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Author: Jonathan Peyton

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The place where business owners looking to maximize enterprise value, grow their personal wealth, and create a "life after" plan come to discover what other entrepreneurs and thought-leaders are doing to increase their personal and professional net worth.
26 Episodes
In this episode Jonathan continues discussing "branding" by zeroing in on a a brand's message and how it is positioned in the marketplace. Between the brandscape within your current, or target, market and the mental warfare each brand is forced to fight for... honing your brand's message within the market is the only way you can conquer your competitors.
Carving out a memorable place in your audience's mind is the holy grail of marketing. Why? Because a well constructed brand strategy creates a loyal, repeat, customer. That is why designing a solid brand strategy to capture some prime mental real estate should be the goal of every firm. In this episode Jonathan talks about how to evaluate your brand's gap, its message, and a mapping process you can use to become a trusted resource.
Since entrepreneurs are so focused on building and scaling their company they often fail to focus on the "What If" contingency plans and leadership development. In this episode Jonathan talks about how developing leaders and building a strong culture can impact the future of the company - especially in terms of the company's succession plan and enterprise value.
Defining leadership is like trying to hit a moving target. Between different personality traits, business goals, the competitive landscape, and a lot more - leaders are pulled in many directions. In this episode, Jonathan explores leadership as defined by three gurus.
Life coaches and therapists are some of the most valuable professionals for maintaining personal and professional sanity. But with our careers constantly demanding more and more we sometimes get in our own way and don't know how to fix the problems that lay in our path. In this episode, Jonathan interviews a performance coach and discusses how a performance coach is different from a life coach. In particular, where a life coach focuses on self-discovery to reach an answer - a performance coach tells you what you should do to reach the results you want in business... 
Developing a strategic plan is not easy, especially when there are so many competing priorities. In this episode, Jonathan discusses the importance of building a cohesive corporate strategy to maximize ROI within the company and across the departments. 
In this new season of Building An Exit your host Jonathan Peyton dives deeper into the concepts and strategies that will help you scale your business, grow your personal wealth, and help you reach new heights. In this episode Jonathan gets back to the basics by helping you lay out the structure for establishing your strategic plan. He explains how business plans are not a thing of the past and how successful companies use them to pursue their long term goals.
In this episode Jonathan gets personal with Chrissy Larsen - the founder of Pivotous Collective and Pivotous Social. He dives into her background and how she pushed herself to build her collaborative network and empire.
In this episode Jonathan interviews Chrissy Larsen with Pivotous Social. Jonathan attempts to get to the root of why most networking fails, how to make something go viral, and how to drive free traffic using social platforms like LinkedIn!
In this episode Jonathan finishes his three part series into Good to Great by author Jim Collins. Jonathan highlights the importance of putting the right people on your proverbial bus and why making sure those people sit in the right seats is essential to long term growth. 
In this episode Jonathan continues his dive into the book Good to Great. According to the research conducted by Jim Collins, author of Good to Great, all good-to-great companies were led by Level Five Leaders. However not all companies are blessed to have Level Five Leaders. Therefore, if becoming a great company is directly linked to your leadership style then what makes a great leader and how can you level up to become a Level Five Leader?
In this episode Jonathan dives into the book Good to Great. He highlights some key questions that every business owner should be thinking about like "What is your Big Hairy Audacious Goal?" and "What is your X factor that will change the world for the better?" 
In this episode Jonathan continues with his interview of two elder law attorneys. He dives into the cost of estate documents, the perceived value of estate documents, and the real difference elder law attorneys offer the vast majority of Americans...
In this episode Jonathan interviews two elder law attorneys on the importance of estate planning. He dives into the differences between estate attorneys and elder law attorneys. Furthermore, the group talks about the importance of specific documents and what could happen to you AND your loved ones if you don't have these in place...
In this episode Jonathan builds on some of the foundational basics discussed in previous episodes. He dives right into three critical components that HAVE TO permeate throughout your organization and even on to your customers if you plan to be successful for years to come...
In this episode Jonathan continues his interview with Sean Hutchinson at SVA Value Accelerators LLC. They continue to explore the first leg of the "Master Plan" - value optimization. Furthermore, Sean outlines the importance of building a personal financial plan and a "life after plan" for those serious about positioning their company for a later transition - to another generation or to another buyer.
In this episode Jonathan interviews one of the founders of a company that was an early adopter of value acceleration and is a leading exit planning firm in the market. Jonathan and his guest cover the three cornerstones of "Master Planning" and some of the questions every business owner should be asking themselves about their future!
In this episode Jonathan discusses the 10 habits that helped John D. Rockefeller build Standard Oil AND make him the wealthiest man in American history... Jonathan discusses each of the habits, how they apply to your company, and the importance of integrating them - instead of picking and choosing which ones to use...
To often business owners explain their businesses by the features they offer rather than by the benefits the consumer will experience. The failure to adequately, and succinctly, explain what a business does can lead to confusion in the eyes of the consumer. A confusion that can cost the business dearly in their bottom line... In this episode Jonathan explores the concept of the "Elevator Pitch". He explains the purpose and need to explain what you do in one or two sentences AND provide enough intrigue to prompt a follow-on question.
In this episode Jonathan discusses the journey of creating a company to selling a company. He outlines the twelve steps to create value within a company, outlines the process for selling a business, and the phases an investment banker will take you through to market your business.
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