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Dan talks about the devastation and rescue efforts on Fort Myers Beach.
Chris Crowley tells us why he's a big supporter of Denise Nystrom for Lee County School Board.  Charlie Green details the confusion about the referendum to elect the School Superintendent. Steve and Ed analyze the town council debate and budget public hearing.
Chief Martin returned to the show to talk to us about the 2022-2023 fire district budget, why the new fire house will be delayed, how his team trains for fires and emergency calls AND he shares his most embarrassing moment.
The Roar Offshore Team Returns to tell us all about the 2022 Roard Offshore Boat Race Championships October 6-8. And 10-year old Ella tells us all about her perfect scores at the Beach School and how she plans to win an Grammy, Oscar, Emmy and Tony awards.
Captain Noah Stewart, owner of Adventures in Paradise  played our speed round, told us about his biggest complainer and detailed how his boat tours are nearly perfect and finding the local dolphins.  The new Chef at The Whale Rhys Davis joined us to discuss the grand re-opening at the restaurant on October 1st and explained why he has perfect hair and hates unmelted cheese.
Bernard McGarvey gets us geared up for the 2023 Shrimp Festival, Jack Brzoza from SCCF talks turtles and Brendon Leslie fills us in on the latest gossip in the Republican/Conservative world.
Steve and Cindy Johnson joined Kim and Ed to discuss turtles, Estero Boulevard lighting, Bayside Park, the upcoming election and much much more. And, we play "How Much Do You Know About Your Spouse?"
Jim Huff for Congress, Angela Wright Chenaille for Lee County Board and Alyssa Lemay talks Drag Queen Bingo
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Joe Gambino is running for Lee County Board in the Republican primary against Mike Greenwell and John Albion. Eliza is a local with a lot of cool stories who brought prizes for our local trivia game. And, Annie Meehan detailed how she overcame big obstacles in her life.
John Albion is running for Lee County Board again. Dr. Traci Kohler is the new Beach School Principal. Michael Braun is leaving the News-Press after 17 years to take on a new role at WGCU.
We covered everything from the 1986 World Series to why he's running for the Lee County Board with former Boston Red Sox great Mike Greenwell. During the second half of our show, Fort Myers Beach resident Dave Crist joined us to tell us his story. The Dave is in need of a new kidney.
Ep. #226 - Cindy Banyai

Ep. #226 - Cindy Banyai


Cindy is running against Byron Donalds for Florida's 19th district in the House of Representatives. This past Saturday, we asked her about being arrested in DC, the Supreme Court abortion ruling, how she thinks Governor DeSantis is doing and much more, including our speed round of questions.
Ep. #224 Karen Woodson

Ep. #224 Karen Woodson


Town Council candidate Karen Woodson joins us for the full hour. She talks about her opponents in the race, the dune walkover, community policing, the town manager and much more. Plus she answers our speed round of questions about herself.
Melissa Rice from Sanibel joined us to talk about affordable housing. Former Judge Stephen McGuire from Naples about his new political thriller. And, Greg Von Krumreig, one of the new owners of The Whale.
Fort Myers Beach Town Council Patrick Romcoe returns for another round of questions and the owners of Captiva Spirits bring their own vodka for us to taste.
Ben Duval from Tunaskin had a special gift for us. Jeff and Kristen Stanko from Royal Scoop told us all about their great ice cream and fudge products. Fort Myers Beach Town Council candidate John King returned for another round of questions. Kim tries to force ice cream on Ed one day before a big race.
Today's show was short but packed a lot of punch. In fact Nan came ready with the insults for Ed. Kim and her funky math. Great summer programs at the library. And, Lauren gives us the skinny on the Big Carlos Pass kayak launch battle.
Monica Lynn joins us to talk about the dolphins. Louise Kowitch from Lovers Key lays out the Summer program for us at Lovers Key State Park. Ed addresses The Mayor calling voters the dregs of society.
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