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Author: Kevin Edwards

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Welcome to the Real Leaders Podcast, where leaders keep it real. 3 episodes released every week with today's top business leadership rockstars. This is the official podcast of Real Leaders magazine.
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Simon Mainwaring is the Founder, CEO, and Best-selling author of We First Inc., in this episode he covers how to avoid the dangers of cancel culture, provides a process for developing your brand’s purpose, and to stay light in your head. The Keep It Real Series is a monthly podcast that was designed to help leaders achieve clarity with their branding and marketing. RSVP for upcoming episodes at
Simon Mainwaring is the Founder, CEO, and Best-selling author of We First Inc., who helps you ask the right questions to clarify your brand message in 2021. This episode is for those growing either a personal brand where you (the entrepreneur) can assure your customers of the exact pain point you're setting out to solve and for businesses struggling with developing a unique brand message.  RSVP for upcoming episodes at
Simon Mainwaring is the Founder, CEO, and Best-selling author of We First who brings optimism into the new year. On the 6th episode of the Keep It Real Series, Mainwaring summarizes a volatile 2020, reveals his boldest predictions for 2021, and that the future is something we write every day. Watch:
Simon Mainwaring is the founder of We First and best-selling author of WE First: How Brands and Consumers Use Social Media To Build A Better World who helps us distinguish self-interest from selfishness. On the 5th episode of the Keep It Real Series Mainwaring argues that: -Capitalism doesn’t have to be a winners take all end game -The role social media plays in influencing self-interest -That companies who empower the next generation will create more prosperity for all Watch on Crowdcast:
Simon Mainwaring the Founder and CEO of We First Branding is back with more hot takes on how business and culture are changing together. Watch: RSVP:
Simon Mainwaring is the CEO of WE First Branding, Author of WE First, and the host of the Lead with We podcast who comes back on the Keep It Real series to help you build a movement with your brand.  Topics: Marketing, Purpose-Driven culture, Self-worth. RSVP for the next episode here:
Are you relevant? Simon Mainwaring, Founder, and CEO of We First Branding shares that this is the ongoing question for businesses and their brands if they want to become organizations of the future.  RSVP to ask your questions for any live interview with real leaders at:
On the first-ever Keep It Real Series brand futurist, best-selling author, and global keynote speaker Simon Mainwaring joins the show. He is best known as the author of We First: How Brands and Consumers Use Social Media to Build a Better World and the founder and CEO of We First, a creative consultancy. Simon will be back on the show every month for more commentary.  Watch on Crowdcast:
Emily Balcetis is a social psychologist, Associate Professor at NYU, and Author of her new book Clearer, Closer, Better. Emily divulges her current research into what successful work cultures embrace, how to set the goldie-locks goal, and why it just could be as simple as changing the optics. Please rate & review below! RSVP for upcoming interviews: 
David Israel is the Founder and Co-CEO of Good PLANeT Foods who encourages us all to live authentically. In today’s episode, Israel shares the uncompromising values for bringing on investors, how to balance leadership with two CEOs and why he stopped building companies for the wrong reasons.  Watch here:   RSVP for upcoming episodes: 
Seth Goldman is the Co-Founder of Honest Tea, Executive Chair of the Board at Beyond Meat, and current Co-Founder and CEO of Eat The Change who in today’s episode shares how what mission-driven entrepreneurs often forget, how consumer diet changes can lead to climate change itself, and that the journey is the ultimate destination. Enjoy! Watch: Join the next live interview:
Shelly McNamara is the Chief Equality and Inclusion Officer at Proctor & Gamble and the Author of No blanks, No Pauses. In today’s episode, McNamara shares how to better represents your consumer base and employee base, why allowing employees to express their authenticity correlates with productivity, and a Real Leader is clear on their purpose. Enjoy! Shelly's Book: Watch instead: RSVP to upcoming episodes:
Dr. Cath Bishop is a former Olympic medalist turned conflict negotiator who shares key pieces of advice from her new book The Long Win. In today’s episode, Bishop reveals the weight of pursuing external accolades, the mannerisms you should pay attention to during a negotiation, and the fallacy of how we measure our success. RSVP for upcoming live episodes: Watch Episode:  Buy Cath's Book The Long Win:
Michael Franti is a world-renowned musician who inspires us all to keep the lights on. In today’s episode, Franti shares his unconventional path to becoming a musician, the importance of connecting personally with your audience, and that we should all try to reach our growing edge. Enjoy! Please rate and review the show if you enjoyed it! RSVP for upcoming episodes at 
Sandra M. Moore is the Chief Impact Officer at Advantage Capital who claims leaders who build cultures of good listeners tend to be on the forefront of change. In today’s episode, Moore shares her experiences as a judge for the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, how for-profit companies can create more impact than nonprofits, and the power of including unique perspectives. Enjoy! RSVP to attend live episodes here: 
Dr. Daniel Goleman is a best-selling Author and Psychologist whose books and philosophies have influenced millions of leaders around the world who intuitively understand the power of emotional intelligence. In today’s episode, Goleman shares why our brains developed the way they did, how to regulate emotional hijacking, and the antidote to our phone addictions. Enjoy! RSVP to upcoming live episodes at\ Please leave us a review!
Nick Bradley is the host of the Scale Up Your Business Podcast – a top business podcast in the United Kingdom. He joins the show today to share what it takes to become a CEO, the mindset shift needed for growth, and how to get out of your own way. Real Leaders has live interviews: 
Meesha Brown is the President of PCI Media Impact who joins the show to suggest making room for uncomfortable conversations. In today’s episode, Brown communicates what she’s learned from developing large transformational public media campaigns and how you can develop a narrative that shifts society. Watch: 
There's an old Haitian proverb: Behind mountains are more mountains. Kevin Edwards, host of the Real Leaders Podcast shares a quick message for you to start the week off with a powerful mindset. 
Nir Bashan is the Author of The Creator Mindset who believes more people need to unleash creativity. In today’s episode, Bashan shares the opportunities that come from a positive mindset, how to activate dormant areas of your brain, and ways to see the world as it can be, not just as it is.  RSVP to upcoming live interviews: 
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