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Author: Uncle Walt

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Uncle Walt, Uncle Roy and their young opinionated twin nieces (Goose and Bells) are big Disney fans. They discuss and rank animated classics, Disneyland attractions, Star Wars and much, much more. If your lucky the Sorting Hat may stop by to talk about Harry Potter. Have a Magical Day!
36 Episodes
The We Like Disney Crew is taking a work trip and have decided to go to Knott's Berry Farm. Look out Camp Snoopy the We Like Disney Crew is on its way. Have a magical day!
Bells and Goose tell us their epic Disney Princess Attraction idea that involves a magic carpet and Figment! Uncle Roy's attraction idea involves a Frontierland experience where you would go on adventures with the one and only Davy Crockett. Uncle Walt wants to take advantage of the Tom Brady craze by adding an audio animatronic of the Buccaneer to Pirates of the Carribean in Orlando. Have a Magical Day!
In a We Like Disney think tank, the crew votes on a new exciting idea combing two classic Disney attractions. Have a Magical Day!
Disney+ is taking over the world and the crew tells you all about their favorite movies and shows on the platform. Have a magical day!
Who is the greatest Disney Dog of all time? The We Like Disney Crew gives you a lot to choose from. The crew also wants another Descendants movie on Disney+. Have a magical day!
The We Like Disney crew kicks off its fourth season with more Gummi Bears and Small World talk. They also discuss the plans to build a dungeon that will keep the Disney Villains in check. Have a magical day!
On the season finale of season 3, the crew talks about one of Walt Disney's greatest attractions. It's a Small World. Have a magical day!
The We Like Disney Crew goes back in time and remembers Bug's Land at Disney's California Adventure.
Bells and Goose tell us how you can play the Walt Disney game in your own home. Have a magical day!
Goose, Bells, Uncle Roy, and Uncle Walt are joined by the Sorting Hat to talk about their all-time favorite Disney songs. Have a magical day!
The We Like Disney crew is talking about Harry Potter again. The Sorting Hat stops by to say hi and the rest of the crew reviews Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone. Have a Magical Day!
The We Like Disney crew does its first podcast from inside Disneyland Park. While hanging out in Critter Country Bells, Goose, Uncle Roy and Uncle Walt talk about their experience riding Soarin' earlier in the day. Goose and Bells debate if they flew over Fiji or Fuji. Have a magical day!
In the first-ever episode recorded in a Disney Park, the We Like Disney crew reviews Mickey's Philharmagic while Monorail's fly by overhead. Have a Magical Day!
S3 Ep.3 : Dumbo (2019)

S3 Ep.3 : Dumbo (2019)


Goose is a big fan of the Dumbo character so we were wondering what she thought of the latest version of the story. Bells corrects Uncle Walt and Uncle Roy brings his A-game for the third episode of season 3. Have a magical day!
The We Like Disney Crew grows by two to discuss the Rise of Skywalker trailer released at D23. Uncle Roy recorded undercover audio to get the crew's first reactions. Have a Magical Day!
The We Like Disney crew goes crazy for Star Wars : The Last Jedi. Supreme Leader Snoke (rotten potato) is a popular topic on the premiere of the third season. Have a magical day!
In the Season 2 finale, the girls decide discussing Harry Potter is quite necessary. The Sorting Hat takes a break from his day job and helps the We Like Disney Crew figure out what house they are in.
S2 Ep.9 : Disney Cats

S2 Ep.9 : Disney Cats


The We Like Disney Crew discusses who they think are the best and worst Cats in Disney history. Have a magical day!
Bells and Goose were not crazy about the first movie in the Ralph franchise. What do they think about the second one? They prefer less bad guys in their movies. Have a magical day!
The gang reviews Peter Pan's Flight at Disneyland. One of the girls surprises us with a shocking review. Have a Magical Day!
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