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Speaker: Ps James Anson. The Apostle Peter's open trance Vision found in Acts 10 changed the course of the world. Christianity came to the Gentiles in the power of the Holy Spirit. But before God could use Peter in this manner he had to challenge his in-born prejudices regarding non-jewish people. God is breaking out all over the world changing church structures and mindsets in the middle of a global pandemic. Pastor's and church leaders are having a challenging time looking at completely re-structuring churches. Pastor James Anson shares what God is doing in his own church and his own mindset.
Speaker: Geoff Wiklund. Description: In this message pastor Geoff asks the question why did Jesus walk on water. His answer is interesting and a powerful practical message emerges.
Speaker: Geoff Wiklund. Description: Geoff takes a verse from each chapter from the book of Ecclesiastes and gives applications for men and their roles in life. Very powerful.
Speaker: Phil Richardson. Scripture: 1 Corinthians 14:5. Description: Both Paul & Moses expressed their desire that all Gods people should flow in the Prophetic. God is weaving broken strands back into the tapestry of the Church . Phil explains, how the Lord is unmuting his people, and making his church clearer conduits in the prophetic.
Speaker: James Anson. Description: The black mamba can kill a human in less than 30 minutes if they do not receive an anti-venom dose. In the same ways we find challenging situations in life where we have been bitten by our adversary Satan and we are going downhill fast.  Pastor James gives us some advice on how prayer can be used as God’s anti-venom solution to these challenging times in life.
Speaker: Phil Richardson. Scripture: Romans 8:1 Description: Satan loves to rob us of the joy of our salvations. Seeking to condemn us by the sins and failures of the past. Phil explains, tell the story of the Old Goose and how Satan manipulates, where as Christ has set us totally free.
Conduits of Prayer

Conduits of Prayer


Speaker: Phil Richardson. Scripture: Acts 9:32-42 & Psalm 139:13-14 Description: Throughout church History, people have triggered revivals. These revivals have transformed whole communities & society. Prophetically God is weaving broken strands back into the tapestry of the Church . Phil explains, how prayer is one of these vital  broken strands, God is weaving back into the fabric of the church . Since we are all called to be conduits of prayer.
Speaker: James Anson. Description: Do not be afraid! Remember the LORD, great and awesome and fight… - Neh 4:14 We combat fear by reminding ourselves of the greatness and awesomeness of God. To be able to fight the fight of faith we must overcome fear and put it in it’s place. Nehemiah mobilised and kept God’s people on track by helping them overcome fear and work with a sword in one hand and a building tool in the other hand.
Creation or Evolution

Creation or Evolution


Speaker: Mark James. Description. Mark James from Creation Ministries looks at the area of Creation or Evolution.
Safe in the Storm

Safe in the Storm


Speaker: Ps Viv Anson Description: The disciples did not understand that the safest place in the world in the midst of a storm is in the boat with Jesus. God is so faithful to us. He never forsakes us and is especially close to us in the storms of life. Jesus calls us to activate our faith and connect with Him in a new way in our stormy seasons.
Speaker: Ps James Anson. Description: God has called each person to learn how to become builders with God.  As sons and daughters we begin to learn the art of building God’s house which in turn builds the Kingdom of God.  This message focuses on how to press through the many problems and challenges that life brings our way and continue to build with God even under threat and persecution.
Speaker: Ps James Anson. Description: Elisha demonstrates to us how God can miraculously restore what has been lost in the story of the lost axe head. There is a process of restoration when our lives have been burnt. This message shares keys to recovering what has been lost in your life.
Keys to Breakthrough

Keys to Breakthrough


Speaker: Ps Peter Morton. Description: God is the God of breakthrough. Sometimes we expect God to do everything for us, however sometimes we have a part to play as well. If you are wanting for a breakthrough today Ps Peter shares some keys to help us to see our breakthrough.
Speaker; Ps James Anson. Description: Burnt stones relates to lives been burnt by the devil. Can these burnt stones from the rubbish be restored and revived? Yes.  Jesus has compassion for burnt stones just like Nehemiah had compassion for the broken lives in Jerusalem and the broken down city. We are called to work with BURNT STONES and revive them.
Speaker: Blair Woolley Description: From the Kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of Light
Speaker: Phil Richardson. Description: Conduits are vessels or channels for a substance to flow through. We a designed to be Conduits of the Holy Spirit, not storage vessels. These Conduits need to be   connect and clean . We are designed for purpose. God is recalibrating his people to Conduits of generosity, word of God, Healing, Love of God, blessing, hope, mercy and prayer .
Speaker: Geoff Holton. Description: When Jesus called Peter he became a follower of Christ but at that stage he did not know he was the Messiah. Over the following years Peter grew to trust Jesus, became willing to die for him, and realised he was the son of the living God.
Speaker: Ps James Anson. Description: The walls are broken down, the city of Jerusalem destroyed by her enemies. Burnt stones are lying in rubble. A distressing picture that is often like broken human lives. In this message Ps James shares how God can restore burnt lives back into the wall of destiny.
Communities in Crisis

Communities in Crisis


Speaker: Viv Anson. Description: When our communities are in crisis, what will our response be?  Many are under pressure and they need people around them who will step up.  Is that you?
God's Timing

God's Timing


Speaker: Geoff Holton Description: Lazarus died as Jesus continued to minister and did not come immediately to his aide.  Everyone thought Jesus had got the timing wrong but Lazarus resurrection proves that God makes all things beautiful in His time.
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