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Author: Larry Anderson

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My mission is to inspire creatives from across the spectrum of the arts, music and business to take the next step to fulfil their dreams, whether to be an art student, professional artist or make a serious breakthrough.
17 Episodes
I interviewed Richard owner of The Pancake Guys Food Truck ahead of them serving their tasty fayre outside the Brighton Fringe Music and Arts Night at St. Matthias Church on Saturday 26th June 2021 from 6:30pm. Doors open at 7:15. On top of that Richard has one of the most interesting back stories I have come across. We discuss international culture, how the creative, travel and hospitality sectors can innovate post covid. They’ve been serving the most scrumptious pancakes in East Sussex since 2020. Their menu offers a wide variety of Sweet and Savoury options. Besides traditional Sweet & Savoury Crêpes they also offer gorgeous Poffertjes - Dutch fluffy mini pancakes and Crêpedogs - A free range pork sausage rolled up in a savoury crêpe with all the regular hotdog toppings you can think of. Their pancakes can be made gluten free, dairy free, egg free and they also offer vegan options for all our pancakes. They believe in using sustainable, organic, free range and local products as much as possible and serving freshly cooked pancakes to our customers at a fair price. They care about the food we make and our people and do everything with a lot of love and a big smile on their faces!
Bringing their own unique blend of soul with funky undertones and gospel influences, ‘The Woodville’ band consist of core members singer/songwriter Charly Wood and guitarist/co-writer Luis. I interviewed ahead of the Brighton Fringe Music and Arts night taking place at St. Matthias Church, Ditchling Road, Five Ways, Brighton on Saturday 26th June 2021 (Covid safe) tickets available
In this episode I interview award winning film director and cinematographer, Pierre Deschamps. His work includes the feature documentary XV beyond the tryline about the 2015 world cup and Rugby the Lifeblood of New Zealand, co-produced with Canal Plus France. You can find him at
In this episode I interview Gareth Richards, who founded and recently launched his company Help With My Visa. I believe that this episode is important because building a sustainable business is often a barrier for innovators and creatives. We discuss a number of key topics such as the importance of being mentored as you build your business. We also reminisce about his trip to Silicon Valley and a process for creative problem solving called design thinking. According to design agency Ideo, design thinking "utilises elements from the designer's toolkit like empathy and experimentation to arrive at innovative solutions. By using design thinking, you make decisions based on what future customers really want instead of relying only on historical data or making risky bets based on instinct instead of evidence." Although, this episode is not a lesson, by this definition alone, hopefully you can see the value. So, enjoy and let me if you are a creative or innovator if you have done some follow up research into these tips and put them to work as you build your professional practice and business. Please like, comment and subscribe on Apple Podcasts or Follow on Spotify.
I have always been a lifelong learner, an information hound. Always asking questions; interviewing people and I love patterns and hidden stories. That's why I love documentaries especially about about the amazing and often unsung soul, jazz and funk artists of the late 1960s-early 1970s. I am not an expert, far from it; I just want to learn more. This is why I have started a series called 'Diggin' Docs: finding the soul of my early years.' In these shows I hope to achieve two things: find out more about the characters and stories behind the music documentaries of those genres and period of history and how documentaries can be told using different platforms. Who knows, it might be a success or not. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. This is episode #2 as episode #1 is an idea in development, so not for sharing right now. OK, enjoy and please subscribe on Apple Podcasts or follow me on Spotify.
In this episode Danny inspires us to explore the outer reaches of our collective imagination, challenge our assumptions about brands and current issues like COVID-19, to birth innovative solutions. His Shoreditch-based agency are constantly pushing boundaries to partner with clients "to build stronger relationships with the people they care about. You'll even hear about a project they are currently doing with the NHS and he lends his valuable insight to help creatives with their perspective on their values and how they can emerge from the lockdown. Enjoy and don't forget to subscribe on Apple Podcasts, comment and share it with your friends.
I met Dinesh at a Japanese expo just outside of Amsterdam on a freezing night in December 2019. I was wandering through and I came across a whole section where illustrators were sketching and showing off their incredible portfolios. With all that creativity on display I struck up a conversation with Dinesh. You can buy his work here:
I am passionate about getting behind the stories and motivations of the independent creatives that I meet as I go about my daily life. I interviewed Marco one of the proprietors of @hearthamsterdam. This was the first vegan restaurant in Amsterdam and it's full of surprises; it's also an art gallery and sells clothing and accessories, some of which are designed by one of the chef's! Listen out for who has eaten here. Enjoy this byte.
In this episode, I am very excited and privileged to present an interview I did with Adam Gee in 2019. Adam is a commissioning editor, currently working for the Red Bull Media House and previously worked for Little Dot Studios. Famously, he commissioned the multi-award-winning, multi-platform programme "Embarrassing Bodies". To be able to interview Adam was one of the main goals of producing Right Brain Stories, bearing in mind that he was won 5 Baftas, the last being for a short film called "Missed Call" made entirely on an iPhone 10. I believe that Adam is the perfect example of someone that loves the craft of making content, but clearly understands audiences and how to reach them in the 'new' world dominated by social media. Adam is a humourous and generous person, so I know you will be inspired and hopefully captivated by this lastest Right Brain Stories interview.    You will find Adam here: and
Based in the UK near Brighton, Mark Anderson offers career counselling and coaching programmes for adults and students both in the UK and internationally. Mark is a qualified Career Coach whose work has taken him as far as Eastern Europe and the USA. Since 2001 he has been helping individuals to find out how to choose a career, whether it’s at the start of their working life or in the middle. For his consultancy work in schools, Mark has also recently been awarded Youth Coach of the Year 2015 by the Coaching Academy, the largest Life Coach training organisation in Europe. His mission is to help individuals to know how to choose a career path that not only helps them to pay the bills but also a pathway that serves as a platform for them to truly express who they are, whilst empowering them to take control of their career.
Hey Right Brain Stories: in this eagerly awaited episode, I interview Bianca Best, Global Managing Director of Blink a new business division of Mediacom part of WPP, the media and advertising giant. We discuss how she is growing the business, mental health awareness at work, finding your own work life balance empathy in business and her earlier entrepreneurial success. Last time I looked her book, Flourish was at number 2 on the Amazon Best Sellers list...maybe its number 1 now!  Really great chat which could easily be on the digital culture change podcast too.  You can find Bianca here: I hope you enjoy my interview with Bianca Best on this episode of Right Brain Stories.
In this episode, Right Brain Stories interviews Brendan Staunton, copywriter from the advertising and business publishing industries. It’s an inspiring and well articulated delve into his recently revived music, creative practice and managing your mindset.
In The Back Room
Right Brain Stories- Charlotte Lovell, Costume and Keep Sake Designer
In this episode Right Brain Stories interviews London College of Fashion graduate Cathy Anderson. She takes us through her journey from her childhood in Bradford in her creative Irish family to her move to London in the 1980s to pursue her dreams
In the very first episode of Right Brain Stories, I interview Simon Roberts, international photographer and communicator. He has a sharp eye for a story and the relationship between people and their surroundings. He is very aware of his influences and how what he does inspires others.
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