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Driving Drunk with Carpool

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Join the Carpool Crew as they discuss a range of topics of varying triviality.
26 Episodes
Join the Carpool Crew as they discuss You Were Never Really Here, the oldest usage of CGI in filmmaking, the upcoming new seasons of True Detective and House of Cards, and so bad–it’s–good films like Story of Ricky (and just plain terrible films like Foodfight!)
Join the Carpool Crew as they discuss a range of varying topics of triviality, including beer, new speed cameras in Perth, the plastic bag ban, and much more.
Join the Carpool Crew as they discuss a range of topics, including such topical events as E3 2018, and much more.
Join the Carpool Crew as David recounts his experience with Solo: A Star Wars Story.
Join the Carpool crew as the meander through topics including action movie, television shows, videogames, wikipedia article rabbit holes, and how Kanye West uses his computer... But certainly not Chris Chan.
21: “The Civil Painter”

21: “The Civil Painter”


Join the Carpool Crew as they return to talk about topics ranging from politics, to golfing, to works of art such as Pixar’s cars (also: Michelangelo’s David), and develop the original screenplay for the original Carpool dramatisation “The Civil Painter”.
The Carpool crew return in 2018 with a live show, talking about Star Wars The Last Jedi and the holiday special, the recent Logan Paul drama, the future (and the past) of Carpool productions, and much more.
The Carpool Crew return from another long hiatus to discuss such topical matters as a ten–year–old television show, Peewee Herman’s illicit exploits, and the far-future reality of the eternal Disney movie machine and Facebook’s implications on humanity.
Join the Carpool Crew as they attempt to balance a Ferrero Rocher on their microphone, discuss the implications of recording conversations as a podcast, the little-known United Republic of Czechoyoprussian Empire, the inevitable AI and robot uprising, and more.
Recorded 2 months ago, when Brett was congratulating himself on more timely podcast releases, enjoy this 2 month old time capsule into the far-flung past where the Carpool crew speculate about VR technology, Adult Swim cartoons and more.
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