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Welcome to MentorShelly's DREAM Career Podcast where you get dynamic tools and and resources truly cultivate the career of your dreams. Support this podcast:
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Want to have the appropriate interview posture....start with being humble and grateful. It's important to realize how the non-verbal communication along with your overall attitude factors into your interview presence. Want to make sure you're ready for your next job interview? Work with me directly at or start off with getting prepared independently by going to podcast episode suggestions, go to Support this podcast:
Instead of waiting for career opportunities to come to you, you may want to go ahead and create opportunities for yourself in the form of starting your own business offering specialized or general services people need. Do you have a concrete plan to get that plan started? Let's work on it together by you going to Have general career questions or want to suggest career podcast show topics? Go to contact --- Support this podcast:
Feeling like your being underestimated and taken for granted on the job? Check out my career tools services at prepare your tools to market you. Need a complete overhaul of your resume? Go to Want to work with me directly to get a comprehensive career plan completed? Go to To connect with me, go to --- Support this podcast:
Every business has a culture associated with it, based on the attitude communicated from leadership & executives. If the business environment you're working is mentally toxic, then you may want reconsider your length of service there. Looking for help to make your #career transition & don't know where to start? Go to your career tools to make your transition out of the toxic environment by going to Want to suggest other career or job related issues? Leave your suggestions at or leave a comment below. --- Support this podcast:
In the course of your career, you will ultimately encountered the most "annoying" boss on the planet...grrr! Just thinking about my own experience makes me cringe....but they can be necessary fire to motivate you prepare & looking for other #career opportunities. If you're not quite ready & need help with preparing your #careertools, then check out my resource here at with me here at contact to make podcast episode suggestions or ask general career related questions. --- Support this podcast:
Every successful business has marketing tools working for them to generate leads which generate revenue for the business. Your resume is the one of the most important marketing tool in your career, so it should be doing its job to market you well. To get your #resume reviewed with suggestions to improve...go to If you need a completely redo or a new completed, go here to suggest the next career focused topic discussed on the podcast? Go here at contact.--- Support this podcast:
No one can create the #DreamCareer better than go for it! Career assessment I got from Funky Dineva's video is my DREAM Career Guide by going to with me or make podcast episode suggestions by going to preorders Support this podcast:
From the first time you applied for a career opportunities to the point where you receive a job offer, please remain professional. Your level of attention and response to detail may set you apart from the other candidates. If your next interview is making you nervous and you're looking for help? Schedule an interview coaching session with me by going to where I help you prepare for the #interview, what to say and ask during the interview and action steps to take after the interview. Want to connect with me? Please do so at --- Support this podcast:
At some point in your life, you will encounter situations, circumstances and people's opinions that you can to care or not care about. In your career and business endeavors, you'll run into the same thing. The career and business you decide to pursue should never be influenced by other people's opinions. It should be chosen based on what you truly want. Having trouble with your career choices? Use my FREE resource to help at to connect with me? Go here at --- Support this podcast:
In life, we all have challenges. How we handle those them is a testament to our character and determination. The way to navigate your career path should be no different. If you're not sure of how to improve your career & looking for help, go to Have career related questions? Ask me here at --- Support this podcast:
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