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How about some travel tips? (Mark realized after recording that there was a perfectly reasonable explanation for the issue at hand, but that doesn’t change the basic lesson.) Also, some weird technical conversations that don’t belong in this podcast.Mark brings a Free Range comic. After determining that nursery rhymes are a confusing phenomenon, Mark interrogates Grant’s customer service abilities.Grant brings Pearls Before Swine. Lines are drawn in the sand regarding peanut butter, and Grant has a revelation.Send feedback to
Thermodynamics is confusing, and marketing doesn’t change its laws. Join your hosts in an experiment.Grant brings Cathy Classics. Mark hesitantly makes a bet against nobody in particular, then outlines his shoe collection. Grant understands.Mark brings Pooch Cafe. Metabolisms don’t last forever.Send feedback to
203: Haakon Haakonsen

203: Haakon Haakonsen


Movies exist! Personal updates abound, as Mark encourages his cohost to self-reflect just an iota more.Mark brings a Messycow comic. Grant didn’t have too many important books as a child, and is unwilling to spend several dozens of dollars to obtain one. Mark recites some poetry.Grant brings The Born Loser. A simple question is briefly answered.Send feedback to
A detailed and scattered walkthrough of a wedding weekend gives snapshots into Mark’s most recent travels.Grant brings Maria’s Day. How much of a pastime was reading? How do you deal with conflicting information? Do Punnett squares apply to social situations?Mark brings Dark Side of the Horse. While these show notes are not a palindrome, a host would love it if they were.Send feedback to
The intro just keeps on cooking. Nasal solutions are rehashed, and general life updates abound.Mark brings Savage Chickens. Grant successfully catches a reference, and Mark interrogates his Sci-Fi bona fides.Grant brings Bird and Moon. Mark gets to relive a compliment.Send feedback to
Your hosts celebrate the coming of episode 200. The planned festivities are quickly underway.Mark brings a Pearls Before Swine comic. Conspiracy theories abound. Is it easier to infiltrate the Campbell’s corporation, or grocery stores en masse? Did we really go to the moon?Grant brings My Dad is Dracula. It’s a doozy.Send feedback to
Things go off the rails immediately. Targeted advertising is pretty wild. Your hosts are getting older and their activities reflect that.Mark brings Nothing is Not Something. What’s so cool about racing? How has it taken the country by storm? Your hosts explore these important questions.Grant brings The Grizzwells. Potato opinions abound, as does gatekeeping the Midwest.Send feedback to
Mark provides a quick disclaimer before describing a new method of close-proximity practice. Grant had a surreal evening, and toast is difficult to get quite right.Grant brings Baldo. The proper cookie consumption process is discussed. Mark brings Nest Heads. Grant takes over to talk about cooking practice and failure.Send feedback to
Mark may have ruined a neighbor’s dog. Self control is hard to come by. Be wary of corvids.Mark brings a Miss Peach comic. He grandstands for a while on the concept of school administration. He still hasn’t forgiven the wrongful punishment from his youth.Grant brings Speed Bump. Things go a bit off the rails as your hosts discuss mild body mutilation with a surprise guest.Send feedback to
Your hosts dilly-dally about, swapping inconsequential stories about their lives. A few are amusing. Maybe.Grant brings Frank and Ernest. Grant learned something pretty neat about the world, and Mark is thrilled by the existence of marsupials. Large arachnids aren’t great.Mark brings Poorly Drawn Lines. He requests, and receives, an update on Grant’s list setup.Send feedback to
Grant is prompted with a brief gastronomical check-in. Suddenly, some mouth-based discussion breaks out.Mark brings a Grand Avenue comic. Your hosts discuss the finer points of automobiles and the antics they often entail.Grant brings Frazz. A heated argument about lists ensues. Are these show notes lists? Is life a big list? You be the judge.Send feedback to
On location several feet away from his normal position, Mark explains some rearrangement. Grant has opinions on where beds belong.Grant brings The Born Loser. Your hosts are full of excuses. Or are they explanations? Mark brings an Animal Crackers comic. They are just the right amount of tasty.Send feedback to
193: Your Wife is Hot

193: Your Wife is Hot


A little cold has swept through half the hosts, leading to a bit of a dull introduction. Although, if you don’t like the intros, this one is shorter than normal.Mark brings a Green Humour comic. While Grant anticipates the original idea, your hosts take a hard turn to discuss billboards.Grant brings The Knight Life. Mark learns about a brand new health product.Send feedback to
A brief discussion of sleds and sleighs is followed by a boring tale of imbibing dangerous chemicals. Your hosts also interrogate the origins of coffee phraseology.Grant brings Frazz. Cloud controversy! Feet shaming! Bickering! It’s quite a conversation. Mark shares some music he likes.Mark brings That New Carl Smell. Do you want to learn about treehouse structures? You probably came to the wrong place.Send feedback to
Mark teases a labor-intensive job for Grant, although Grant is intrigued by the actual solution.Mark brings a Lost Sheep comic. Your hosts fail to stay on topic, but still determine that their respective forms of in-flight entertainment are rather varied.Grant brings Luann, and Mark is immediately riled up by joke theft. One solid pun later, your hosts actually provide a little insight into the human condition for once.Send feedback to
Mario Kart and insurance is a great combo for a stellar beginning to an episode. Combine it with a few tales from your host’s past, and you have a recipe for awesome.Grant brings a Ben comic. Mark apparently misnames a character and unleashes a mild tirade. Grant has to provide an update before the topic of note (index?) cardes is broached.Mark brings Working Daze. Grant’s potty mouth ensures no conversation happens.Send feedback to
Come on a journey through the wonderful land of musical instruments as Mark describes his experience of discovery.Mark brings Bird and Moon. Grant is encouraged to explore the relationships that mutually improve his life. As usual, things go a little haywire.Grant brings Over the Hedge. Mark has a few choice words about night lights.Send feedback to
There’s good news and bad news. Your hosts discuss various culinary marketing, while Grant is fine with yet another story before the episode really starts.Grant brings a Cleats comic. After a game of word association, he has Mark ramble on about intellectual pursuits.Mark brings Heathcliff. Grant isn’t very imaginative.Send feedback to
Mark threatens Grant, and Grant threatens to abide by the original threat. There’s a buffet of topics to open the show. Mark tells a literal shaggy dog story.Mark brings The Grizzwells. What’s in a pair or matching set? Sadness and disappointment.Grant brings Breaking Cat News. It’s an eerie choice showcasing the synergy your hosts share. This episode might as well be brought to you by Bombas.Send feedback to
186: Forty-Five Head

186: Forty-Five Head


What’s up with those Olympics? What about T.V. antennas? No matter how you watch them, weird sports are cool.Grant brings a JumpStart comic. After a long aside about identical twins, a positive main topic is revealed.Mark brings Sweet and Sour Pork. He has a poor memory. Send feedback to
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