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I share my story of learning to become independent from others opinions and who I should be in their eyes! 33 was a powerful year! 📬 --- Support this podcast:
A funny story on my visit to a dispensery... and some insight on the upcoming conference Million Dollar Business Conference! Super exciting!!! 💌 --- Support this podcast:
Why our emotions get the best of us... what to do instead! ♥️ --- Support this podcast:
Business talk, sales talk, mission talk! All the things! Enjoy! --- Support this podcast:
All things Manifestations! Listen and learn! This is a powerful live, and I share 4 steps of Manifestation! --- Support this podcast:
Everything sales, rebuttals & how to close successfully in your business!! --- Support this podcast:
Okurrr, a very honest episode about doing what you love, start a business, write the book, start the podcast, no matter the haters, no matter the fear! --- Support this podcast:
Sharing a convo I had with a new client, why you should stop doing it all by yourself! --- Support this podcast:
Sharing 3 companies to help you build business credit!! --- Support this podcast:
💰😟How You're Leaving Thousands on the Table - Business Advice! Many of us don't know what to do after we've gotten the lead... This is normal. However, it's your job to learn, implement & execute a strategy in which you're able to gain profits from your current lead base, prospect list. Otherwise, you may as well not have a business! Listen and learn! --- Support this podcast:
206: Wrapping Up 2022!

206: Wrapping Up 2022!


What energetic work is required to clear energy of 2022, so that 2023 is amazing! --- Support this podcast:
Dive in for healing money blocks! --- Support this podcast:
Sharing insight on what business model works in 2023! Let's dive in! --- Support this podcast:
Sharing what life and business is right now, how our greece trip was, the wedding planning and being more Masculine over the course of 4 months. 💌: --- Support this podcast:
Sharing insight on how being compassion in your business attracts paying clients, an easy flow of growth and a supportive community! --- Support this podcast:
We talked about so many amazing topics around health, how important it is it get sleep, nutrition & she shares with you her story of body shaming. Listen to this amazing episode! @jane.wenning ➡️ to do a free health survey, assess out of which 4 pillars needs the most attention! --- Support this podcast:
200 episodes on my podcast is probably the craziest thing ever for Talks with Maria! Thank you so much for everyone who has been on this journey with me! My heart is full! Also, I make a huge announcement 🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️ --- Support this podcast:
Sharing the psychology behind the consumer, how to identify the 7 things people BUY! And use it towards your marketing efforts! --- Support this podcast:
Perfectionism the stopper of success! --- Support this podcast:
Mid-year check in, reflection on what works and what doesn't! --- Support this podcast:
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