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Author: Jennifer Ozuna, Michelle Nipko, Vanessa Sumner

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We are the Crazy Tennis Bs. Are you obsessed with tennis or borderline psycho about it? Whether you’re a self-declared CTB, in denial about your CTB status, married to, dating or hating a CTB... Welcome! We are Jennifer, Michelle & Vanessa. We have 1 career, 3 husbands, 6 kids and a psycho obsession with tennis. Listen to us dish about our very own CTB stories, all tennis media & current events and even your CTB stories. We play tennis together, we laugh with each other and we talk smack together….take a seat.
13 Episodes
The CTB Husbands join the podcast for a fun episode. They drink and discuss how life has changed since their wives have picked up tennis, the outfits, their competitive wives and how it affects their home lives. From the pros and cons of country club tennis, their experiences on the tennis court, injuries and even... The post The Crazy Tennis Husbands: ‘Til Tennis or Death Do Us Part appeared first on Crazy Tennis Bitches (CTBs).
Michelle talks about her tri-level tournament weekend and why she likes to play in singles tournaments. Jenn and Vanessa discuss why they love tournaments so much and why you should love them! We talk about the prep work and statistics when  captaining a tournament team. Jennifer benches Vanessa and plays Michelle into the ground. The... The post For the Love of Crazy Tennis Tournaments appeared first on Crazy Tennis Bitches (CTBs).
The CTBs talk about the most highly anticipated day by both captains and players. December 1, the day when year-end NTRP USTA ratings are released. The emotional underlining of your rating. The appeal button. The social implications of getting moved up or moved down. A discussion, in layman’s terms, how the algorithms work in finding... The post Year-End Ratings: You Are More Than Just a Number appeared first on Crazy Tennis Bitches (CTBs).
Post tennis match handshakes. The different types and even the occasional refusal. The CTBs talk sportsmanship in between the points. Vanessa tells a CTB story of when she refused to shake hands. CTB stories of gamesmanship from winning warm-up to switching ends and a Texas A&M college tennis player’s spritzing story. The post Between Points: The Good, The Bad, The Nasty appeared first on Crazy Tennis Bitches (CTBs).
The CTB ladies delve into the differences between the singles game and the doubles tennis game. From the different stresses of each to the techniques and strategies of each type of player. From the Pro Tour to the Country Club players, which tennis game do you prefer? The post Singles vs. Doubles: What’s Your Jam? appeared first on Crazy Tennis Bitches (CTBs).
The habits and superstitions of the biggest players on tour. From the notorious idiosyncrasies of Rafa Nadal to Serena Williams, Sharapova, Djokovic to Roger Federer and his power of eight. Michelle talks about sport psychology and how these routines allow the mind to stay grounded. Jennifer tells us about some of our very own listeners... The post Superstitions: The Crazy Stuff We Do On Court appeared first on Crazy Tennis Bitches (CTBs).
Sandbagging. WTF?!!

Sandbagging. WTF?!!


We discuss the effects of ratings and how it pertains to club players and the implications of being bumped. How the CTB’s deal with the self rated players and sandbaggers from tournaments, mixed doubles leagues and Nationals. Michelle’s the queen of slow play at the World Series of Poker. Sandbagging at the pro level and... The post Sandbagging. WTF?!! appeared first on Crazy Tennis Bitches (CTBs).
Which pros are the naughtiest? We discuss which current tour tennis pros lose it the most getting slapped with fines, penalties and even banned from tournaments. The post HotHeads on Tour: Who Makes the List? appeared first on Crazy Tennis Bitches (CTBs).
A look at sexism in tennis from Billie Jean King to athletes posing naked in major magazines. The fine line of marketing sex to bring more popularity to female athletes versus treating women in a sexist manner. Michelle plays with a mens league on Saturday because she can totally hang. The post Tennis: Sexism…or Selling Sexy appeared first on Crazy Tennis Bitches (CTBs).
Michelle and Vanessa head out on the town for a fun evening of Titos, the Bryan Brothers and more Titos! The post The Bryan Brothers Fundraiser Event CTB Style! appeared first on Crazy Tennis Bitches (CTBs).
Hello World! Join us as we introduce ourselves and talk about how we met and became psycho about tennis and each other! The post Meet the Crazy Tennis Bs appeared first on Crazy Tennis Bitches (CTBs).
Serena vs Umpire Ramos

Serena vs Umpire Ramos


Hang out with us while we discuss the 2018 US Open final where Serena has a total meltdown and argues with gold badge chair umpire Carlos Ramos whilst Naomi Osaka keeps her sh*t together and claims the US Open Championship trophy.   The post Serena vs Umpire Ramos appeared first on Crazy Tennis Bitches Podcast.
Michelle goes to an event downtown featuring a sit down with Roger Federer, hosted by Mary Carillo and Andy Roddick. We play a fun Q & A game that compares club player answers to those of Roger Federer. Jennifer and Vanessa learn exactly what the term GOAT means. The post The GOAT: An Evening with Roger Federer appeared first on Crazy Tennis Bitches (CTBs).
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