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Author: Mark and Grant

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Don't let the name fool you. This is not a comedy podcast. Send feedback to
129 Episodes
To kick things off, your hosts provide expert insight into cooking oils. Then, Grant has a little oopsies. Mark has a quick recommendation then a tragic story.Mark brings Invisible Bread to talk comfort zones. How do we feel doing them? Why does the idea of talking on the phone stink so much more than doing the talking?Grant brings a Heart of the City comic, because he used math. Mark is wary of his line of questioning, but it all ends up positive in the end.Send feedback to
Mark is back in his regular apartment, for good or for bad. He has three stories to share, so sit back for tales of woe and excitement.Grant brings Thatababy, looking for some wishes. Mark surprises him and they go off on a tangent of ill-informed tax law.Mark brings a Savage Chickens comic, looking for another wish in a fantasy universe. Don’t email us about that, Mikhail.Send feedback to
Mark has had his treats, and wants to talk about a movie: Doctor Feelgood and the Asparagus Kid. Seriously, go watch it. You get to see Grant’s face.Mark brings The Humble Stumble. After narrowly avoiding a discussion about socks, he probes Grant for a take on the Disney Corporation.Grant brings The Born Loser. It turns out neither comic went the way you may expect.Send feedback to
Mark proposes a New Year’s special, but Grant isn’t interested. They eventually get things underway after a brief spat.Grant brings a Calvin and Hobbes comic, allowing Mark to provide sage advice on how to approach new hobbies. Grant agrees.Mark brings Small Potatoes, and just wants a quick chat about sunglasses.Send feedback to
Mark narrates a Christmas tale of meal selection. It’ll get you right into the spirit. Grant had a light dinner, and a brief discussion of apples occurs.Mark brings Long Story Short, and gives Grant carte blanche to upgrade his working environment. Turns out, Grant isn’t a fan of noise and Mark wants a little more surface area.Grant brings a Lio comic, revealing that Mark cares about convenient precision, but not for its own sake.Send feedback to
Ah, young love. Get an insight into Mark’s relationship through wild and various minor interruptions that you may not hear, but he certainly does. Mark is a bit frustrated for other reasons too, and Grant tastes his emotions.Grant brings a Grand Avenue comic, hoping to discover when trash becomes treasure. Mark is a little slow on the draw, then remembers a close friend who embodies the phrase.Mark brings Please Listen to Me, ideally to discuss things that are a bit more positive than the comic itself. That doesn’t quite pan out.Send feedback to
It’s the holiday season here on the podcast! Mark is using new mug technology, decorations are discussed, and Grant is skeptical of how hot chocolate works.Mark brings a Junk Drawer comic. Your hosts explore the utility and linguistics of blankets. It’s certain to be a snuggly topic.Grant brings a Speed Bump comic because he improved his oral hygiene.Send feedback to
Grant is killing the game, and Mark refuses to let it go. Some Thanksgiving retrospective is had, including totally legitimate cooking advice from Mark. Grant brings Red and Rover, and surprisingly allows Mark to lecture him on mathematics. Do you have math anxiety? This episode probably won’t help, but maybe a couple things will be interesting.Note: Mark did a little research when editing this episode, and his recollection of Knuth Up-Arrow Notation wasn’t entirely correct. Read more about it here.Mark brings In the Sticks. Grant reads it, and Mark thinks it’s funny.Send feedback to
A little grocery shopping action leads nowhere for Grant, while Mark took a different approach. Mark’s a fan of cheese pairings, but not in the way Grant would like.Mark brings a Reality Check comic, hoping to discuss childhood organization. Grant opted not to do work, while Mark promptly forgot it existed.Grant brings a Nancy comic for a quick discussion of how your hosts could best impart a skillset on the populace.Send feedback to
Your hosts begin by discussing a sneeze of apocalyptic proportions, and a rather strange super power. They also go metric.Grant brings a Grand Avenue comic to talk about getting old and feeling older. Mark has quite the opposite feeling and is gifted with an abundance of youth.Mark brings a Junk Drawer comic for a brief discussion of avoiding insanity on an island.Send feedback to
Mark is a bit chilly, and suddenly finds himself in a sticky verbal situation. Talk of hot chocolate follows.Mark brings an Oh, Brother! comic to talk of experiences on the playground. Grant marched to the beat of his own drum, and Mark got caught up in the Wall-Ball phenomenon.Grant brings a Fred Basset comic. Mark is not big into DIY, but it may just be due to lack of imagination. A little anecdote about apartment neighbors sneaks in at the end.Send feedback to
After some light banter, Mark attempts to broach the topic of the election. Keep in mind this was recorded before the election (as were these show notes written), but it’s important to address.Grant brings a Barkeater Lake comic, and Mark surprises him with all his awl talk. But really, there are better screw types out there.Mark brings Doodle for Food, and asks Grant a rather similar question about kitchen utensils.Send feedback to
Grant’s hanging left, and Mark has been reading. Yet more merchandising opportunities are discussed.Mark brings a LeftyBosco Picture Show to discuss eggs of all varieties. What even is an over-easy egg? Are they good with sriracha and sauerkraut? Get this and more culinary information.Grant brings a Luann comic, looking for inspiring bits of life improvement through the purchase of items.Send feedback to
118: Circle Time

118: Circle Time


Grant has a watch-based conundrum, and luckily he went to Mark’s fashion house for advice. They disagree on the power of accessories and outfit components.Grant brings a Luann comic. He has another conundrum, this time book-based.Mark brings a DeFlocked so your hosts can reflect on their car purchases a couple of years ago. Turns out, they made pretty good decisions.Send feedback to
Mark had some video game success. Grant took a couple of naps, but Mark can’t watch a couple of movies.Mark brings a Medium Large comic to discuss the breakfast carb hierarchy. Grant blows that away quite quickly with a strange revelation.Grant brings Sarah’s Scribbles, with several questions from which Mark can choose. Mark chooses one, and then another.Send feedback to
Mark and Grant are hanging less than ten, and Mark has one or two, maybe three, very specific reasons for it.Grant brings Red and Rover, as chosen by the gods. After quite a failed attempt at a topic, a passive-aggressive conversation about scarves turns into a thorough discussion of differing opinions.Mark brings a Haircut Practice comic to let the episode fade out.Send feedback to
Grant hurt himself, and Mark tries to help him come up with a cool story for twin neck bruises. Some other dithering occurs.Mark brings Jim’s Journal as your hosts dive into the world of jingles and marketing. Cable companies need a rebrand, and Grant would watch broadcast (or is it network?) television.Grant brings a Berkeley Mews comic to let Mark briefly opine on certain rare Pokemon.Send feedback to
114: One Weird Noise

114: One Weird Noise


Grant is hanging in there, and Mark had a lot of meetings last week. He also explored some wonderful spots in San Francisco while slightly damaging his car. Grant was a monster.Grant brings For Better or For Worse. After mistaking pepperoni for a carrot, Mark engages in Grant’s conversation about COVID restaurant protocol.Mark brings a Scary Gary comic, and lets Grant voice his feelings about creepy-crawlies in his apartment.Send feedback to
Mark has a new idea for you Comical Starters, and Grant has some tweaks. After a brief aside about TV, the brainstorming continues.Mark brings a Lucky Cow comic to talk food substitutions, and Grant blows his mind. A wild flavor combination is presented.Grant brings a Crabgrass comic, and Mark doesn’t get angry.Send feedback to
It’s hot out folks, but Mark is taking one for the team in the name of audio quality. Roommate dynamics are explored, and Grant practiced self care. Mark is sizzling up some good stuff.Grant brings Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal to discuss evil things. Horizontal surfaces (maybe) and sunbeams both appear, and Mark just can’t help being pedantic.Mark brings a Little Fried Chicken and Sushi comic. He never gets a chance to reveal why, but some administrative details of their GoComics account are handled.Send feedback to
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