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Author: Rae Gonzalez

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Hi Everyone - welcome to Things You Pretend to Know About. It really should be called, "Things I Pretend to Know About" but that just isn't as catchy. I pretend to know about, well, mostly everything and I think a lot of people can relate to that. So I bring on people with certain life experience or expertise to teach me about how things /really/ are, so I can stop talking out of my a$$ all the time. I also think we can all benefit from actually listening to one another, instead of jumping down each other's throats. Because with listening comes learning and with learning comes growth...and we could all grow up a little in 2020. So, join me on my journey out of ignorance, with Things You Pretend to Know About.
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Rae gets personal in this episode of TYP2KA. She has some words to say about how her hometown has been treating the BLM movement online and in general. But she sees hope in local activism! This episode Rae speaks with the organizers of PV4 Racial Justice (Putnam Valley, NY), Ilyanna Garcia, Gabriella Lee and Pricilla Fonte and representative and organizer of PAC4 Racial Justice (Mahopac, NY). These folks are fighting for civil rights and what is right in towns that don't always want to listen. Listen to this episode if want to get inspiration on how you can organize in your small town. Note from Host: I know probably most people who listen to this will be from Putnam County and I just want to say that to those who have been advocating for BLM or at least want to learn, I very much so commend you. I am not sorry for getting so frustrated in the intro because, I'm frustrated! And if people get offended by that, they're the problem. The people I interview are rockstars in my eyes, and I really hope you check out everything they've been doing for Putnam County and the surrounding areas. Follow Putnam Valley 4 Racial Justice: Instagram - putnamvalley4racialjusticeFollow Mahopac 4 Racial Justice: Instagram - pac4racialjusticeTwitter - @pac4racialjusticeSIGN THIS PETITION TO RETIRE THE MAHOPAC MASCOT: the show (
Rae talks to lawyer and TikTok phenomenon Sean of Everyday Law to gain knowledge on what our rights are when dealing with the police. Note from Host: I feel like this episode is very important right now. Of course, this information can only hold you so far if you are a BIPOC. Things need to change right now. But what Sean shares in this episode is something that could be extremely useful for everyone. I am really trying to give as much information to you guys as possible. The fight clearly is not over, so please listen to this episode and learn as much as you can, for if and when you need to use it for your own life.  Support Everyday Law: Instagram: everydaylawofficial & lawschoollanternTikTok: @everydaylawofficialTwitter: @everydaylaw_ Youtube: the Things You pretend to Know About Podcast: Instagram - @typ2kapodFacebook - @TYP2KAPatreon - leave a review! I love you! Places that still need your donations right now: Black Trans Travel Fund CashApp: $BlackTransTravelFundVenmo: @BlackTransTravelFundPayPal: BlackTransTravelFund@gmail.comMy Block, My Hood, My City P. Johnson Institute Transgender District Black Women's Blueprint the show ( the show (
Host, Rae speaks with candidate for District Attorney of Manhattan, Janos Marton on the topic that the entire country is talking about right now (whether you like it or not)...Defunding the police. Janos also talks on things such as police reform, prison reform, his current campaign and much more. Note from Host: Hello from the past - in the year 2020, despite the world being on lockdown due to a global pandemic, people all around the country (self included) finally left their homes to fight against racial injustices in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter Movement. No but really, these past few months have seemed like something out of a movie, and definitely not a rom-com. But the sad truth is that Black people and BIPOC have been fighting this fight all their lives. I hope if you're white and you're reading this, your ill informed brainwashed AP History teacher hasn't fooled you, America has never not been racist. Just about every institution this country has built, was built on a racist system. If you don't believe me please refer back to the episode before this one entitled "Are All White People Racist?". Now let's talk "Defunding the Police". Listen, what's going on right now isn't about you're friendly uncle who's a cop. To be frank with you, it took me a second to get that out of my head because guess what, I have a friendly cop uncle. This is about the racist institution and system the Police force was built on in the first place. As of today, June 12th, 2020, Breonna Taylor's murderers are still on active duty as cops. If you don't know, Breonna Taylor was in bed, sleeping, when three cops murdered her in her own home. As Keith Ellison, Attorney General of Minneapolis said after the murder of George Floyd "There needs to be deep systemic change." That change comes from the very top (and protest of course), with voting for people like Janos Marton. I wanted to thank him for speaking to me in these trying times, and wish him the best in his campaign (he has my vote). Learn more about Marton's Campaign here: - @janosmartonInstagram - janosfordaFacebook - @JanosForDA Support the Things You pretend to Know About Podcast: Instagram - @typ2kapodFacebook - @TYP2KAPatreon - leave a review! I love you! Places that still need your donations right now: Black Trans Travel Fund CashApp: $BlackTransTravelFundVenmo: @BlackTransTravelFundPayPal: BlackTransTravelFund@gmail.comMy Block, My Hood, My City P. Johnson Institute Transgender District Black Women's Blueprint the show (
Host, Rae talks to panel about the common and taboo question of "are all white people racist?" This panel discussing the nuances of the claim "racist" and the internalized racism that is within all of us. Note from host: If this topic pisses you off...listen to this episode. Open your mind to why this question pisses you off. Racist can feel like a harsh term, and no one is definitively saying "all white people are racist"...this is just an open conversation with people of color, black people and white people. Come out of this conversation however you will, personally I learned a lot and I think you will too. All I know that in today's world, there is no excuse for people to be complacent around racist behavior and actions. I hope you feel good after this episode, it's all love here. Follow TYP2KA:Instagram: typ2kapodFacebook: @TYP2KAYoutube: Typ2kapodSupport the show ( the Panel: Lauren: laurmerenycCharles: guaperianIsaiah: mistah_manifestGeraldine: love.gerMariam: marry_um & mariamvfilmMiriam: nevertosoftenArticle Mariam mentioned: the show (
Host, Rae talks to Siri and After Adult Podcast Co-host Rachel about what life in the Porn Industry is really like. Siri tells Rae why she got into the industry, why she left, why she came back and the questions we all have about the adult film world. Note from Host: Siri and Rachel are extremely funny and warm people. I feel so privileged to have had this conversation with them! Please check out their podcast at After Adult (links below). I hope this episode gives you a whole knew perspective on porn, I learned so much and I know you will too. Support Siri: Instagram: @therealsiri.psOnlyfans: @therealsiripsPornHub: After Adult Podcast: Podcasts: Play: About Sex Worker's Rights: Open Relationships book: TYP2KA:Instagram: typ2kapodFacebook: @TYP2KAYoutube: Typ2kapodSupport the show ( the show (
Host, Rae Weyn Gonzalez talks to friend Molly who lived through having the Coronavirus aka Covid-19. Note from Host: I know we're all trying to distract ourselves from the GLOBAL PANDEMIC THAT IS HAPPENING right now, but I also thought it would be really weird if I just ignored it all together. This being because it's super prevalent in all our lives right now and even though it is very annoying, it's also very important. Where you can find Molly: Instagram - @doveflora Follow TYP2KA:Instagram: typ2kapodTwitter: @TYP2KAFacebook: @TYP2KASupport the show ( the show (
In the season 3 premiere, host Rae Weyn Gonzalez talks to professional Astrologer, Kirah (@thestrology) asking her questions on all things Astrology and the zodiac. Note from Host: In the intro to this episode I kept calling Kirah the "Strologer"...she literally never claimed that name and I don't know why I got it into my head that, that was what she called herself. I think it's because her social handle is "TheStrology". I'm dumb, but isn't that the point of the show? Sorry Kirah, you rock. Where you can find Kirah: Instagram/Twitter: @ThestrologyWebsite: TYP2KA:Instagram: typ2kapodTwitter: @TYP2KAFacebook: @TYP2KASupport the show ( the show (
On the season two finale of Things You Pretend to Know About, Rae talks with internet comedians/sketch artists Benito Skinner (@BennyDrama7) and Lauren Servideo (@Servideo) about sketch comedy, acting, pop culture, fame, social media, life in general but most importantly their love for ASMR. Follow Benito: Instagram: bennydrama7Facebook: @benitoskinner7YouTube: Lauren: Instagram: servideo TYP2KA: Instagram: typ2kapodTwitter: @TYP2KAFacebook: @TYP2KASupport the show (
Rae talks to friend about sex work and her life as a stripper. This topic is beyond stigmatized, if you're one of those people who don't feel like sex work is "real work" or think being a stripper is easy, I highly recommend you listen to this one. She neither glorifies or shames this line of work, but gives it exactly the way it is. She's so straight up and badass which makes this episode that much more exciting. Follow the Pod!: Instagram: typ2kapodTwitter: @TYP2KAFacebook: @TYP2KASupport the show (
Rae talks with friends Miriam and Shelby about Judaism and Jewish Culture. They tell Rae all about what life was/is like being raised in this religion/culture. From Fiddler on the Roof, to the music, to the culture to the religion itself you'll learn a LOT on this topic. Follow Miriam: IG - nevertosoftenFollow Shelby: IG - shelbyecurranFollow the Pod!: Instagram: typ2kapodTwitter: @TYP2KAFacebook: @TYP2KASupport the show (
Rae talks to Cyenna about her life after being diagnosed with Schizophrenia. This topic is the definition of talking about something you think you might know, but really you have no idea. the Pod!: Instagram: typ2kapodTwitter: @TYP2KAFacebook: @TYP2KASupport the show (
Taylor McLean tells her story of being a sexual assault survivor to Rae. Although a very heavy topic, the main theme of this chat is that victims of sexual assault are not alone. If you are a victim of sexual assault in need here are some references that may help: Sexual Assault Hotline: 1-800-656-4673 the Podcast: Instagram: typ2kapodTwitter: @TYP2KAFacebook: @TYP2KASupport the show (
Rae talks to friends, Aimee, Kyra and Mark about their experience with growing up as Unitarian Universalists, a very unique religion. It also happens to be the religion Rae grew up in herself, so she actually knows about this topic! Support the show (
Rae gets real with friend Tara Sciortino about her experience with Fat-Phobia and her struggles with her weight. She gets totally candid and vulnerable with a spark of her witty humor. If you have had any kind of weight struggle, body image issues or anything of the sort, you will relate to and love this episode.  Support the show (
Charles and Max teach Rae all about the 2020 election candidates. In this episode you will learn what you like and what you don't like in the candidates running in the next election and it might just help you decide who to vote for. Support the show (
Rae talks with politics experts and friends Max and Charles, to catch her up on current politics. This one is a two parter! These three got so caught up in conversation that Rae had to split it up. Catch the next episode all about the 2020 Presidential election on Wednesday, April 17th. Support the show (
Rae talks to friend David Thompson about his career in acting. You may have seen David in the series Gotham on Fox, or movies such as Greenroom or Win Win. He tells Rae about the ins and outs of having a television acting career, from the audition to filming. Support the show (
Rae talks with her friend Gage Mags about his life with Aspergers, or what it is now referenced as, Autism Spectrum Disorder. He tells her what life is really like with Autism and breaks the stigmas around it. This one will definitely give you a few laughs. Follow Gage: Instagram: gagemagFacebook: @GageMagComedyTwitter: @GageMagsFollow the Pod!: Instagram: typ2kapodTwitter: @TYP2KAFacebook: @TYP2KASupport the show (
Rae talks with actress/comedian, Emily Dayton Evans about her journey with OCD aka Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Although this topic is no laughing matter, Emily makes it difficult not to laugh. This episode will make you think twice before saying you're "so OCD". Follow Emily: Instagram: maaryjblige the Pod!: Instagram: typ2kapodTwitter: @TYP2KAFacebook: @TYP2KASupport the show (
Rae talks with author and speaker, J.Caleb Perkins about Entrepreneurship and finding your calling. J. Caleb found his calling after being moved by another man's story, and decided to change his path for the better by relocating to NYC. Now he is an author and Entrepreneur who runs the Non-Profit, Remedy Network, which is also the name of his book! If you're a millennial who might be feeling a little lost in regards to what you want to do with your life, this is the episode for you.  Remedy Network: J.Caleb's Book: Parsons's Book: Irvin: Mental Health: Prevention Lifeline: J. Caleb: Instagram: jcalebTwitter: @jcaleb77 Support the show (
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