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Three Secrets to having more energy and success in life!!   YES PLEASE!!   “If you want to save money you have to change your culture” - Dr Lisa   Where does your creative energy really come from?  Your ability to collaborate; to process and to take a global view; to be reflective and nurturing?  Where does that really come from?  Former Chemical and Gas phD, Dr Lisa Liszcz is a master in behavioral and educational psychology and has coached over 1000 professionals and consulted with numerous  Global  Fortune 500 companies. Lisa works with mid-career professional women who feel their careers or personal lives have stagnated or who've lost purpose and direction.  Lisa helps her clients discover and use their innate talents so that they gain more energy and clarity in their lives.    Take A Listen: :11     Hierarchy and Competitive environments :14     17% Mid Level female workers have VOLUNTARILY left jobs …  find out why :15     What is Feminine Energy - who has it and how to get it :18     Learn to Listen WITHOUT judgement :21     3 Secrets to Gaining More Energy and more Success   Find Dr. Lisa: Take Dr. Lisa’s Quiz: Want to be on the show?  Fill out this form and jump on our calendar for a pre-video screening call
If you have spent HUGE amounts of money on programs for  MINDSET, PRODUCTIVITY or MOTIVATION and they haven't worked...   OR… Your most recognized issues  are being UNORGANIZED, DISTRACTED, FORGETFUL, OVERWHELMED or  IRRATIONAL THINKING AND DECISION MAKING is difficult at best... There's GOOD NEWS!!  It's because you're in "Brain Brown-Out"®   AND today we have some unconventional tips for you,  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Time Stamps: 1:07  it’s not your fault 8:52  Your left brain listens only to words 13:50  Stress is not in your head! 18:57  Embodied Cognition 20:00  Pioneer of Stress 23:48  Stress Exercise Grab Paula’s Freebie - Free Results Accelerator™ Exploration session - You can find Paula - Want to be a Guest on The Erin Strayer Show?  Grab a mandatory pre-interview slot and see if it aligns with you!  This is a LIVE internet based TV interview with the podcast being a bonus! Want to Coach with Erin?  Jump on her calendar:
  There’s so much talk lately about your avatar…  your perfect or Ideal Client  and we all want to find them and more of them! Many of you are stuck in the same ole loop taking the “next best shinny course” that promises to deliver Some of you have no idea where to even start MOST of you wonder how in the world to tap into the perfect lingo that will convert the masses to buy your product or service! … Our guests..  Are Husband/wife team of creative insight and tech genius that specialize in finding and delivering the language of your avatar in the right manner in the right time!     They’re funny, insightful, and packed full of knowledge and this show will go over 30 minutes, so grab a pencil because  We’ve got a great show today! Free 15 Minute Avatar Review -  Direct to Client Attraction Mastery registration - Catherine and Barry Cohen - 
SHOW NOTES and Giveaways: 3 Strategies to Build the Bridge Between Parents and Teens When was the last time you saw your teen smile…really smile? Does he or she engage in life? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 2017 youth survey results: 32% of high school students experienced ongoing feelings of sadness or hopelessness. Michelle is a Teen Confidence Coach with a huge passion for strengthening the bond between parents and their teenage son or daughter. She gives unique strategies that can help your child rediscover what brings joy back to their life and a smile to their face. MORE ABOUT MICHELLE Michelle Mehta is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, Associate Certified Coach, and a Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner. She helps her clients find their truest version of themselves by feeling empowered and letting go of their limiting beliefs around love, worthiness, and belonging. She is an International Teen Confidence Coach, Mentor, and Speaker working with parents and their teenagers all over the world including the US,Canada, Nigeria, and India. MORE ABOUT THE SHOW THE KITCHEN TABLE CONVERSATION SHOW! Where Families Connect and Ripples Begin Hi My name is Cheryl Bassitt, Founder of Unstoppable Connections, International Best-Seller and Creator of the Award-Winning Unstoppable Family Tool kit.  I am also your host for this show, Kitchen Table Conversations as part of The Edge Network. Families tap into my 4 gifts and resources to create an unshakable, unbreakable connection built on trust.  You can discover more about the 4 Gifts and my work for connecting families by going to And, if you would like to be on the show or have an idea,you can go to This show will feature the fun stuff and the tough stuff and everything in between. It’s designed to ignite a conversation, strengthen your family and create a positive ripple in the world. The show also harnesses the energy of my 4th Gift, The Gift of Love.  We unwrap the GIFT OF LOVE by choosing to celebrate ourselves and others. It is with this intent, that we come to every show with an open heart and an open mind and a celebration of every guest who shares their expertise and passion.
How to BE Legendary with Randi Levin Randi gives her insight into live transition and being the legend of your life by maximizing the moment! Grab her free gift here: Now is Your New Next Leadership Challenge Free program found here: The Personal Success Accelerator System
Create an AUTO-Flow of Clients and Work LESS with Tammy Lane Grab Tammy's FREE FB Ad Template Guide  and then jump on her FREE 90 minute training!
Find Your Voice - Find Your POWER with Jane M Powers. Sales and speaking coach for over 30 years to over 100k+ in multiple different industries Jane shares her story and passion that success truly is about finding the POWER of your voice!
There's another Way to Overcome Chronic Pain with Jenny Harkleroad
Do That and Then Some  with Victoria Johnson
Shift Your Year With JUST ONE Word with Cindy Winn Allen-Stuckey
Spread Your Message - A Live Streamers Dream with Geige Vandentop Creator of STREAMYARD - a browser based live streaming platform for You Tube, FB and RTMP sites like Twitch and Mixer. You can check it out here:
No Decision is STILL a decision - with Francesca Kotomski
Feeding Your Family Well with Karey Martin
The Importance of Pre-Planning your Book with Delilah Cordova
Embrace the Mirror with Naomi Sodomin
Positively Prime Time with Juju Hook
From Less Than to More Than Enough with Victoria Johnson
Set up your business to scale and succeed with Laura Pendergast
Outsourcing 101 with Holly Upshaw
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