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Viewfinder Vikings Podcast

Author: Svein Olav Humberset

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A brand new film photography podcast focusing mainly on ideas and projects. It will be both solo shows from host Sven and also interviews with guests. Hopefully the episodes can be at least one hour (at least the interviews) because thats the length i personally love when im driving.
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In this episode we have yet another chat with our very good friend David Allen, this time about the positives and negative sides of inkjet- and darkroom printing.  We also announce a HUGE giveaway, so dont hesitate to join!
Yet again David Allen is here, and this time we get to talk to him about important stuff. And also lots of cool stuff. 
In this episode I talk to David Allen, the man who puts the D in Dangerboyz! What might be a bit different with this conversation is that is NOT about tanky mconeshot, or OneShot:Inchindown, but rather a deep dive into Dave's brain and we learn alot about him and his other projects. 
In this solo episode, the new co-host Ian explores Warsaw, Waterford and the Sunny 16 self-portrait project. 
In this episode we talk to Michael Bartosek about his finished Kodak 2238 project and his new project thats coming up! Super cool stuff!
Episode 14 - New Co-Host!

Episode 14 - New Co-Host!


This is a special one, as i introduce the new co-host of the Viewfinder Vikings podcast. We also chat about projects and have a rant about naming images (well, i have a rant). 
In this episode I have a chat with Ian Barnaby Nutt, or "Mr. Zine". We talk about projects, workflow and almost everything in between. The only thing we dont talk about, is gear. So if you got GAS, you are hereby warned.
Episode 12 - Podcast update

Episode 12 - Podcast update


In this episode i talk about my newest gear purchases, give you an update on the podcast, and on life in general
Another solo show with a few tips and ideas for darkroom logistics and a bit of insight into my daily struggles as a working photographer.
Episode 10 - Solo show

Episode 10 - Solo show


In this episode i talk about Shoot film like a boss, Stand developing and the Flickr group!
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