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Author: LaShanna Leonard Moore

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This radio podcast is dedicated to elevating life in every phase; health, wellness, relationship and overall well-being. From education to inspiration I am helping you to break through to the you God created you to be. Allow me to encourage you to think well and be well!

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34 Episodes
#RelationshipWellness NOPE! It’s not what you think, it’s deeper. Love, Men, Sexuality, Preparation, Mentality and Being Whole. You’ve Not heard it like this...let’s talk!
Moving from the art of dreaming to the act of doing requires a few steps. Let’s talk about it.
Yes it’s hard to be 100% toxin free but this episode is spilling the tea on how to get pretty close to it. Many diagnosis have an element of environmental toxin exposure; from home to outdoors. Take notes and start detoxing today!
Alright, this is an honest vulnerable one. No holy talk and no religious fluff. In this episode I dare to share dealing with anger with God. I challenge you in recognizing 3 things in particular. This is a part of the journey and we have to create space for this discussion so come on in.
Balancing the Blessings

Balancing the Blessings


Is it simple or frustrating? Do you know what your blessings are? Maybe they’re not being viewed as Blessings BUT they are your gifts indeed. In candid conversation with Princess Keisha Omilana we unlock the tools to managing blessings, passions and life changes. Listen in!
This is the episode that gives you permission to exhale and shrug your shoulders. When was the last time you just simply allowed yourself not to know what’s ahead or have an explanation to offer toward something that others may be expecting to hear? Well this episode shares why it’s important to stop knowing everything. Listen in!
We’re back with Season 3 and I’m kicking it off nice and easy (thanks Tina Turner!) This episode shares some gentle life reminders as we strive for the last stretch of 2019 but I don’t end without giving you a holistic bonus so stay with me to the end!
Most of us can agree that Medicine is management and not healing. With the same thought I want to propose to you that living WITH anxiety and depression is management as well. In this episode I’m sharing how you can OVERCOME the disease of anxiety and depression. Are you ready to walk through your darkness to get to the light? This episode is just for you. Listen in....
Yup “grace” is simply our word for the year. It’s our request, our need, our position and our quiet power. So this episode is challenging you from a grace perspective on how to care better for you. And guess who’s in the way of that? You. Ooops....listen in!
Fighting Fibroids & PCOS

Fighting Fibroids & PCOS


Separate but similar, fibroids and PCOS often go unexplained, mis-treated and even ignored. In this episode I am answering the what, why and hows of both diagnosis. It’s time to be back in the driver’s seat of your life. Do you need to connect with me on a deeper level for a consultation? I’d love to speak with you. Info is in these notes. In the meantime, headphones on volume up and listen in!
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