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A podcast about creators and their fascinating ways. Join us as we share tales of making life work for you.

Interviews and stories of ordinary people finding ways to live a life out of the ordinary.
13 Episodes
We have come to the end of our project, WeCreatePodcast. The idea was to publish 12 episodes filled with inspirational stories. Thank you for listening and joining us on the journey - it was great fun. In this episode, we share some of what we have learned​ and experienced over the past 12 + weeks.
Nichelle can burst into song at any time, she choreographs dances in her head, she is joyful, curious and I love the way she sees beauty in (most) things. For more about Nichelle and other WeCreatePodcast stories, check out our website
Jak Tomas cannot imagine a day without creating something. He has performed under many names. His stage names might change, but his passion and drive have​ been very consistent throughout the years.
Leon Pieters, the owner of Black Composites, is a maker and a creative in every sense of the word and a true craftsman at heart!
Excel spreadsheets and to-do lists for work formed good training for The Cloete family's adventure planning. 12 Hotspots in South Africa, 12 months to explore them. Listen as Rut shares how they plotted the idea, planned an adventure and took their business on the road.
Delightful, elegant and passionate are some of the words that come to mind when I think of Claire Keet, the beautiful mind behind the Sentiens Yoga Brand. A born entrepreneur, she has conceptualized, created and built Sentiens and Yoga Design Co. Visit our website for more info:
Nic Bladen, a dental technician by trade, shares how stumbling upon flowers and other flora on his path turned him into a passionate botanical sculptor and jewelry maker.
I spoke to Stephan about his debut album - EARLY, busking in London, studying and finding the little things that inspire you to live a creative life.
Nosipho writes scripts filled with drama and suspense, but her own story is one of hard work, staying focused, trying to keep a balance and knowing what is important - family, friends and good relationships. And being a nice person. Which she aces.
He is a photographer, journalist, and drone pilot specializing in urban, cultural, and social justice projects. Passionate. Driven. Creative - This is Johnny Miller.
Our chat with Alfred made us wiser; we discover where the name "Vuurtoring" comes from, learn that his passions for light and wine are very real and get a glimpse into what motivates him.
We are very excited to share with you Nadia’s story and vision and how she created TOMBi (a name derived from the Zulu word for girl, ntombi, and the English word tomboy) the DJ collective.
We decided to collect and publish stories of inspiring people we know. This is the introduction of wecreatepodcast. ENJOY!
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