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Author: Connor Fisher

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First Ever Question Time

First Ever Question Time


I answer some of the questions that you guys have asked me over on my own account. If you have a question that you would like me to answer in the future, submit it anonymously (or not) here:
Like all the best plans, I just stumbled into this one. I didn't have an idea for a podcast, just the desire to do one. And, according to the philosophy of today's subject, that's all you have to possess.
Thoughts on Scamming

Thoughts on Scamming


A few bad apples will ruin the barrel, every time. This one is unscripted and rambly since I'm trying something new. Topics touched on: scamming, BDSM, capitalism, human psychology, the nature of being alpha Subscribe to be notified of new podcasts and comment below so I can have some of that juicy feedback. Photo by Vijay Putra
Fetishist's Paradox

Fetishist's Paradox


When you compare yourself to others, strange things happen...
In this podcast, I open up and share my thoughts about the realm of online dating.
My Logo Explained

My Logo Explained


Ever wonder why I use the symbol that I do? Find out why in this podcast.
Tell the truth, or at least don't lie. Cover Picture:
Caught Off-Guard

Caught Off-Guard


What began as a simple trip to the mall ends in something much more...
How to be a sub.

How to be a sub.


Listen to Patriarch Connor's take on submission.
Your favorite asshole.
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