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Welcome to Grace Family Church. We are reaching people, changing lives with the life-giving message of Jesus.
48 Episodes
Remember to tell your story, to your generation and the next, that you are not who you used to be.
Fire - distinguishes between the mere instrumentality of the water, and the spiritual element  where the child of the kingdom is baptized
Baptism is a symbol of Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection. It means we also have died to our old life and have been raised to live a new life with Jesus. 
"Change isn't change until it's change." - Dr. Edwin Louis Cole
You have been divinely shaped for relationships. Relationships, which may have been the greatest source of your fear and pain, are originally designed by God to be your greatest place of safety and joy. This is an example where if you don’t intentionally learn the truth, you will unintentionally believe a lie.
When a person experiences actual heart blockage, the heart will grow new blood vessels around a blocked one. Similarly, when we have “relational heart blockage”, we “grow” alternative and “unhealthy” ways to meet our needs. 
If the Corinthians are as keen as they seem to be on having the spirit work in and through them, the thing they ought to be longing for, praying for, and working towards is that they would all be able to do and say things which make the body of Christ work together in harmony and be built up in love.
Study > pray > seek God’s face > put it into practice, but by all means, stoke the fire .
But be zealous for the gifts - The GREATER GIFTS, And NOW BY A MORE EXCELLENT way I will show you. — (1 Corinthians 12:31)
The original intent of God's investment in humanity was not to establish a religion, but a nation of people who would love, serve, and honor God.
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