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Author: Mark and Grant

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Don't let the name fool you. This is not a comedy podcast. Send feedback to
268 Episodes
The more you spend the more you save! At least that is Mark’s approach to using his immunization coupons at a local grocery store. Egg yolks? Oreos? Yes, please.Mark brings Questionable Quotebook. Grant is feeling lukewarm. He’s not particularly keen on becoming soup when it isn’t soup weather.Grant brings Beardo. Mark is indeed a patron.Send feedback to



Mark requests an answer to a longstanding bit of curiosity about Grant’s computer software. Mark has a similar affliction but with less effect.Grant brings Ordinary Bill. After a classic guessing game, Grant has a simple question tied to a decent television show. Mark brings xkcd. He entreats Grant to consider his life a piece of media.Send feedback to
Grant’s side of the recording was lost, so we apologize for the low-bandwidth Skype call. There are limiting factors in baking. Sunday brunch is always good, even if it’s from McDonald’s.Mark brings Speed Bump. Yet another new toy has entered his life, and Grant is similarly delighted by its whimsy.Grant brings Invisible Bread. Nothing happens.Send feedback to
Indeed, A Turtleneck

Indeed, A Turtleneck


Your hosts dive right in to discussing slides and presentations. Grant has a bare-bones approach. Also, spreadsheets and data.Grant brings Underpants and Overbites. After an unrelated tangent, Mark opines on turtlenecks and similar neckwear.Mark brings Glasbergen Comics. Your hosts need space to think.Send feedback to
Herbs and spice and everything nice are better when they come in giant containers. Although some seasoning mixes need to justify their existence.Mark brings Herman. Grant nominally regrets not playing with more projectiles as a kid, and isn’t sure where to begin with paintball. Mark has some rave reviews.Grant brings Batch Rejection. Mark discovers a personal rule of thumb on the fly for getting advice at a retailer.Send feedback to
There are a few false alarms with technology. Mark hit a reading milestone and has an impassioned review for all to hear. Grant has a bone to pick with a teen fiction author.Grant brings Chuckle Bros. After a self-effacing prologue, Grant provides insight into a problematic project.Mark brings Andy Capp. He requests that Grant describe himself.Send feedback to
A dilemma of money and experience nearly paralyzed Mark, and subsequently almost led him to impulsively do something silly anyway. Grant provides support.Mark brings Betty. After a failed and unfocused transition, Grant responds in generalities before listening to a tale of woe and growth.Grant brings Grand Avenue. Things get serious for a minute.Send feedback to
Grant is introduced to the fearless march of technology observable in the Bay Area. Mark purchased a party favor that hit just right.Grant brings Bear with Me. Mark would rather not use his horn. Maybe there’s some trauma to unpack there.Mark brings Pickles. Grant is only occasionally a speed demon, while Mark has some regrets.Send feedback to
Hydration by Proxy

Hydration by Proxy


Mark has a new toy, and self-describing phrases are difficult. Are gardening-based puns an email faux pas?Mark brings Animal Crackers. He hopes to dredge up a social media campaign from Grant’s past. Lab safety makes that difficult.Grant brings Bound and Gagged. Mark gives unhelpful answers to unnecessary questions, all for the sake of Grant getting to say “No Whammies” and “Zonk”.Send feedback to
Icons of Style

Icons of Style


Mark tells tales of the descent of Deadheads onto San Francisco. Totally separately, he separated a metal fidget puzzle. Grant’s on the hunt for an odd crochet gift.Grant brings Frank and Ernest. After a solid Whose Line reference, your hosts get deep into a discussion about wallpaper. A business that was presumed dead is found to be thriving.Mark brings Invisible Bread. Grant is only interested in payback.Send feedback to
This episode starts with quite the introduction. Sweet treats? Tiny games? Knock-off products? Check, check, and check.Mark brings Overboard. Grant has a measured, discipline thought on prioritizing communication to others.Grant brings Cathy Classics. He's frustrated with the world.Send feedback to
Mark uses some fancy footwork to justify Grant’s poor communication. Your hosts find new uses for old tools. There’s not just one way to use dish soap.Grant brings Wallace the Brave. Mark has an Altoid anecdote, which turns into a confusing trip to a website. Cinnamon, yuck.Mark brings The Awkward Yeti. Post-rain activities are varied and fun.Send feedback to
With both hosts back in the mix, a proper and extremely minimal commemoration of 5 years occurs. This puts them on the precipice of quarter life crises. Grant gives his thoughts on large malls yet again.Mark brings Imagine This. A rewatch of a short video commences after an inspirational sentence from Grant, and the topic is left behind.Grant brings Calvin and Hobbes. Woods stuff resurface. A geographic revelation is had.Send feedback to
Mark rambles for a while.
Mark doesn’t sleep as well as Grant, and hates certain foods for pseudo-breakfast. How does one properly fry rice?Mark brings The Other End. What’s in a cloud? Do shapes just come about, and can you find their true form?Grant brings Ink Pen. It’s nor quite special burger time.Send feedback to 
What’s going on in the neighborhood? Your hosts go to the source with some hard-hitting reporting on youth dance classes, animal rescue, doctor visits, and scat.Grant brings Barkeater Lake. Pie is super good.Mark brings Sunshine State. Software updates are difficult to balance.Send feedback to
The Gloves Are Off

The Gloves Are Off


A toy from the past is thoroughly explored. Mark almost spends between $25 and $150 to experience the thrill of the game one last time.Mark brings Junk Drawer. Grant’s one critique is that he doesn’t always get what he wants with criticism.Grant screws up by bringing Speed Bump. Mark briefly tells an unrelated story before answering a question.Send feedback to
House Not Worky

House Not Worky


Mark needs an intense brainstorming session. All ideas are good ideas until they’re not.Grant brings Alley Oop. Mark is happy to fix a toilet, but not wires.Mark brings Rose is Rose. Childhood is fun and dumb.Send feedback to
Baseball and nice weather. What more could you ask for? How about some new cooking tips?Mark brings Truth Facts. After an obvious tangent regarding toilet paper, Mark wants a metaphorical discussion of productivity and deadlines.Grant brings Calvin and Hobbes. A power outage has caused some introspection.Send feedback to
We’re at the intersection of technology and music. Mark has something new to share. Expensive audio equipment probably isn’t worth it.Grant brings Cornered. He monologues before Mark asks for clarification on something related to wine for which Grant can only provide a conjecture.Mark brings The Adventures of Business Cat. Awards are awarded.Send feedback to
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