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The CrossAxed Method

Author: Rob Noy

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A podcast for CrossFit CrossAxed members and community, discussing training, nutrition and all things health.
41 Episodes
This week Rob chats to the owner of Again Faster in Australia about Again Faster, FitBox, and why we made the change from Wodify.
At the start of this week's episode we bring everyone up to speed with what is going on in the gym then we move on to discuss the overhaul of the Kids and Rookies Program.
Episode 39 - Navigating Christmas, Training and Rum Balls
Episode 38 - Open Prep

Episode 38 - Open Prep


This week we discuss getting ready for the 2021 CrossFit Open.
This week Leah and Belle catch up with some insights into who Belle is and where she is coming from.
This week we discuss training as you get older and how you might approach workouts when your body does not recover like it did when you were 20.
This week we discuss more of the survey results, how new coaches get experience and how we act on feedback.
This week we touch on some of the results from the survey, this will be the first of two episodes discussing what you guys think and how we plan on responding to some of the big callouts.
This week we meet Clay and talk all things from CrossFit to BJJ
This week we get to know Leah and talk about why she is on board at CrossAxed
Continuing on our journey of meeting our coaches a little better.. 
The first in our series of meeting the coaches of CrossFit CrossAxed & CrossFit Carina.
This week we wrap up our 4 part series on Nutrition. We discuss pre-packaged meals, how genetics play a part, and how often people are working hard and are not just "lucky".
This week we discuss the Zone Diet and answer some commonly heard questions.Zone meal information -
Episode 26 - Macros

Episode 26 - Macros


How to calculate macros without My Fitness PalFind protein requirement 1.5-2g a day4 cals per gram4 cals per gram of CHO9 cals per gram Fat7 cals per gram for alcoholUsing 80kg as an exampleLean mass x 1.5 (80x 1.5 = 120g) 120g = 480cal from protein, = 120g480cals fat / 9cals = 53.33g fat, 480/x = 30/10030x=480x10030x=4800/30x = 1600cal1600cal x .40 = 640cal cho /4 =160g
Episode 24 - 2 Morons

Episode 24 - 2 Morons


This week we reflect on what happened with the Coronavirus hitting us in Australia
This week I was fortunate to catch up with Matt Boyce from the Human Connection Project. We spoke mental health amongst many other things.
This week I sit down with Amy Goldstrom to discuss the role of hormones and how they affect training, recovery, mood and life in general.
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