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Author: Edward Ryan

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Ed and Kim Ryan host Beach Talk Radio live every Saturday morning at 9:00 from Fort Myers Beach. Our goal is to inform residents about the latest beach news and entertain them with our sarcastic family humor.
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Resources from today's show for small businesses:www.sba.govGuestsSteven Philips - Certified Public Accountant ( him: or 239-247-8293Renee Jeffreys Heilwww.fmbwellnessproject.comfmbwellnnessproject@gmail.com30 day Yoga & Meditation online course starts Monday (859) 816-1124 for yoga, pilates, and fitness classes on Fort Myers Beach.
Pearl Street Band

Pearl Street Band


The Pearl Street Band
It's all about working through the coronavirus this episode
Steve and Leah talk up the local election. Todd Truax is running for Lee County Board. Karen Woodson from Friends of The Arts. John Koss tells us about Baby Sophia. Mayor Cereceda and Ray Sandelli talk about how the coronavirus is impacting the beach and the county.
Todd Truax is running for the district 3 seat on the Lee County Commission.
Political consultant Phil Nichols explains how PAC's work. Michael Velez tells us about the London Bay Homes Development, Calusa Waterkeeper Executive Director KC Schulberg talks Calusapalooza and Dan Allers makes one final push for Fort Myers Beach Town Council.
Dianne Clifton from The Lions Club to discuss the 62nd annual Shrimp Festival coming up march 14-15. Chris Wittman from the Fort Myers Beach Tarpon Hunters Club, Tom Torgeson makes a guest appearance and Leah Gregg and Steve Duello join Ed and Kim to discuss the local election.
The Pearl Street Band played three killer original songs, Shelly Williams filled us in on the Sunset Key concerts, Danielle Felton told us about the Health Fair at Bay Oakes and martin Le Blanc detailed his extensive code violations.
Forest Critser discusses his campaign for Fort Myers Beach Town Council. Lee County Commissioner Ray Sandelli addresses many questions beach residents have about the communication between the beach government and the county government.
Fort Myers Beach Town Council member Bruce Butcher is running for re-election. Here is our February 8, 2020 interview with Bruce.
Dr. Bill Mittsch discusses the February 20-21 Workshop on Wetlands Mitigating Harmful Algal Blooms in Naples. Town Council member Bruce Butcher discusses his platform for re-election.Guests: Dr. Bill Mitsch and Bruce Butcher.VIDEO: FULL SHOWFacebook: ( ( BUTCHER VIDEO INTERVIEWYouTube: ( FULL SHOW( ( BUTCHER AUDIO ONLY('s the link to register for the Wetlands Workshop on February 20-21 that Dr. Mitsch was talking about on the show ('s the link to register for High Rollin on The Beach which benefits the Beach School ( tickets to see Kylie Morgan & Jay Allen at The Cottage on February 29 here ( a cruise with Ft. Myers Tiki Tours ( work done at your hom, call Nicci ( You know where to go (
Town Council candidate Dan Allers tells the locals why they should vote for him. Issues he covered include: the Estero Blvd. lighting fiasco, Bay Oaks, public safety and much more.
Fire Chief Matt Loves discusses the FMB fire department organization, the new building site for station 31 and important non emergency services and programs.
Chief Love talks about the new fire house to be built by the old Topps building, as well as all about the services the FMB Fire Department provides. Dan Allers discusses his campaign for Town Council
Penny Jarrett and Ed Hood discuss the dune walkover at 5130 Estero Blvd. that has caused so much angst lately. At the 38 minute mark, Ed makes a proposal of $80,000 to the city. At 42 minutes out interview with Jim Atterholt begins.
Photographer Nathan Metcalf talks to Kim about his local pictures, Jan Flemming updates us on what's going on at the library and Bill Veach lays out his platform for Fort Myers Beach Town Council.
Bill Veach is running for Fort Myers Beach Town Council. He is one of seven candidates.
Renee Heil and Leslie Taylor talk up the benefits of Stream2Sea Suncreesn products and Ed interviews Fort Myers Beach Town Council candidate Dave Drumm
Dave Drumm is running for Fort Myers Beach Town Council in March. There are 7 candidates running for 3 open seats. Here is the video of our interview from our January 11 show to help you decide if Dave should get your vote.
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