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FaithPointe Church exists to offer you a future and a hope.
Wherever you are in life, you have a purpose, at FaithPointe, we want to help you become the person God created you to be. We pray that this podcast is the first step or the next step towards that future.
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Living it Out

Living it Out


Speaker: Viv Anson. Scripture: 2 Peter 1:3-4. Highlight Phrase:  if you want to team up with Jesus in this next era, a character update is required.
Speaker: James Anson. Scripture: Luke 10:38–42. Description: Jesus braided a home made whip and cleaned out the merchants and money changers who were placing a barrier to those wanting to come and make the temple a House of Prayer.  This message is unveils some common barriers that restrict followers of Christ from moving into a closer relationship with Jesus.
Begin to Pour

Begin to Pour


Speaker: Sue Daji. Scripture: 2 Kings 4:1-7. Description: Sometimes we are backed into a corner where it is difficult to see light at the end of the tunnel. In this zoom recorded message Sue Daji shows us this exact scenario of a woman widowed and desperate and how God turned her fortunes around.
Speaker: Phil Richardson Scripture: Psalm 91:1-3. Description: Since the beginning of 2020 prophets all around the world have been prophesying Reset .This message gives a brief overview of what these words are saying about traditions being broken and a new season in the Church. There is a divine reset and reboot , in the world, the church and in people. The Covid 19 virus has triggered a resetting, renewal, realignment and recalibration, repositioning in the church.



Speaker: James Anson. Scripture: John 2:13. Description: Why would God allow the gathered Church globally to suddenly be halted so that we are unable to meet and gather as we have always done. What is God saying to the Body of Christ at this juncture in time? Find out as Ps James Anson from NZ shares this prophetic call to the body of Christ.
Speaker: Len Buttner. Scripture: Col 1:15-16 Description: The bible speaks of Christ being over all, above all, through all - the PREEMINENT ONE! This is being challenged in many ways by the world we live in today. Jesus Christ is often reduced to a swear word to vent frustrations. In this message you see a picture emerge from the book of Colossians on Jesus true identity as superior to all things and everybody.
Speaker: James Anson. Scripture: John 19:30. Description: It is finished - [TETELESTAI] famous last words of Jesus Christ whilst hanging on the Cross What did this mean? Was he finished - was what seemed promising all over and done with?
Overcoming Anxiety

Overcoming Anxiety


Speaker: James Anson. Scripture: Matthew 6. Description: Many are stressed and filled with anxiety with the onslaught of the Covid-19 virus. Life in general can become very worrisome. This message brings hope for those struggling with worry and anxiety.
Speaker: Ps James Anson. Scripture: Genesis 3 & 4. Description: Ever felt like your emotions are holding you hostage? With the world in current turmoil everybody has been 'feeling it'. It feels like the 'rug has been pulled from under our feet'. In this message Pastor James Anson shares how we can get to the root of 'out of control' emotions and get on a level playing field again.
Speaker: James Anson. Scripture: John 15:1-12. Description: :  Jesus Christ calls his disciples to bear fruit, more fruit and much fruit. In this installment Pastor James takes us through Jesus teaching from John 15 on the parable of the Vine and how our relationship with Christ is crucial to bearing much fruit.
Speaker: James Anson. Scripture: Genesis 3:1-8. Description: With the turbulent times we are living in also comes turbulent emotional upheaval. It is very easy to find ourselves bound and taken hostage by our emotions. Pastor James helps us in this first installment on emotional strongholds to identify what they are and where they are rooted in our lives.
Speaker: Viv Anson. Scripture: 1 Corinthians 4v15. Description: God’s intention has always been that we live together as generations in God’s house.  How do we do this, not just tolerating each other but generation honoring generation, generation supporting generation and each generation valuing what the other brings.
Speaker: Phil Richardson. Scripture: Rev 22:7-20. Description: The last page of the Bible is the high point in mankind’s history, with Jesus promised return and Satan’s ultimate destruction. There are many significant indications and signs when this will take place. Man is caught up in this conflict with a Tug of War for your soul. Ps Phil explains Lucifer's fall from grace and what God is doing about it.
Speaker: James Anson. Scripture: Colossians 1:28. Description: The bible gives us clear language to see 5 stages of growing up as a Disciple. Pastor James takes us through these five stages and describes how you can understand where you are at by learning the traits and characteristics of each stage.
Speaker: Viv Anson. Scripture: Daniel 10v12. Description: Fasting and praying is not just an act of sacrifice or obedience, it is the catalyst to begin a battle in the realm of the Spirit to see your answers to prayer.
Speaker: Geoff Wiklund. Scripture: John 5. Description: Jesus heals a man at the pool.  What can we learn from this incredible account and how can we apply it to our lives.
Speaker: Geoff Wiklund. Scripture: Luke 10:38-42. Description: Mary and Martha teach us a wonderful lesson on choosing the nest part that has a reward that can never be taken away.
Speaker: James Anson. Scripture: Luke 6:47-49. Description: Christ is moving the church forward bringing her back to the foundational call of following Christ. The N.T names followers of Christ with the word Christian only 3 times. The main word used as a title for a follower of Christ was DISCIPLE.  This new series unveils what it means to be a Disciple of Jesus Christ.
Speaker; James Anson. Scripture: Matthew 6:16-18. Description: Jesus made it very clear that when we fast according to His instructions there is the Father’s reward. He made some conditions on this promise of reward. This message unveils the motives and very core of why we fast and how we are to do it.
Speaker: James Anson. Scripture: Matthew 9:37-38. Description: In the opening message of a brand new congregation Pastor James Anson shares a message of heeding the Four Calls of scripture to every follower of Christ. The harvest is white and ready – the labourers are few – it’s time to respond to the call of God and see what He will do in this day we live in.
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