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Success Up Life with Dr. Candice McDonald

Author: Dr. Candice McDonald

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Think of the Success Up Podcast as your boost of caffeine to kickstart and help maintain your mission to conquer goals and tackle your bucket list! This podcast is for those at any point in their journey to happiness and success. It is designed to help keep you focused, provide encouragement and push you to be the best version of you!!!
11 Episodes
Today’s discussion covers the necessity and benefit of creating an army of professional allies to help you move to the next level. At the end of the episode you will be given a password to get a FREE PDF Professional Allies Brainstorming Worksheet. This worksheet was designed to help you identify and visualize your network of professional allies. Being able to document and visualize is an important part of successing up your life. #SuccessUpLife 
2019 is a blank page in your story. Choose carefully what characters and chapters you will include. Your ending depends on it! This episode will offer you 19 tips to be successful in 2019. These tips will also be available in a printable PDF that you can download to post as a daily reminder. The password to get that free resource will be shared during the podcast!   
Reflecting on the Past to Project the Future. On this episode we will explore how looking back can help you readjust your goals for 2019 and how to focus on what works for you. Towards the end of the episode, you will learn how you can download a free 2018 Reflections worksheet that you can print out and reflect on your own 2018. Think of this as your year end homework to prepare you for 2019! 
Join Dr. Candice McDonald for a discussion on Self-Care and why taking a timeout from certain things is good for your health. www.SuccessUpLife.Com @KSUCandice 
Episode 8: Join Dr. Candice McDonald to find out three reasons why you should NOT give up on your dreams and goals! The free goal planning tools to support this episode can be found at using the password mentioned in the podcast! 
On this show we talk about fighting time vampires to create time to do the things that make us happy and successful! Find out five tips for effective time management AND listen for the code to download FREE goal planning, daily to do lists and a time audit sheets!!!  
Episode Six focuses on breaking free from our past screw ups in life and learning how not to let your past crap get in the way of your future success and happiness! 
If you have never experienced bullying, or if you have never allowed the judgment or even just the fear of judgment from others get in your way, then celebrate that, because the majority of us have! This episode will challenge you to move past the fear of judgment to find success and happiness!
If you are sitting around waiting for your lucky break, you will be waiting for a long time! There is no magic leprechaun or wand that leads to success and happiness, the magic is inside of YOU! This episode will challenge you to think about what steps you are taking to grant your own wishes!
Battling Your Inner Critic

Battling Your Inner Critic


Are you standing in the way of being the best version of you? Many people struggle with negative self-talk. When our inner voice casts self-doubt and constant self-criticism, we lose the courage to seize new opportunities and conquer goals! This podcast was designed to help you reprogram that inner critic to a voice that propels you towards a life of happiness and success!!!
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