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Being Counted

Being Counted


Since October 17 through December 7, 2019 is the Medicare Open Enrollment period, this is the perfect time to revisit a previous Podcast on Medicare. As a new Medicare recipient, I can tell you that Medicare has been the best part of retirement for me. And obtaining all of the information prior to signing up is key to making the most of this earned benefit. So, please take 30 minutes to listen to my additional comments and the repost of Demystifying Medicare with Medicare Broker, Tom Bay of Tom Bay and Associates. 
I did a podcast on Senior Migration in a previous episode, where I shared my research on how to find the best locations to spend retirement. The episode was only 30 minutes but the research took about a year!Well, we have zeroed in on the exact area where we will move - so the adventure begins! Since there are many seniors who are planning moves to warmer climes, to a lower cost of living or to live closer to grand kids, I decided to share our process.  Moving is comprised of many parts: Realtors, new home search, selling your home and the physical relocation. You may be assured that on this topic, the shear number of moves that I have under my belt more than qualifies me as a good resource on this topic!  If a move is imminent or just something that you are contemplating - this 30 minute podcast may be a worthwhile listen.
In this episode we are listening to Emmanuel Arnaud, the CEO of Home Exchange. I wanted to interview Emmanuel because the Home Exchange model opens up travel opportunities for retirees on a fixed income and for that matter, anyone on a budget regardless of their stage in life.  In this interview, I ask Emmanuel to expound on his belief that the concept of Home Exchange will become the next big thing in tourism. 
In this episode, we will learn about Vacation Property Partners, which is a website service that connects individuals interested in purchasing vacation property (vacation homes, boats, RV's, planes and even cars) with one other partner. Please note that this is not a timeshare or fractional ownership, this platform is designed for a two-party partnership.This is a revolutionary concept, in that it will change the way we approach vacation property ownership!
This is Episode 7, Part 1 on the Home Exchange program - www.homeexchange.comEpisode 7 is about Vacation Alternatives. I say alternatives - in that this will not be about your traditional hotel stay or vacation rental. This is Part 1  of a two-part series.  In this segment - Part 1, we describe the Home Exchange program in detail.
I am speaking with Dave Hopkins, a Kung Fu Master who will outline common sense tips for staying safe in a dangerous situation. Dave Hopkins is the owner of Dave Hopkins Kung Fu San Soo in Riverside, Ca.Visit his website at www.davehopkinskungfu.comPlease Note: This episode is not suitable for young children.
Where do you see yourself living in retirement? Whatever your dream, be sure to do your homework. In this episode, I will share my research and findings.
The main point of this episode is to drive home the fact that it is NEVER TOO LATE to make healthy lifestyle changes. My guest, Elaine, will provide insight regarding the benefits of exercise and nutrition, as it relates to the aging process,
Saving the Dinosaurs

Saving the Dinosaurs


I wanted to discover what if anything, employers were doing to retain the Dinosaurs (aka Baby Boomers) in the workforce. The research indicated a much more robust approach than what was described to me by the still-employed Baby Boomers that I interviewed.. Although these interviews differed from the research, the good news is that the Dinosaur still roams the workplace!
Welcome to Episode 2, where we hope to Demystify Medicare. There are several ways to enroll, you may do so online, visiting a Social Security Office, by calling a private insurance company like United Healthcare or Blue Shield, or using a Broker. After researching online, I discovered that I was totally LOST but was immediately FOUND the minute I called a Broker! He walked me through the Medicare Maze in minutes. Medicare is a great benefit, so MAKE THE MOST OF IT!
My guest, Bob Pasqua, a retired Captain from the LA County Fire Department will tell us how he had to adjust after facing his forced retirement at age 60. And how a life event, such as divorce can drastically alter your financial plan. We will hear what Bob did to "right his course"!
Since this is my first podcast, I will share a little background and let you know what you may expect from future podcasts.
Please stay tuned...

Please stay tuned...


This is my trailer which will highlight topics for upcoming episodes.
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