible how on September 9th to this moment of December 9th, the grace of God and Who He has been our world of awareness. We invite you to our conversation to hear the insight from which Trissy lives from. We believe you will be greatly encouraged. But not only encouraged, but also inspired to respond to the Father in the middle of your situation.Was the Lord preparing her for years? Yes. Even if you may not have held onto him before your moment of crisis, you can start right now; when you do this...don't be surprised by your eyes opening to His goodness as HE invites you to the depths of living you've never known
God is everything! Enough said. Come join us in our conversation as Trissy and I get to speak to one another about what we have learned about GOD  after the car accident.GOD is for us!
OH...THIS ONE THOUGH?! We had to end the recording as soon as we could! It was that revelatory!!!! You'll want to pray before you listen...and once you listen, please share it with those you love and those you know GOD so loves!www.LetsTalkStudio.comwww.ParisKeelea.comInstagram@OH_Podcast@Lets_Talk_Studio@ParisKeelea
On today's episode we share our homeschool experiences, what we learned in the process and more. We hope it's a helpful, yet light-hearted, encouraging podcast in this time we are living.Some other resources that we suggest after you listen is go visit Julie Lyles Carr, the author of, "Raising An Original." Julie is a an inspiring speaker, hilarious and yet incredibly inspiring woman who is a wife and mom of 8 children. She's definitely an expert! Feel free to let Julie know that "OH..." sent you...'s Website: can purchase Teresa's newly released book, Heavenly Wit by going to:
Waiting...when you think of waiting, is it a thought of delight or dread?On today's episode, Teresa and Tristin talk about GOD's beautiful purpose of the waiting and what she experienced this past weekend. This episode will definitely make you say, "OH..."We would love your feedback and if you enjoy our show, thank you for leaving a review!
On today's episode, Tristin flies solo on this mother + daughter podcast...and's a life changing one for sure! Are you ready for your heart to be forever changed by this amazing GOD that we cannot fathom? Yet at the same time HE is beyond near!
OH…this is a hang onto the edge of your seat kind of conversation with our special guest and dear friend, Rebecca Sunil. We would love to see your faces as you listen to the unfolding testimony of GOD’s loving faithfulness; that “morning by morning new mercies I see” kind of stuff. We know you will be encouraged and would love to get your feedback…to hear from you, simply email us at paris.Keelea71@gmail.comLet’s waste no time, go ahead and click the PLAY button, and let’s just say, you won’t be able to stop saying, “OH…GOD! YOU ARE FAITHFUL”!
Today's episode is a special one with Christa, an incredible guest and friend of Tristin's. This young woman has a testimony of receiving GOD's transforming love and forgiveness while becoming a young mom while still in high school. To hear her story of GOD's redeeming power, HIS amazing grace that empowers and how she's living this life in HIM while raising her precious daughter is nothing short of "OH WOW GOD!"You've got to listen in and hear this candid episode as you'll witness an unfolding story of GOD's amazing love in the midst. You will definitely be inspired to see GOD so powerfully in each of our lives as well; if and when we choose.
On today's episode, we have our first OH... podcast guests. Mac and Stu are incredible young men who are brothers, kicking off this series of GOD testimonies with us. We are so excited to share this episode with you, to not only give hope to those who are concerned for this generation, but to also reveal how they are graced to live in this time and hour. One of the great purposes in this episode is to show off GOD's love that compels each of us to come up higher! Show Notes:Introduction with Mac and Stu (00:41)- Tristin shares the vision behind this series and a summary of our series kick offMission (03:25)- Three things we want to accomplish in this podcast episodeFirst conversation question to Mac (04:36)- Was there a pivotal moment of your life in which you surrendered to GOD?Same questions to Stu (07:15)Second conversation question to Mac (08:45)What have you learned thus far in this life's journey and what misconceptions of GOD has God crushed in your life?Seeing conviction as an invitation (14:01)God's pointing out things in our lives that are blocking that communication with HIM. HE simply wants us to come to HIM. Same question to Stu (15:39)Nothing else matters; not what people say, what you did in the past, what grade you got on the report card; something you said that you regretted; in comparison to the Love of GOD, that's all that matters.Misconception that Stu had about GOD (16:46)In a way I thought God could tempt us and another one was is I found out that the devil doesn't know our thoughts.Mac's answer to the next question (17:10)What are three key things that you've learned in this last season or in your life's journey that you could share with our listeners:- It's not about us- GOD wants to Father us; HE wants to have relationship with us; HIS heart is to love us and care for us.- GOD never gives up on usStu's answer to the same question (22:30)- Nothing else matters but GOD's love for us- You're nervousness or embarrassment should never hold you back from doing GOD's work and helping others.- We need to be ALL IN Closing question with Stu and his answer (25:13)- In every season there are different scriptures/promises that GOD highlights for us to hold onto to stay in HIM. What scriptures have you held onto to be aware of GOD to go through the most pressing moments of your life?Mac also answers this closing question along with giving an insightful thought (26:54)- God said it has to be like this every day for the rest of your life. "It's not only a "have to", it's a "get to" and because its a "get to", you "have to"."Teresa's closing words of encouragement (28:39)This generation is graced to go through this time and we must remember that this generation's purpose especially is to overcome evil with good. 
OH...we are back at it again with a lot of laughter and banter as Tristin shares an, "It's A Miracle" story. You'll definitely want to click, the 'PLAY' button and share it with your friends, strangers and even family!
OH...WE'RE BACK! YES! It's been about a month since our last podcast episode. Since that time we got to reflect on these past few weeks of what GOD has revealed to us. Of course this episode has a few unedited moments that will leave you laughing with ENJOY and please feel free to share and if you haven't done so yet, please leave us a rating and review on our iTunes! We would love your encouraging feedback!
My daughter and I recorded our 32nd episode for this week titled, "Give And Take!" The title itself may have different meanings for whomever is reading it. However the point of the conversation was,No one can take what you're willing to give.To understand what our conversation was about, simply click 'PLAY' and join us and be a part of the conversation!You can be a part of the conversation by commenting or leaving a review on our iTunes!
It all started as we shared a couple things in light conversation as mother and daughter, that we were convicted on regarding those difficult moments when we wanted to lash back or get vengeance. The unfolding conversation that took place between us as a mother and daughter, it was insightful as we witnessed the Holy Spirit tangibly teach us things as we transparently shared via our podcast.It's crazy how we have the tools within us by God to overcome evil with good at every given moment. It's a choosing of victory as we feel the pride and the "itch" to want to be right that dies yet
OH... Tristin shares a Word that she received from the Lord for you! Will you accept the invitation?
OH...the beautiful shifting of mindset in so many areas of our lives. Coming up higher to see from GOD's eye view. We love this episode!Thank you for a rating and a review, it is so appreciated and helps with reaching more listeners.
Today’s episode is an eye opener as we discuss regrets and how to overcome. Not just overcoming regret from a place of “lack”, but from a pure heart with GOD.PLEASE NOTE: A couple of the regrets we address in our conversation may not be suitable for young children to hear. Thank you so much for your rates and reviews on iTunes, Stitcher and even Spotify. The more rates and reviews, the further our reach. We thank you in advance for sharing our podcast with others as well!If you have questions or even suggestions on topics that you would like us to cover; please direct message us via Instagram or you can contact us via email: LetsTalkTV74@gmail.comInstagram |  @OH_Podcast and @ParisKeelea
OH...Processing for sure! You catch especially Tristin talking and processing her angst with what she has been going through with herself and GOD. We hope you're able to walk away from this  episode with a since of desire for GOD like never before.
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