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In this episode, we express our deep disappointment and frustration with TNT for releasing YET ANOTHER mobile game survey! Plus, a puzzling acquisition announcement, our reactions to the latest pet colors and outfits, and some quintessential fall items.
In this episode, we chat about the Steampunk Grundo, security updates, and the latest editorial. We've also got two listener emails - one that confirms the "Blue Pteri Theory" and another that shares some truly incredible Neopets PowerPoint presentations. Plus: ideas for future plushies, our childhood role models, and how Neopians really feel about Faerie's Hope! Links:StackPath Captchas Banning Neopians (Jellyneo)TNT Neoboards post re: blocking issueOfficial Data Breach NoticeNeopets Metaverse AlphaNeopets NFT Drama (Herdy's petpage)Neopian Times Editorial #968
We're back with an extra long episode! We discuss the new pet colors and outfits, including the controversial Toy Meerca, and give you an update on the data breach and (unfortunately) the Neopets Metaverse. Plus: we read listener mail (including a compelling argument about which Neopet is the #1 Millennial Pet) and talk about business simulation video games, a tough existential question, and more! Links:Dream Colors Directory Neopets Site Breach Update (Jellyneo)Neopets NFT Drama (Herdy's petpage)Neopets Metaverse LitepaperNeopets Metaverse AlphaHaseeKass petpage
In this episode, we spend the first 20 minutes discussing movies we've seen lately and birthday freebies (oops). Then we speed through the 5(!) most recent pet days before getting to the main topic - the Neopets data breach! We also have an intriguing business proposition, more user designs for pets, and a Neopets version of an iconic fanfic. Plus, we talk about which Muppet we're most like and rate our enclosures!Links:Neopian Times Editorial #965@neospac Twitter accountBlack & White Imaginarium (designs by user jaknsum1)Magical Chia Pop Project (designs by user pesticide)Neopets version of My Immortal (by user molentary) 
In this episode - after talking for about 20 minutes about what we've watched recently (including Baz Luhrmann's ELVIS), we cover the latest pet days and the exciting reveal of Mirsha Grelinek's girlfriend! Then we recap the final Altador Cup results and (lightly) dig into the surrounding controversy. Plus: some tasty user paintbrush ideas, talking about Neopets with your therapist, and condiments on mac and cheese?!?Links:Slug Monster (Jellyneo's Book of Ages)Neopian Times Editorial #963Island Builders Avatar Released (Jellyneo)Altador Cup Reddit post by u/neo_truthsNeopets NFT Drama (Herdy's petpage)Neopets at Comic Con (Jellyneo)Lemonade Pets (designs by user peanutbuttermilk)Hungry! Fast Food Pets (designs by user stratus365)Caption Contest #17 (Undersea kingdom)Caption Contest #10 (Lupe & Techos online)Caption Contest #26 (Chia & ghoul dancing)Caption Contest #33 (Blumaroo & Taelia in the snow)
Hello again, friends! We hope you've been taking care of yourselves and staying hydrated. We have a new episode for you with some hot Nimmo takes, an "Altador Cupdate", and some delightful listener emails. Plus: contenders for the "rawest image on Neopets", Gross Food that's not so gross, and Wheel of Monotony boyfriends!Links:Neopian Times Editorial #962The Progress Pride Flag"Raw Image" #1"Raw Image" #2"Raw Image" #3
This year's Altador Cup has officially begun, but neither of us are very excited about it. We bemoan the event's shortcomings, recap the latest pet days, and read some incredible listener emails. Plus: an update on Caroline's Scourge of the Lab Jellies journey!Links:Fountain of Pride petpage (LGBTQIA+ directory)"A Cry For Custard" petpage (Custard pet designs)
Episode 90: Birds With Arms

Episode 90: Birds With Arms


It's our Altador Cup kickoff episode, and boy, do we have a lot to say!! But first, we've got two equally important personal updates to share and (unfortunately) more Neopets Metaverse news to discuss. Plus: listener mail, unpopular movie opinions, and some inconsequential confessions!Links:Chanty's "Aquatic Neopets as Maraquan Colour" ProjectTNT Statement Regarding NFTsNeopets Metaverse: Early Preview TrailerNeopets NFT Drama (Herdy's petpage)Press release about Neopets cookbookDream Colors DirectoryAltador Cup teams as birds with arms
We've got a brand new episode for you, with our hot takes on the new pet colors, Neopian Times editorial highlights, and a recap of the charity art auction. Plus: a listener email takes us through the rollercoaster of DUCK trading, an important PSA about Flash games, and we reminisce about some favorite childhood books.Links:User designs for Toy petsLatest Neopian Times editorial (#960)Neopets Charity Auction (Jellyneo post)Fruit Machine avatar mockup
In this episode, we catch up on the latest "beta" update, various pet days, Festival of Neggs, select editorial questions, mysterious TikToks, and more! We've also got a bunch of listener emails about Flash games, paintbrush combos, the Darigan Lutari, a great Reddit thread, and a question that takes us on multiple tangents.Links:Neopets Beta Release NotesNeopian Times editorial #958Neopian Times editorial #959Faerie's Hope Enters Open Beta (Jellyneo)Digital Neopets Stickers Coming to Quidd (Jellyneo)Quidd Uses Neopets Brand to Promote Their Cryptocurrency (Jellyneo)Adoptables combining paintbrush colors (from Jess)Darigan Lutari designs (from Tigris)Neopets confessions thread (from Abby)
Episode 87: Lennies Georg

Episode 87: Lennies Georg


In this episode, we cover April Fools jokes, UC pet glitches, Neopets trading cards? Plus: the return of an old segment! Links:Customisation Glitches (Jellyneo article)DungDash announcementArticle about the Neopets TCG launchLatest Neopian Times editorial (#957)Scourge of the Lab Jellies (Jellyneo game guide)
In this episode, we recap Scorchio Day and Illusen Day happenings and talk about the Chomby in the room (aka the Tyrannian Chomby redesign). Unfortunately, we do have some updates on the Neopets Metaverse. On the other hand, we also have a couple nice featured items (for once), some creative ideas for 8-Bit pets, and an incredible email from Kirsten!Links:Chomby Day Update (Jellyneo)3D Visuals Sneak Peek (Neopets Metaverse)More Visual Sneak Peeks (Neopets Metaverse)User designs for 8-Bit pets
In this episode, we cover the new colors and outfits for Gelerts and Unis, a spicy question in the editorial, and some food-related boards posts. Plus: an avatar achievement, some delightful listener mail, and Hannah informs Caroline about a possible spider-pocalypse!**Arachnophobes - skip 13:15 to 16:45Links:Latest Neopian Times editorial (#955)Random Spontaneous Poetry SpecialUser designs for Toy pets
Episode 84: Rutki?

Episode 84: Rutki?


In this episode: our takes on a plethora of new pet colors & outfits, UC news in the Editorial, and not one, but TWO Neopets-themed Wordle games! Plus, we discuss an unexpectedly wholesome exchange on the boards, which Neopets are the easiest to forget about, and two truly horrifying items!Links:The Tenth Annual NeopiesLatest Neopian Times Editorial (Issue #954)Jordle (with Jordie!)WORDneoUser designs for Chia colors & wearables
In this episode, we cover Kacheek Day, Zafara Day, and the surprise return of the Neopies! We also discuss the mixed messages about game conversion coming from the Neopian Times editorial and how apparently the first gay character in Neopets canon will be appearing in...Island Builders? Plus, more on the Neopets Metaverse roadmap and an exciting Avatar Adventure!Links:TNT's Kacheek Day tweetLatest Neopian Times editorial (Issue #953)Jellyneo coverage of the Island Builders eventNeopets Metaverse Project TimelineNeopets Metaverse "Neo Year Resolution" postCoindesk article about Neopets MetaverseThe Scratchcard Kiosk Wocky
In this episode, we dig into the latest Neopian Times editorial and the shocking news that apparently no more games are being converted?!? We also discuss Funko Pops, Wordle, and our least favorite petpets. Plus, a listener blows our minds with their recent Neopets realization!
Episode 81: Jetsam Tank

Episode 81: Jetsam Tank


We regret to inform you that despite our best efforts, Jumpstart has released another match-3 game (sigh). Of course we cover the beta rollout of the game, as well as new Neopets merch and a small faerie-related controversy. Plus, we read listener mail, share our takes on the terrifying new Buzz color, weigh in on a debate about whether Aishas have fur, and more!Links:Scrapped Pets - Jellyneo's Book of AgesJellyneo post about Neopia Movie StudioSloth Appreciation Day tweetThe original image in an old Caption Contest Aisha Running GIFUser Design for Elderly Lenny
Happy New Year, Neostalgians! We're starting 2022 with a bang, discussing some memorable Advent Calendar moments, the release of purchasable pet slots in the NC Mall, and a shady survey from the Neopets Metaverse team. Plus, avatar updates and some new Neopets goals!Links:Neopets Fun ImagesAvatar Reset FAQ Burlap Kau Propaganda
In our "holiday" episode,  we present you with our hot takes on the egregious Steampunk Usul & the not-so-Stealthy Xweetok, some user ideas for avatars, and praise for the advent calendar. Plus, we discuss the new plushies and some festive featured items! Links:EZ Things TNT Can Do But For Some Reason Haven't Avatar IdeasBuddy Icon Avatars
This episode contains what is hopefully our last update on Neopets NFTs. We discuss how only about 20% of the original amount of NFTs were sold, how ugly and messed up the NFTs ended up looking, and some serious allegations from Dress to Impress. We also cover the new roadmap survey, the site's 22nd birthday, and the new plushies - including a mystery plushie that (post-recording) has been identified as a Royal Meepit (who knew)!Links:Herdy's petpage summarizing all the NFT drama Jellyneo update on 11/15Jellyneo update on 11/19NetDragon press releaseKotaku article about Neopets NFTsMoonrank site with the actual NFTs
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Becky Manry

15 minutes in and its all about horror movies not neopets I couldn't care less about spooky movies not worth my time to listen further

Nov 20th

Ashley Furman

Hello! New listener here. I get Cosmic Crisp apples from Aldi in Grove City, Pennsylvania. They're incredible! totally worth the hype! I don't get them weekly because they are more expensive than Gala. But a few times a month, delicious. Try them!

Feb 13th
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