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Paranormal 1: Future Ghosts

Author: Mike Grasso

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Interviews, discussion, and reviews of what's happening in the paranormal community. Support this podcast:
45 Episodes
Willow Creek Farm is not to be investigated, it is an experience! Hear about what is going on there, as well as the non-renewal of The Holzer Files that continued not only an amazing legacy, but a questionable new trend in TV shows. --- Support this podcast:
Welcome to Paranormal 1! This "premiere" episode is actually a replay of the first P1 interview that appeared on YouTube. We interview Michelle Lemire of the Midwest Ghost Society! --- Support this podcast:
This episode we bring you one of the best times we've had on this show! Tiyi recounts her amazing story as first told on Jim Harold's Campfire, and updates it with the tale of her return visit there just this past May! Even if you've heard the original story, hear what she recently experienced there as well as her ideas as to what may have been behind her terrifying encounter!  --- Support this podcast:
Steve and Mike discover a link in their topics involving the creation of legends and how they can manifest in real life! Then Josiah creeps us the F@!* out with an extremely gruesome and disturbing story involving hatchets, fire, and ice cream! Okay, maybe not so much of the ice cream, but it's possibly worse than stealing an old man's wheelchair! We're looking at you, Josiah... --- Support this podcast:
To everyone who waited for this episode, we ask "Why"? Whatever the answer, here we are with tales of a real killer car that may have been tamed by witches, giant flying beasts that steal children and deliver mail, plus a man who should never be allowed near sharp objects believes he can travel through time! --- Support this podcast:
The Future Ghosts are back, and we storm in with three new topics for you! We discuss the history and possible curse of Robert the Doll, a reboot of poltergeists, and the mystery of the Khamar-Daban Incident.  --- Support this podcast:
We roll out a new name but the content doesn't necessarily get any better! We discuss the Icelandic Yule Cat, Black Eyed Kids, and what does that line in the Christmas song about "scary ghost stories" really mean? --- Support this podcast:
We roll back in with another late one, but fans of Josiah must suffer with him! While he sits on the sidelines on probation, Steve presents the topic of the Estes Method used with a Spirit Box. Mike discussed the long history of the Bell Witch, which is actually a ghost. Josiah does actually have one small report, but you must listen carefully to catch it! --- Support this podcast:
Certain events in human history can be identified as pure evil. Tonight you will hear Josiah's firsthand account of one such occasion! If you thought the body count in Halloween Kills was tame, brace yourself for the horror of Josiah's malevolent past! Then Steve and Mike tell spooky stories. But Josiah's horrific account will make you want to curl up in a corner and cry yourself to sleep, hoping against hope that you can erase the memory from your mind before one day standing in judgement and explaining why you suffered yourself to listen to the entire story! Oh, and our scheduled special guest couldn't make it tonight, sorry!   --- Support this podcast:
Time travel is the topic today! Movies, ghosts, and real-life mysteries are tied to this idea, so we give it a spin!   --- Support this podcast:
Yeah, it's a little but late, but we're trying! As we move closer to Halloween, we return to our roots and bring out some topics that are in keeping with the season. Technically, all of the episodes do that, but this one is still free so enjoy! --- Support this podcast:
It's Mike's turn to share the paranormal road trip experience of Poasttown school following an investigation there with the Northern Illinois Crypto Research Society!  --- Support this podcast:
Welcome to the first part of a recap of out recent paranormal road trips! Steve and Josiah share their account of a trip to Missouri State Penitentiary! Was there actually a case of possession during their investigation? Listen to their report and find out! --- Support this podcast:
Can a haunted song really drive someone to take their own life? Listen to fid out... if you dare! Also a preview of The Sleepless Unrest film, and a special forces mission gone terribly wrong! --- Support this podcast:
Hold on to your seats, because the roof is coming off in this episode! We interview author both Joni Mayhan and Deanna Simpson! Hear our interview where we find out who is still haunting Deanna, what happened on the day of the book's release, and how the cats are doing!    --- Support this podcast:
Join us for the conclusion of our review of the first year podcasting as a team! Also, we make an announcement of an upcoming interview you will not want to miss! --- Support this podcast:
The first year of this current format is complete, and we review our year with you! We run through each episode, sharing recollections as well as new ideas about old topics. There was too much great stuff to fit into one show, so check back later for part 2! --- Support this podcast:
We speak to author, speaker, and legend-tripper Chad Lewis! He discusses his supernatural adventures and his newest book Supernatural Dares of the Midwest! --- Support this podcast:
Episode 28: Origin Stories

Episode 28: Origin Stories


Every hero has an origin story, and so do we! Josiah sets the bar pretty high, but Steve and Mike try to keep up with tales of what brought each of us into the paranormal field! What was your inspiration? Leave us a post on Facebook and share your story! --- Support this podcast:
This episode we speak with Cindy Heinen from the Society for Anomalous Studies as she discusses her article "Sustained Electronic Spirit Communication" as well as her experiences using VR-Ghostbox!  --- Support this podcast:
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