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This is a podcast about anything and everything I feel like talking about. A place to rant and say what's on my mind. Sometimes by himself, sometimes with a guest, but always real and raw.
66 Episodes
Trying something new and talking about my past week. Sharing stories and experiences in detail.  Follow me on Twitter: @Clintus Join our Discord server:
It's time to start looking for our next house and this weekend was our first time out looking. Here's how it went down.  Follow me on Twitter: @Clintus More about Clintus:
I love Twitter. It's my favorite social media platform and the one that I use the most. But it's also the one place that gives me anxiety and fear. We're going to talk about that. We're going to talk about the fear of being judged by my friends, and how I'm realizing who my actual friends are. It's going to get heavy, so buckle up.  Follow me on Twitter: @Clintus More info on me:
EP 053: The One With Kade

EP 053: The One With Kade


This week we sit down with my good friend Kade Dworkin to talk about our history together, both personally and professionally. We also talk about his latest business venture: Follow Kade on Twitter: @KadeDworkin Follow Clintus on Twitter: @Clintus
Do I love plants cause their green or do I love the color green cause it's the color of plants? This week we talk about my history with plants and my new found love for gardening.  Follow Clintus on Twitter: More about Clintus:
This week I talk about my recent trip to San Diego which sparked an idea to move there! But is it realistic?  Join our Discord server: Follow me on Twitter: @Clintus More info about Clintus:
This week, Chuck returns to discuss many things that touch a lot nerves these days. We go a bit further on certain topics than I've ever gone before online.  Follow Chuck on Twitter: @ChuckReynolds Get more of Clintus on his website:
I'm back baby and I'm pumped! In this episode I go over the past 3 months of highs and lows and extreme lows. Also, new episodes now every Monday morning.  Follow me on Twitter: @Clintus Text me a question using #podcast to 1-602-497-2046
This week I talk about the summer after I graduated High School and why it was so awesome and how it really foreshadowed who I would become.  Follow me on Twitter: @Clintus Check out my website for more:
EP 047: My Childhood

EP 047: My Childhood


By community request I'm talking about my childhood starting in elementary school all the way through high school.  Follow me on Twitter: @Clintus For all things Clintus, check out my website:
In this week's episode I talk about a theme that's popped up in my Twitch live streams the past couple of weeks: community and why it matters. Follow me on Twitter: @Clintus Check out my site:
Finally starting season 2 of the podcast and we're talking about 2020! Talking about the first few weeks and the plans for the year. Website: Twitter: Twitch: YouTube:
EP 042: 2019 Review

EP 042: 2019 Review


It's the end of 2019 and the end of Season 1 of the podcast. We discuss the highlights of the year and what goals I missed.  Follow me on Twitter: @Clintus More info at
I turned 38 and my family and my community spoiled me! Hear all the details in this week's episode.  Learn more about Clintus: Follow him on Twitter: @Clintus
I travel a lot. Most of the time it's for work/business, but sometimes it's just for fun with the family. In this episode I talk in detail about four weekends of adventures.  For more info about Clintus, check out his website: Follow him on Twitter: @Clintus
YouTube was recently sued $170 million for not being complaint with COPPA. Part of their settlement was to ensure that moving forward they are. So big changes are coming to the platform and to anyone making content "for kids".  YouTube's video on COPPA: Determining if your content is "made for kids": My YouTube channel:
This week I sit down with my friend McCarty to discuss his return to content creation and the switching of platforms.  Follow him on Twitter:
I'm joined by my friend True Vanguard to talk about Destiny 2 Shadowkeep and what it's like being a content creator and a father of two.  Check out TV's YouTube videos: Follow TV on Twitter: More about Clintus:
My good buddy Kevin joins us to talk about all the amazing things he has going on right now and how serendipity is a wonderful thing. Follow Kevin: Kings Coast Coffee:
In this episode I'm joined by my good friend Snaps who talks about how she's embraced a better mindset through meditation and how she's helping others do the same.  Check her out: Follow me on Twitter: @Clintus Everything else:
Comments (6)

Zachary Brossart

when did bryce start stream

Oct 28th

Raymond Flowers

I love these podcast and how you play pc

Dec 22nd

GriffithsGaming 2003

love these podcasts

Dec 21st

Salim Cobarrubias

I suck playing fortnite but I enjoy it.

Dec 18th

Cyborg Alpha-Nh

slideshows (with music) & video essays - for photography & youtube ; experiment -- have fun

Dec 15th

Cyborg Alpha-Nh

I'm a long time follower. I remember Sierra starting her channel. Youtube has always messed with algorithm kill the sub button, and now it's notification bell. My solution was bookmarks (or favorites). However I later migrated to a "tv guide" webpage for youtube. I'm glad your still around.

Dec 15th
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